Saturday, March 8, 2014

Letter to (Four Year and Nine Month Old) Ann Peyton

Dear Ann Peyton,

I wrote you your "four year and nine month letter", but I wrote it a month ahead. I mean, I wrote it a couple of months late, but I wrote it about the wrong month. Anyway, we're backing up to December and I'm editing the old one and making it into your next letter. Whew. I was organized at one time. BUT, we just moved across the country and I'm learning a lot of new things and one of them is giving myself grace about stuff like this!

Anyway, back in December we took a trip to the beach and you had the most wonderful time. It really was so special for all of us, but you just were so excited about it. You loved staying in a hotel and playing in the sand and just having a fun, easy vacation even if it was a short one. 

Right before the beach (like the same day that we left for the beach), I took you to see The Nutcracker. You love the ballet. I let you bring Ballerina Dolly and wear a prissy headband (as opposed to a better matching, more effective hair bow) and you were just over the moon. 

Papa has started to teach you to play chess and I think you're enjoying that little activity together. 

Also, you had  your first real haircut! Your hair was SO long- you got about four inches was chopped. You were terrified she'd wind up with "Snow White hair" and not look like Belle anymore. So I brought in a screenshot of of favorite star (Belle) to show Mrs. Mandy. It worked really well and you did fine. You still call it your "Belle haircut". 

We had some bad weather (tornado warnings) and you spent ALL of naptime "taking cover" and making preparations because your stuffed animals might get hungry during the night and "we might have to sleep in the bathroom all night". 

We had a great, but low key Christmas. I did struggle, not because the presents weren't enough, but just because NOTHING seemed to be enough. We didn't decorate as much and we neglected some of our usual traditions. It was a crazy season, though, and I know you didn't hold it against us. You knew your were loved and safe every single day and that's what important. Again, I can learn a lot about grace when I see things through your little eyes. 

Due to both of y'all being sick, we missed our last chance to all go to Granny's for who knows how long, Papa and I missed our last chance to go out without children for who knows how long, and thenwe missed our last chance for the four of us to worship with our church family for who knows how long. That last one was the final blow and I spent about fifteen minutes on the couch weeping over it. BUT, you told me on Christmas that she wanted to make a "cow cake" because you bet  "a cow was the first thing Jesus saw when they put him in the manger", and your tiny, sweet request seemed to make it all better. [We ended up making bunny cookies which were totally sufficient to provoke giggles and grins and all kinds of sweet memories.]

Minnie did start talking to you one day, "I heard you and your momma had a conversation about how Santy Clause isn't real. How did that make you feel?" And you said "Pretty good." I mean, obviously, your best friends are the "pretend princesses". Haha. 

Annie, I'm so thankful for you and the perspective you give me on things. You're such a bright, sweet, amazing little girl and I'm so proud of you every day.

Momma and Papa

P.S. Your dress is a 4T. It's Matilda Jane (the first one I've ever gotten for you- consignment of course) and it's one of your very favorites. I noticed a hole in it and I'm shipping home for Minnie to fix. 

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