Saturday, March 1, 2014

March Happenings

I doubt anyone remembers, but the past few months I've been having trouble with my headers. The color was sort of distorted. Well tonight it looked SUPER distorted. I tried uploading a white one and showed up gray. I tried doing it in Photopshop (instead of Paint.NET), uninstalling and re-installing Paint.NET, and a few other things. Finally, I Googled it and it turns out it's something on Google Plus that changes your pictures and it was automatically enabled. Anyway, I was so glad (after hours!) to find the solution. I love how this month's header turned out. The whole thing speaks to our time in the city- all the pictures and the quote. I'm hoping by April we won't all look quite so Wintery ;)
- I have to say that typing this feels like a mark of a return to normalcy. I let so many things go last month, blogging being one of them. It was necessary, but I'm glad a good many things are quickly finding their place in my life again. 
- It's so different up here because we don't have near as many scheduled things. But there are still a few things on my radar. 
- We'll spend Peyton's off Sundays visiting more churches and maybe making some return visits :)
- I'm sure we'll take a few trips to the library and probably go back to the Brooklyn Children's Museum at least once. I'm hoping we can find a few more fun indoor activities while it's still so cold. 
- I need to get on planning the kids' birthdays. I know they will be low key and very different from anything we've done before, but I want it to be special for them. 
- Thankfully, I think we're about to FINALLY have the apartment set up completely (I mean, that's relative, obviously). Our land lady still has to give us access to the storage unit and we have a good bit (car seats, cat carriers, and boxes Peyton wants to save to move out with, ha!) to go in it. I will feel so much better when the place is clear of that stuff! I can't wait to share some pictures of the place and do a real "tour" of our tiny home :)
I think that's about it. Here were January's goals:  


                                                                                                                                                              1. Finish all the packing and move! Ha, well. Thankful I now have that under my belt! Done and done!          
 2. I had three big things I need/want to do in addition to packing:    
a) Sort through all magazines- I actually got through a lot. Don't tell Peyton, but there are some left at home. And I brought a small stack. I just couldn't toss them! 
 b) Convert the three volumes of VHS home videos from my childhood to DVD. I did it and I was  so proud. It took me being on the ball, but I actually made three sets- one for us, one for my  parents, and one for Cookie! 
c) I *still* have some random laundry and I've got to do it. I did that, too. It's amazing what I 
an accomplish under pressure :)

3. Read to the children daily. I probably didn't do it EVERY day, but I did better and that felt good. 

4. Make a master list of goals for 2014. Goodness no!, as the Pete the Cat book says. It's really important to me and is on the agenda, but we've just had a lot going on and I want to really take time to do this. We were actually planning to tonight, but I took several hours to figure out something about my blog design (see above, so we didn't get to it). 

5. Prioritize rest. And prioritize it in the form of sleep. I did this pretty well and I think it's the only way I survived that month. I gave myself a lot of grace and let a lot of things go. And I rested and slept when I needed to rather than staying up to all hours trying to accomplish things. 
And here are my new goals for this month:
1. Make a 2014 Goals List and discuss Peyton's with him. Again, I think this will be helpful in addition to my monthly goals. I'll share it when we finish it! 
2. Get back in the swing of things with homeschooling. I actually went ahead and ordered some of Annie's kindergarten curriculum, per Peyton's suggestion. She's been VERY interested in letters and trying to read words and spell them and I think it's logical to start some basic phonics lessons with her. I was planning to start her "kindergarten" year in the Summer anyway, just to give us more flexibility in the Fall and also to get ahead of the game a bit because NYC has some of the most stringent standards in the nation and it intimidates me a little :) I'm also planning to pick up on some of what we were doing before and I'm going to try to start being more intentional about doing specific things with Graves as he gets closer to three. 
3. I've started cooking up here and it's actually been okay and not a dreaded thing like it used to be. I really, really love that Peyton works long days but then has a good many full days off. Anyway, if I can get more consistent, I think I'm going to sign up for this and see how it goes! 
4. Get back into the habit with blogging. Again, it was necessary to have an "off" month, but I feel sort of behind and just this week, I sort of felt like I got back in my routine. I have several kid letters to write, I want to share pictures of the apartment and I'm planning to do a few writing prompts, as well.  
5. Figure out a church scenario that is doable when it's just me and the kids. By the end of this month, at the latest, I want to have figured out a way to make this work. I've tried to give myself a lot of grace and not be legalistic about it, but I know that it's something I need to figure out at some point and I know giving myself a concrete goal will help. 
Here is to March, a month that seems like it should be Spring, but very surely will not be. May it be a month where we learn to more fully embrace the bitter cold and share, in big and small ways, the reason for the warmth within us. 


Allie @ Days Like These said...

My parents converted a bunch of VHS tapes to DVDs a few years ago. My parents went crazy with the home videos, and we have EIGHTY Dvds that hold our childhood. It's a little nuts, but I'm glad we have those memories.

I fell into a blogging rut in February, mostly because it was a hard month personally and I'm not really in a ready to share yet, you know? Blogging is a great outlet for me though, so hoping for some more inspiration in March.

Ashley Wells said...

Last month I had the goal to blog at least 3 times a week to get more regular, and I was only 1 blog post short! Even still, I have gained good momentum leading into March and see how just setting that goal for one month has helped me get back into the habit of it!

Hoping your March is AWESOME!