Monday, March 3, 2014

Letter to (Thirty Three Month Old) Graves

Dear Graves,

Every single day you make me laugh. You are such a cheerful guy and have been it seems like since I've known you (a look back into the archives reminds me that, in some cases, my memory deceives me). But lately, you've gotten funnier and funnier.

You still make me want to pull my hair out a handful of times in any given hour of the day, but I couldn't imagine you any other way- loud and happy and busy. Always busy!

I'm so behind so I'm going all the way back to mid December and sharing some stories from then with you!

One thing I love so much is how much you still (still!) love to be rocked. I decided at the last minute that we had to recover and bring your rocking chair to Brooklyn and I'm glad we did. I'm going to enjoy every second of it! Back at home, you got to where you'd wake up from your nap sometimes after only an hour (you still take a solid two to three hour afternoon name) but you'd let me rock you back to sleep. So sweet and precious.

One night around Christmas we were driving around looking at lights. Annie(after getting upset because she thought papa was poking fun at her) said "Papa, I was RIGHT. You CAN see the decorations that don't have lights on them." And you said "Wow. Wow. Wow. That...Is...Beu-i-ful." I loved that moment so much. As I do any time you call something "Beu-i-ful". It's absolutely one of my favorite things. 

One night when while Papa was in New York looking for us a place to live  I was just exhausted. You and Annie had been up until 1:30(?!?) the night before and then you skipped his nap. I had  about fifty times that dayand I decided at eight thirty that I needed to go to Walmart and also bathe y'all. There was a Little Debbie stocker guy at Walmart that I mistook for a Walmart employee. He told me "God bless you ma'am. Well, it really looks like he already least twice". It was such a special, beautiful moment because he spoke such truth. 

You actually got pretty sick right before Papa left for New York. You had an awful cough and it was, with few exceptions, the sickest I've seen you. You were just so pitiful. Papa held you over the toilet the first night and your threw up and threw up and threw up. After that it was mostly coughing and fever. You seemed like you'd get better and then get worse again. Your little eyes were pitiful and you seemed so tired and thin. It turned out you had a bad case of bronchitis, but once we got you on some breathing treatments, you recovered quickly. Thankfully, because Papa left right as you were getting better! You woke up the night after he left (New Year's Eve) because you heard fireworks and you wanted to know if we could watch football. I knew my spunky boy was back then! 

You are also quite into playing the role of the prince these days. Minnie was talking to Annie about being a flower girl in Cookie's wedding awhile back she told you that you were going to be the ring bearer. You shook your little head and she said "You don't want to be the ring bearer, Graves?" and you says "Nope. I Prince Charming." 

You and Annie, as always, are such sweet friends. I often find you snuggled together on one of your beds at night. Or on the floor. Sometimes y'all just get worn out and collapse with your arms and legs entwined. It's literally one of my favorite things in all the world to see y'all like that. 

You're so affectionate with all of us, though, really. You love to hug and kiss and you look for any excuse- someone is hurt, someone is sad, someone enters the room. They need affection. I, of course, cannot get enough of it from my sweet boy. 

Graves, you are such a special guy. I love you more than I could ever explain. 

Momma (and Papa)

P.S. Your crocodile top is a 3T (whoa!) and your gingham pants are a 2T. 

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