Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Hopeful Ambitions: 2014 Goals

Listen, I have some goals for 2014. Like GOALS. Last year, I took a really gentle approach with myself and that was an enormous blessing, especially during a year that was so full of transitions and leading up to transitions and dreading transitions. I really sort of had a blank slate as far as specifics and that was good for me because it gave me a lot of space to accomplish what I needed to accomplish at home (getting ourselves packed and up here, fulfilling Junior League commitments in a fraction of the normal time, being a co-homeroom mom with Carrie during Annie's final (for now) semester at school in Mississippi, and several other things). It was also good for me because I can easily get too bogged down in what I'm "accomplishing" and forget to just live blessed and try to bless others.

That said, this year I wanted to stretch myself, but I wanted everything on the list to be attainable in and of itself. I'm not positive I'll accomplish everything on this list (in fact, I'm confident I probably won't), but each item is very manageable by itself and that's helpful for me, I think. I've written about this before, but I just think I'm more successful if I set goals slightly above what I think I can reasonably accomplish. If I miss some, that's okay, but I have some great goals to shoot for and I know I'm not selling myself short or taking the easy way out. 

I worked on this list one night a few weeks back and have made a handful of additions and edits as I let it percolate.  Here they are: 

1. Cook dinner three times a week at a minimum and start meal planning.
2. Read 30 books between now and January 1, 2015.
3. Start a goodreads account for myself (and one for the kids). 
4. Watch 10 new documentaries between now and January 1, 2015.
5. Practice some form of self-care daily.
6. Learn to navigate the subway by myself.
7. Get my nose pierced. 

8. Have weekly planning/budget meetings with Peyton
9. Have a designated lesson planning time each week
10. Back up blog(s) monthly.
11. Consistently upload pictures to the external and Flikr. 
12. Work through Storyline and figure out if I could benefit from using a tool like these Power Sheets.

13. Email Darlene (my close friend/mentor) weekly.
14. Call/text a friend from home weekly.
15. Call Minnie on most weeknights that Peyton works.
16. Write a hand written note twice a month.
17. Write our sponsored child monthly, at a minimum.

18. Pray for Peyton and the children daily- in specific, passionate, and authentic ways.
19. Read to the children daily.
20. Have a "date" (take-out) twice a month with Peyton
21. Read five books together with Peyton.
22. Prayerfully consider the next steps in family planning and decide in what direction we will move in that regard once we arrive home. 
23. (***See NYC Family Goals)

24. Daily pray, read Reflections for Ragamuffins and do some form of Bible study
25. Find a temporary church home in BK- one that is manageable when I'm on my own with the children
26. Privately journal prayers and thoughts more often 
27. Find some form of missional service to be regularly involved in around Brooklyn, or in the surrounding boroughs 

28. Take advantage of writing workshops, classes, ect. in the city.
29. Blog 4-5 times a week.
30. Write "creatively" at least weekly. 
31. Become intentional about commenting on others' blogs.
32. Read three books about writing/creativity. 
33. Take pictures with my real camera at least once a week (in addition to the family picture).
34. Teach myself some form of hand sewing (probably cross-stitching). 

Whew! Sort of seems like a lot. But in reality, some are things that just need to become daily practices, a couple are things I've already accomplished or am well on my way to accomplishing, and there are a couple that are things I'd mostly likely do anyway but I felt like they belonged on the list. 

***Now for the asterisks on number 23....we have some goals specifically for this year in the city. I thought about doing a whole other post, but I decided I wanted to include them here. We have a few for "days off", but they're sort of included above (reading a certain amount, cooking a meal, and Peyton and I do our Bible studies together), so I'm just sharing the monthly and weekly goals. Anyway, here they are: 

- Meet up with new friends (i.e. we have several "friend of a friends" and shallow connections and we'd love to make those relationships more meaningful). Ideally, this will turn into more than once a month.
- Do two "city walks".
- Get outside our borough. 
- Be involved in some sort of missional activity at least twice a month.

- Go on at least one educational outing.
- Make a trip to either the (a) library or the Brooklyn Children's Museum. 
- Go on at least one "long" walk (> two miles).
- Try one new restaurant/eatery. 
- Attend church. 

I'm going to try to update throughout the year on how I'm doing with each thing and just sort of assess my progress. We'll see how it goes. This year has been such an incredible experience, so immensely growing for me's really kind of energizing and it's given me a sense of clarity on some of the things I want to focus more on. Now it's time to get at it! 

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Sarah said...

Meal planning makes things so much easier! Definitely try and stick with it. I also prep a lot during nap time, so it's easier to make dinner later on. You would look adorable with your nose pierced. Mine is pierced, just a small stud. Love that you have well-rounded goals for both your family and yourself.