Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Weekly Happenings Post #256 (February 16-23)-- Working Hard and Playing Hard

Last week was a good, but exhausting week! Peyton worked a several days straight at during the week, but we had a great (though busy!) weekend.

Monday was a weird day. Maybe I was just tired from Peyton working all weekend. I don't know, but I was sort of in a funk that morning. I fed the kids breakfast, took my bath, and then started clearing out a pathway in the living room so Peyton could move the mattresses that were going in the spare bedroom that night. I organized a few things and then it was time for lunch. The kids ate and I put Graves down for a nap. He took a good one. I ate lunch and got on the computer and then did dishes and sorted some laundry. Annie and I recorded a video for Aubrey and sent it and I organized a few more things. Graves got up and the kids played a little and then it was supper time. They ate and then I gave them a quick bath and got them ready for bed. They were super fussy, but fell asleep relatively quickly. I got on the computer and sent an email and got on Twitter and Facebook.
One of my 2014 goals is to weekly email my mentor/dear friend. It was amazingly cathartic and I'm so thankful for technology. 

Peyton got home and we talked and went to bed pretty soon after he got home.

He was off on Tuesday, but we had another Winter storm, so we stayed inside mostly that morning. He got up with the kids and made breakfast and then they watched some figure skating videos while I took out the trash and took the recycling to the basement.

We got started working on setting up the extra bedroom. Peyton has gotten the bed frame in there and we put on the bed skirt and box springs and maters. We set up other furniture and organized and then has lunch. I got all my stuff in the desk and Peyton started to set up the computer. I swapped some plastic drawers in there with some in the kids' room and then had lunch. I took my bath and we fed the kids lunch and then headed out.
Finally got a shot under the co-op arch. Notice the hat on P. Some guy rolled down his window and happy hollered how Ernie is his favorite. One thing I love about BK is how people love to roll down their windows and yell- good and bad stuff. It keeps things interesting. 

I love these little hats my wonderful sister in law gave the children. They're so sweet and almost like a bonnet and they seem sort of vintage looking to me. And so great for tiny cold ears!

We went though a deep puddle and Graves's feet got wet. Thankfully, his cousin's cute hand me down shoes are still a little loose so we put his mittens on under them. It looked like little monkey feet! 

I realized that Ernie was pretty indistinguishable in the previous shot. Peyton is such a great guy. He carried a 24 pack of Cokes we found on sale in his backpack for a mile and pushed his babies the whole way. And THEN he helped push a guy's car out of the snow. I'd say he's exceptional (and I do think he is) but the rest of the way home he told me about all the acts of kindness he's seen on the streets of Brooklyn and Manhattan and at his store. It seems a city full of Good Samaritans.

We checked out one of the apartments we almost got and ran to Target.
"Our" Downing Street apartment (the one we loved- and then lost because we have children). It made me pretty sad for a little bit. BUT it would have taken me some time to get comfortable there and I don't think I ever would be totally at night. And we were going to be on the top floor. The steps from the street plus two flights inside. I don't think there'd be a way to get myself and the kids down safely even with just the single stroller. So confident in God's provision for us in the city!

On the way home we stopped at a local grocery store.
We finally took the kids to this store Peyton stops at every few days. They talk about "Mr. Coco" like it's a person. Graves said you have to "pull" the milk- I think he thought you milked Mr. Coco like a cow! Anyway, it was fun and while we waited outside (big stroller, tiny store) a nice older gentleman stopped and visited with me and the kids. He said he's lived in the neighborhood for forty years- he was a Pratt student nearly half a century ago, and that the children were beautiful, and then he told me how he had watched the neighborhood go from rough to wonderful (Clinton Hill has a fascinating history of going from pretty gritty to pretty trendy in the last couple of decades). I will never, ever lose my pride in the South, but people here (so far) are incredibly kind and friendly.

I started laundry and Peyton paid bills when we got home and then I started cooking chili.
First legit meal I'd cooked here!

The kids fell asleep super fast after supper and Peyton finished setting up the computer. Sadly, the WiFi wasn't working well. I unpacked more stuff and cleaned up the kitchen and put out a few decorations in there. We talked and got ready for bed. Around two in the morning someone was super loud (and super drunk in the hallway). Peyton and I both woke up. We couldn't get back to sleep so we chatted and ate peanut M&Ms.

The kids woke up super early on Wednesday- like as Peyton was leaving at seven. I fixed them breakfast and then laid back down while they ate. After that I got my bath, and got to work around the apartment. I unpacked and loaded my dresser and then I organized some other stuff in the spare bedroom.
It's starting to feel more like HOME. This is our tiny spare (it's 8 x 10).

I played with the kids some and let them color on cardboard a bit and then we cleaned up and had lunch. I put Graves down for his nap and he took awhile to fall asleep. Annie and I visited and I got on the computer and unpacked a bit more. I blogged a little and ate lunch and took a nap.
I can reach the microwave just barely, but counter space is at a premium. So there it goes!

Kitchen finally starting to look a little more "SD", too.

We had to wake Graves up and they played while I swept and mopped their room and the hall and kitchen. I unpacked some more and fed them supper.
So, Annie told me what these (no longer functional) buttons on Rocky Frog do. Red means stop, green means go, yellow is for left and right turns, and the blue Graves is pressing is "in case Bud's car catches on fire it squirts water". I realized it's connected to how's she's been fascinated with red = hot, blue = cold on the faucet lately. Funny little imaginative girl!

As always, this dude is a huge fan of his far away best friend Mickey's chili recipe. 

They got ready for bed and Facetimed with my parents. I got on the computer and blogged and read blogs until Peyton got home. We watched TV and talked about our day.

Graves woke up even earlier on Thursday while Peyton was getting ready. I actually got in bed with him for about an hour. Ha!
If you wake up before seven o'clock when your papa is leaving for work and he didn't get home until ten the night before and your momma has a headache and is little enough to wear Gap Kids, she may end up in your toddler bed with you. 

When we got up, we all had breakfast and I took my bath. I did dishes and folded up the sofa and then I started working through the big pile of stuff on the guest bed. It was just little random stuff that all needed to go to different places. That's the hardest part of unpacking to me! I worked on it off and on all morning and then we picked up the kids' room and had lunch.
#Hardishardyo (The kids have most of their Summer stuff set, I of course have eBay and I may send Minnie to check it out. But that's altogether different from pilfering racks at the preview sale, analyzing and and discussing and discarding with your friends and your mom, and catching a late dinner with a wonderful friend afterward because papa already rearranged his schedule to accommodate your evening. Sigh. Brooklyn Flea soon. And I realize this is the most privileged sounding thing ever, but I'm keepin' it real, kay?)

AP has our food preferences pegged. She's having eggs, Graves is having a "huge sandwich" (and pretending he's "the bery hungry cat-a-pilla"), and I'm having a canned Coke and a hotdog.

I put Graves down for his nap and then helped Annie with her paper dolls. I ate my lunch, got on the computer for a bit, and then took a really short nap.
I'm so glad I got my SIL to pick up Annie's Kindermusik package for this semester. She's LOVING playing paper dolls and setting up house for a little bear. Great activity to work on during Brother's nap!

Annie and I did a puzzle and then got Graves up. We all got ready and went for a walk and then I fixed them supper.
I was so not feeling it, but when it's this "warm", you gotta get out (things I never thought I'd hear myself say). 

I folded laundry while they ate. After that we played a new Sesame Street memory game my mom had gotten them. It felt nice to be more present with them and I enjoyed that about the day. I bathed them and put them down and then read blogs a bit.
Minnie sent this awesome care package with stuff I accidentally (or on purpose because I ran out of space) left plus some fun happies. If included goofy glasses for four, Annie's sweet "breakable tea set" that Minnie had the ladies at Batte wrap (it was more protected than the china from my wedding when we received it), cute new little toys for both children, the monogrammed pillows for their bed, and this cold water head thing that makes me functional when the weather is gross. Not pictured are a couple of stroller attachments that I didn't want to deal with at the airport. Such a treat! 

Peyton's shifts here are really long (it means more days off, though, so at least in this situation it's our preference). But I've been trying to go ahead and have the couch unfolded when he gets here. I have to say- it's a great set up. The mattress is nice, it's very easy to pull out unlike those old school ones my parents had, and it has awesome built in storage. Truthfully, the worst part is having to fold a fitted sheet every morning! Now if I could just get consistent about having a warm supper ready for the poor fella!

Peyton got home and we talked and ate dinner and went to bed.

Peyton worked again on Friday. The kids slept a bit later and then got up and played some by themselves. SO nice! I got up and fixed them breakfast, but I kind of had a slow morning. I texted with a friend and got on Instagram and I let the kids watch Barney. I finally got moving and did dishes and folded up the sofa and then I sorted the stuff in one of the last boxes.
Baby Brother of a Big Sister. Think it's time to invest in some boy dress up clothes.

These flannel sheets I found on sale make me really happy. I'm not putting the normal ones back on when February is over. I'm not putting them on when all the snow melts. I'm not putting them on when I can go outside without a hat and gloves. I'm not putting them back on until I can feel Spring in my bones. 

 I put up some pictures frames that didn't need to be hung and then we picked up toys and the kids ate lunch. Graves took his nap and I got on the computer and ate lunch. Annie and I made a card for Peyton and I read my Bible and a few books I've been wanting to pick back up. Graves got up and we did a puzzle and then ate supper. They wanted to play with some bath toys Minnie had sent, so they took a quick bath and then we got ready for bed. I put them down and called my mom and went through more stuff while I talked to her. Peyton got home and we talked and ate and then I got on the computer and he watched TV.
It's been a long week, work-wise. But now we have FOUR days with all four of us. Annie and I made Peyton a card and put together this Lego Empire State Building Minnie got him a million Christmases ago (Sidenote: I love Legos. Who knew?) Annie drew all of us at Mr. Coco's (I'm holding Graves) and she drew a bowl of cereal but had me clarify in writing; "you usually make us pancakes but the pretend princesses wanted TINY circles, so I drew Cheerios instead".

Saturday was really long, but SUPER fun. We got up and all got ready to head to Manhattan for "Family Saturdays" at the ballet. Two or three things happened that made us think we might be late- the C train wasn't running, we couldn't buy my subway ticket because of an issue with the credit card, and we had to run back upstairs to the apartment twice- once to get diapers and once to get the tickets we forgot. But we made it! It was so much fun and I'm not sure who enjoyed it more, me or Annie. She was at the lowest end of the age range, but I think she got a good bit out of it. And I know she enjoyed it.
So many things to love about the island and we had a fabulous day, but it feels good to come "home" to Brooklyn.

After the ballet, we got pizza at a little place a few blocks away and then walked around Midtown (the area around Times Square) some. Peyton and I then decided to find the "weather star". We had to walk ten block back from where we had just come from, but we found it! Sweet Annie was ecstatic.
Annie has this New York City book that she and I both love. As we were getting ready for the move, I made it regular read in a rotation with a few others about the city. For some reason, she quickly fixated on this page with the "weather star". Anytime anyone would ask her what she was looking forward to, she'd saying "building a snow man and seeing that weather star in Manhattan". It's a very old book and we honestly weren't sure the star even existed anymore. It was obviously with great joy that Peyton and I were able to show her this today. (Especially as she's our kid who is not as easily impressed, doesn't emote as much, ect- see next picture.)

Y'all, he legit thought he was seeing the real deal. Look at that gaze. He was enamored. 

After that we headed home. The subway was super crowded and Graves and I had to go in a different door (same train car, though) than Peyton and Annie. It scared me really bad until I found them in the crowd at the other end of the car. I know I'll learn to navigate it, but right now I really depend on Peyton to know when we need to get off, ect.

We got home and fed the kids a snack and then Peyton played with them and I started straightening the apartment, which was a big mess. We let Annie have her "rest time" for thirty minutes because she really wanted to play with the bear paper doll stuff and I played with Graves and then we fed them and bathed them and put them to bed. Peyton fell asleep he was so tired during all that I got sort of frustrated. We had our first big argument since we've gotten here and I was pretty upset. We talked after the kids went to bed and I just lost it.

I've said before that he has really high standards for people and that can be hard. But I wasn't really being fair, either, and I started comparing him to other men who I feel like just idolize their wives and saying I felt so worthless. I was so, SO tired and just hysterical and saying dumb things like "Are you glad you married me? Do you really love me?" and then "Do you wish I'd get hit by a bus?" Hahaha. I told him I might not cook dinner as well as other women, but I thought I was "very brave". I told him about how I was terrified on the subway that we'd miss our stop and end up in the South Bronx or somewhere and not even have money for a cab and Graves and I would be stranded there all night. Or forever. And cried some more.

We talked it out and made up and went to bed.

Sunday was busy, too! We got up and got ready, but we took our time a little bit (Peyton was so sweet and let me sleep late). We got going a little before lunch and headed to the library. It was a good walk, but it when we got there, they were doing passports. We had half an hour to kill before it opened to the public. We let the kids play outside the library and Peyton called his dad. Once they opened, we dropped off our books and checked out a few things and then headed to Target- another long walk. We got groceries and ate a few before heading home- which was about a mile.
 I told Peyton to grab some diapers and he came down with one of those huge boxes. One day I'll get smart and Prime that crap. Or well potty train our kid. 

As soon as we got home we had to get ready for church. Whew! We got ready and headed to the subway. Peyton and I got in a small disagreement because we were running behind and everything was super stressful and I didn't do something right. UGH. We got past it and really enjoyed the service.
Worship at Trinity Grace Church (Park Slope) was wonderful! 

The kids were SO tired and when we got home, they ate and went right to bed.

Peyton and I ate and I took some laundry to the laundry room and took the recycling to the basement. I changed the liter box and cleaned the bathroom floors. We ate super and I switched over the laundry. Peyton and I watched TV and then I got the laundry and folded a little and then went to bed.

We've had a good week so far this week, but it has gotten super cold again, which is a bit of a bummer after the nice weather last weekend! 

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