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Home Living Herrington Style: Mississippi Rewind

I can't wait to do a full post giving a little tour of our apartment here. However, while I know things (even here!) are going to always be changing, now is not the time. Ha! We still have a bunch of junk that needs to go in the in-building storage unit we have as part of our lease. There was a leak in it, though, so we're just waiting. Hopefully it will be fixed by next week.
Not really what you want your apartment tour to look like! 

 Anyway, I thought it would be fun to share what our Mississippi house looked like when we left because I haven't really done a post like this in a long while. Actually, when we left (as in the night before), it looked like this:

One of the first things people ask when they find out about this adventure is "Did you sell your house?" We knew all along that we weren't going to leave it vacant and also that we weren't going to sell it, being as this journey might only last a year. So, the search began for a renter. Ultimately, Peyton's brother ended up living there and it's the IDEAL situation. He's taking care of it and keeping the lights on, maintaining the yard, and making it appear someone lives there and we're charging him a very low rent in the hopes that by the time we get home he can have saved up a bit for his own place. Anyway, it was really nice because I didn't have to totally clear the house like I would if we had non-relative renters, but we did want to be fair to Michel of course, so we tried to push things around and give him a good bit of space.

Moving on, the state of things before we started moving out....

(Sidenote: several of my friends have done this kind of post lately and I always think those posts are so much fun to read. I'd be lying if I said WRITING one doesn't make me a little self-conscious, though. It's strange because I can blog about all kinds of things some people would consider really personal and not feel that way at all, but when it comes to this...I don't know. Peyton and I were discussing this the other day and I think it partly comes down to the fact that I have a pretty eclectic style (I think!) and I know not everyone favors it at all. That said, not everyone thinks putting an almost three year old in a jon jon is cute, either. Heck, I know not everyone favors my personal style wardrobe wise! So enough with the insecurity! It took me a long time and a lot of effort to get the place to the point it was and I'm proud of the slow happening changes that we accomplished over the years.)

I had gotten to a point where I LOVED our living room, was really content with the kitchen/sunroom, and adored the nursery (obviously the clock was ticking on how appropriate that room was for the children anyway). The guest bathroom was functional and nice, but the rest (the study, our bedroom, and our bathroom) still had a LONG way to go. That's the price you pay being married to a budget man- five years in and your house still doesn't look how you want it to :) But, he got the thing totally paid off and has us living here in one of the most expensive cities in the country and we're doing really well, so...I guess I can't complain. I will say, though, in the apartment it's really nice because there's not a room that I don't just LOVE. He'll read this and suggest we downsize permanently, I'm sure ;)

I know some of this looks familiar and some of these shots have shown up on here before, but I thought it would be fun to share an overall picture of what things were like right before we left and we've made small changes over the years, many of which I haven't documented.

I said I was content with the kitchen, but really I loved it, too. I just think there's a few more things we could change to make it look a bit better (mainly just the counter tops). Since we moved we've painted the cabinets, redone the floors, and pulled out the trash compactor. Anyway, I never want to live in a place where the kitchen isn't really cheery with lots of bright pops of happy. I started out with black and white with red accents and and then added the aqua. But there's also sort of a rainbow element, if I'm honest. Ha! 

Our back door opens into the sunroom, which opens into the breakfast nook part of the kitchen. I love this area! 

Sunroom/Laundry Room
Sadly, I don't have any good current pictures of the sunroom. Which is really disappointing because Peyton and I had both grown to love it. Awhile back we painted it a sort of limey color. Clearly, I love bright. But it's really not terribly strong and I find the room so enjoyable and perfect for relaxing. Here's a few from before it was painted and then some at Christmas. The toile chair is one of my favorites and I'm glad we figured out a way to use it. 

This is really the only thing worth sharing in the laundry room, but I love my patchwork of good words! 

Living Room
This room has come such a long way since it's ugly couch/heinous carpet days :) In fact, I think it was the biggest transformation for sure. See what I mean...

Much improvement, I think!

I went back to some of my old posts and the big changes since the last one were just the rug and the little ottoman. Both are things I adore, though! I actually got the rug to use down the road in our bedroom (more on that in a minute), but then when I was trying to figure out how to store it, I decided it to try it in the den. Initially, I thought it would be too busy. But I like a pattern (can you tell?) and I think it tied everything in well and the colors worked great. Sadly, the kitties kind of did a number on it and popped their claws in it one too many times. It doesn't look awful, but it doesn't look great. I think it will work fine under our bed when we get home since a good bit of it won't be visible. Up here we just have the bare wood and we went back to it for a couple of months before the move and I'm kind of torn between searching for a new rug and letting it alone. I think the room looks a lot bigger without it, but it obviously looks more cozy with it. I LOVE our hardwoods so I do kind of like them exposed, but I also the rug really helped pull things together and make the room look more intentional and less haphazard. And I just love the extra color and pattern now that I've enjoyed it.

Another thing I love about this room is that we finally folded out the dinning room table and transitioned the room into a sitting area/dinning room for a small dinner party. We had always wanted to have that option available (the four red chairs on two of the walls were bought with the intention of using them as dining room chairs as needed and the decision to use that specific table that folds out behind the couch was purposeful). After the party, we actually ended up using it that way a couple of other times for more causal visits with friends! It's not perfect, but it worked well for our purposes.

I have the most to share in the kids' room because the last time I did a true post about it was before Graves was born. I literally have had a post just about it sitting in my drafts for nearly three years. There came a point where it felt so awkward and random and I just kept it there, but decided I might never actually finish it. Anyway, this provided the perfect opportunity!

The place was pretty pink before Graves came and I'm not sure the transition to a co-ed living space would have been near as seamless without Minnie's help.

Basically, I moved AP to the big bed and kept that side pink and then changed up the crib and added a lot of blue elements on Graves's side of the room. We actually have a similar set up now. I just have no desire to do a completely gender neutral nursery and as long as the look of both sides coordinate, I think it works well. We had sort of a shabby chic/vintage look going on and I kept the understated bunny theme that I had used with Ann Peyton. 

Master Bedroom and Study
There's not really much to say about these.

There are elements I like in both rooms, but they really both need an overhaul, to be honest. I think one of the first things we're doing when we get home is getting the rest of the house floored in hardwood. Well, I guess it depends on if we decide to stay much longer. But the carpet is HORRENDOUS (it's just been through a lot between kids, cats, and one awful Coca Cola spill that was completely my fault) so we've got to replace it at the very least. I'm also planning on getting new bedding. I'm thinking I may get a solid colored comforter or quilt (or at least with a very small pattern) since we're using the rug in our room. And we'll use the pull out couch that we sleep on here in the study at home. It's from Ikea and it has a sleek, modern look. It's very sharp, which is SO not my style, but I think it will look great in a study and it will give us an actual sleeping option for house guests. 

The only thing left is the bathrooms, which are really nothing special and haven't changed much at all in the last five years. 

Our bathroom is even less spectacular. 

So that's it. Our sweet little home back home. I miss it a lot, but as I see this place coming along makes me really happy, too!

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