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Weekly Happenings Post #255 (February 10-16)-- Setting Up House

Yucky crumbs on the floor! Hopefully, we'll have our permanent set-up worked out by next time. 

We were on our own on Monday after a great weekend with Peyton. The kids slept until about 8:30 and then we got up and had breakfast. I texted our land lady to see about a couple of things and she ended up saying that someone was coming to put guard rails on the kids' window. I was ready to get it done, but I knew I didn't have time to get a bath. I cleaned up the cat litter in the bathroom and did a few other things and worked on a blog post while the kids played.
They found General in the tiny closet and decided to move in with him and snuggle. Graves is literally laying on him like a pillow. General loves like a dog, not like a cat. He's so patient and sweet.

The guy came and worked on the window and then I took a bath and we had lunch. I just felt sort of "off". I put Graves down for a nap and he never fell asleep. He also ended up doing some "painting" with the contents of his diaper. So frustrating, especially since I don't have access to a washing machine the way I do at home. UGH.

When he got up, we did laundry and played. We did Facetime with my mom and ate supper and got the laundry and then called my dad back to talk to him before bed. They did not want to get off the phone and Annie ended up crying and saying she wanted to go back to Mississippi. It was so sad. I finally got her calmed down and got them to bed and they both said they were hungry. Graves finally did fall asleep, but not before AP threw his paci over the gate so he'd stay awake and watch her do acrobatics on her bed. She kept crying and saying how hungry she was and I finally gave her four carrorts in bed and she went to sleep. Peyton got home and we talked and I blogged some and then we went to bed.

Peyton was off on Tuesday and we got a good productive start. He took a ton of cardboard downstairs to be recycled and I finished cleaning the floors in the last big room we had left. We got bathes and ate lunch and then put Graves down for a nap and talked and played on the computer. We got him up and got ready to go to Trader Joe's around 3:30. Of course, by the time we got bundled up and across town we hit it right during the five o'clock rush. SO busy.
What a sweet cold-natured bandit! 

He said her hands were too cold to hold. She told him "I just want to be close to you and hold your hand, Bud." He shook his head. She said "I can put on my mittens". He obliged. 

We came home and started fixing the kids supper and then Peyton ran to a local grocery story to buy produce. We gave the kids baths and put them to bed. I had an awful headache and went to bed supper early (like right after the kids at nine thirty).

Peyton was also off on Wednesday and it was the big day when our stuff was going to get here. We had a few glitches (the move in pass couldn't be located and they brought the wrong moving cube and we were just praying ours was in the warehouse here). It was really stressful there for a few. Anyway, Peyton spent several hours (along with mover, who moved the heavy the stuff) hauling our stuff up to the apartment. I started unloading boxes and checked on the kids on and off (they played in their room pretty much all day- it was convenient I could keep handing them toys they hadn't seen in weeks). We finally got everything into the apartment and took a break around two for lunch. 

We got back started and I hung up kids' clothes and Peyton unboxed and sorted things into their general area. Peyton put together a little cabinet for the kids' room and then I fixed the kids supper and worked on boxes in the kitchen. We got them to bed and Peyton picked up burgers and fries for us. We talked and ate and then I tackled some more random boxes while Peyton put together a bookshelf. I took a bath and Peyton put together the kids' little table and then he took a bath. We chatted and went to bed super late. 

The kids woke up around 8:30 on Thursday. They played and had breakfast and I got on the computer and did a few things. Then I got busy! We spent all day inside. The kids spent all day in their room actually, but I don't think they minded a bit, they were so happy to have all their stuff! It was actually the most pleasant and sweet they've been since we got here. They've done GREAT with a really limited amount of toys, but I think they were so happy to just get back in their groove with dress up clothes and such. Anyway...

I unpacked most of my hanging clothes and found places for them. Ha! I got through another big box and found a couple more boxes of books and stuff for the kids' room. 
I love how Annie's bed turned out!

We cleaned up their room and I organized that stuff and then it was lunch time. After lunch, I took some measurements and worked on unpacking a big suitcase. I figured out a strategy for my Summer dresses (they were in one of the busted boxes) and reorganized a few things and then we picked up again and had supper. We brushed teeth and read stories and then Facetimed with Cookie. I put the kids to bed and called my mom and got on the computer.
Their room here is actually a good bit bigger than than in MS (as someone on FB figured out, they got the master bedroom). I kind of freak out sometimes at night when I have to hunt for them. Anyway, I found Graves sitting up in this box with his little head flopped over. Obviously, I moved him, but I had to take a picture first!

His bed would be up the next day, but until then...sister snuggles!

Sweet text from Cookie-- just what I needed. Word of affirmation are totally my love language. 

 Peyton got home and we talked and went to bed. 

We had another good day around the apartment on Friday. Peyton was off and we got up and had breakfast and took baths. Peyton got ready and left to run by his store, get some groceries and stop at the hardware store. I unpacked several more boxes- the rest of my clothes, a few more things for the kids' room, and some decorative things. I fixed the kids lunch and Peyton got home and we all went outside and played in the snow. 
We got to really enjoy it since our cold weather duds arrived!

When we got in, Peyton worked on a bookshelf and the kids had a snack and then it was naptime for Graves. We unpacked our books and I organized the homeschool stuff. We got Graves up and fed the kids dinner and bathed them and then it was bedtime. Peyton and I had a fun night- we got take out and Peyton hooked up the TV and we watched a bunch of episodes of SVU. 
Happy Valentine's Day to me! My sweetie got me take out and hooked up the TV. Let's be honest, it was a perfect date in my book. I'd say we're old, tired and boring but this is kind of a huge adventure we're having here. 

We stayed up too late on Friday and the kids were up early on Saturday. Peyton went to work and we got our day started. We had breakfast and then I took a bath and went through more stuff in the guest room. I made up the bed and we played some more and then straightened their room and then it was lunch and nap time. Graves took a SUPER great nap and I got on the computer for a bit and ate lunch then took one myself. I had to get up to help Annie with a few things several times, but it was still so nice. I sent a friend a FB message and then we woke up Graves. They played and I folded laundry and organized some more and then we picked up their room again and got ready for bed. We read stories and then Facetimed with my mom and dad. Peyton FINALLY got home and we set up Graves's bed. The evening had seemed SO long, even with my nice nap. I think because I'm not used to him working so late on Saturdays and because I had to keep the kids up so he could fix the bed. They didn't go to bed until 10:30 and Peyton fell asleep shortly after. I watched TV and went to bed around midnight. 

There's still just not a church option I feel like I can manage (we're going to visit two in our neigborhood soon) so we had a low key morning on
Sunday. I actually ended up laying down in AP's bed while they ate breakfast (they were still eating in their room because the rest of the apartment is a mess). I took my bath and did a few things around the apartment and then played with the kids some. 
Bud has a bed!

We cleaned up and had lunch and then it was naptime for Graves. He took another good nap and I listened to a podcasted sermom from the our old church from the previous week and blogged. Annie played and then we got Graves up and went out to play in the snow a bit. 
So glad to have my Winter stuff- especially nice warm boots!

I fed the kids supper and we got ready for bed and then read and Facetimed with Minnie. I put them to bed and talked to my mom on the phone and then ate supper. 
It's plastic packaged pasta, but I cooked something!  On my stove! In my own pot! (Sidenote: nobody tell Mick, but I've never really cooked with gas before and I almost scorched my flippin face off oogling too hard at the (clearly not) nonfunctional knob. What'd you expect from the chick who got the Mace in her own eyes the day her mom gave it to her?)

Wait, does this mean we have to stop toking up after this kids are in bed?

Peyton got home and we watched some of the Olympics and talked and went to bed.

What a week. We've already done a lot more to get "settled", but we have a ways to go. It is nice to see the place starting to look more like us and I'm just SO glad all our stuff is finally here!

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