Friday, March 28, 2014

Letter to (Thirty Five Month Old) Graves

Dear Graves, 

You've made the adjustment to life in New York just wonderfully. You do have moments of missing home (the one where you cried when you saw a picture of you and Mickey together nearly destroyed me), but overall it's been relatively seamless. I'm so thankful for that. You are, as always, a ball of energy and a ray of sunshine. You drive me nuts and make me laugh all at the same time. 

It's so funny to watch you take in the city. You are just so impressed by it. We saw a small (I mean, it was the size of an average adult) Statue of Liberty replica outside a store and you were enamored. Pretty sure you thought it was the real deal. You LOVE going to the Brooklyn Children's Museum and to little music "shows" at the library. I'm realizing more and more what a music lover you are. We've taken you and Annie to The Met twice, as well, and you've done great. You are also obsessed with going to the playground. Makes sense given we don't have a yard to play in anymore. 

Your room here is actually a good bit bigger than y'alls in Mississippi (it's the master bedroom; we sleep on a pull out couch). Anyway, y'all still fall asleep all over the place. Some nights it's like playing "Where's Waldo"" trying to find you- in the closet, curled up in a box, behind the rocking chair and the list goes on! 

You've been wear JEANS. Gasp. I kind of thought the day would never come. But we had a few hand-me-down pairs from your cousin and I actually think you look so incredibly adorable in them. 

Y'all love pretending to be parents to your stuffed animals. One night you told me that you were a grown up. I told you that he certainly were not. Annie said "But, he's a daddy to George". (Curious George, obviously).

 But she also still likes to mother you. Awhile back, you got sad about eating a grape tomato that you were pretending was a person. AP went into mom mode and told you to "just pretend your tummy is his house". She's also been practicing names with you. You told me that Papa's name was Peyton Herrington, her name was Ann Peyton Herrington, your name was Baby Graves Herrington, and my name was Momma Herrington. She's actually started calling you "little one" ("Come over here with me, Little One") lately. It's about as precious as it sounds. Additionally, she now snaps your jams after I change your diaper. You're so much more still and sweet for her

You love dressing up. Sadly, we don't have a lot of boy dress up clothes. You wear tutus and cheerleader dresses a lot. May need to invest in some boy things soon. Ha! The other night you did put on these big sneaker looking shoes that are in your dress up clothes box, an oversized t-shirt, and this funny little hat and said you were "'tending (pretending) to be a granpa". I thought you looked like a little cartoon version of a hipster. Which is sort of the same thing. 

You are such a snuggle bug and that's my favorite. I love when you wake up early in the morning and you snuggle in mine or Papa's arms and fall back asleep. 

You are such a sweet, precious, amazing little boy and I'm so thankful for life with you. 

Momma (and Papa) 

P.S. You t-shirt is actually from the Brooklyn Flea when Papa and I came in August. It's a 2T, as are your gingham pants. Also, in this picture I can't tell if you're play "possum", being goofy, or giving PigPig the side-eye. 

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Jennifer said...

Precious boy! I love hearing this, Momma Herrington - sorry could not resist! Love having these big sisters- they sure take their roles seriously!