Friday, March 21, 2014

Five Minute Friday: JOY

FIFTY TWO. It was fifty two degrees and sunny yesterday. The ice cream truck that stopped at the park seemed a little weird, but it's perfectly indicative of the excitement the city feels when the thermometer hits anything above forty five.

[Incidentally, Mickey told me that it was eighty degrees in Mississippi, and as much as I miss it, all I could think was "gross". Eighty degrees in March makes about as much sense as the ice cream truck in the fifty degrees.]

Annie beebopped along beside me and there was a spring in her step. I had put on a new top and actually fixed my makeup and there was a spring in mine, too. She told me "So many people are on the sidewalk must be because it's so beautiful". I agreed and we nodded and said 'hello' to all we passed.

At one point Graves was out of my sight for more than a few seconds. I asked Annie if she had seen where he was and I heard someone right behind me say "Baby Graves is RIGHT HERE". I spun around and we were right in each other's face and he threw his arms around me.

They spent a surprising amount of time on the swings. I was shocked, because it hasn't always been a favorite. After awhile, though, she volunteered "Momma, it's been so long since I've sat in a swing".

We came home and they played a game with a construction paper crown and "magician's hat" that Annie had "designed" and created during Graves's naptime. I sat on the couch and they did a show for me in which they "disappeared" Graves's Curious George stuffed animal.

We read more library books than usual and they went to sleep early. What a glorious day.

Five Minute Friday


MississippiMom said...

That was a glorious day! SO glad you were able to enjoy it! Visiting from Lisa-Jo's and Mississippi, where the 80 degree weather has been anything but "gross" though it does make me wonder how the July/Aug/Sept weather will be! "Gross" is probably the only word for it! Blessings to you!

Emily Hoff said...

Precious! I love the image of the three of you exploring. It will only get better. It's supposed to be 70 in DC tomorrow and I can't wait! :)

Carrie said...

Um, if you were here, I guarantee you wouldn't be thinking "gross." It's been gloriously perfect, beautiful, spring weather!