Thursday, March 6, 2014

Weekly Happenings Post #257 (February 24- March 2)-- Ikea, BK Children's Museum, and More Making a House a Home

We had a fun busy day on Monday. We got up and Peyton cooked breakfast and then we all got ready to go to Ikea.
Look at my big boy in JEANS. 

We took a bus the whole way and it was about a thirty minute ride.
Navy Yard wisdom 

Beatrix Potter on a bus.

We had lunch and took our time getting the things we needed and by the time we got back home it was late afternoon.
Cheapest hotdog in Brooklyn (at least that I've found). Four hotdogs, two bags of chips and two drinks for $5. I don't know anywhere the four of us could have lunch for that cheap in Jackson. Ikea FTW (always).

We fed the kids a snack and let them watch a show and then I started supper while they played and Peyton worked on hanging some curtains. We all ate supper and I put the kids to bed while Peyton went to Trader Joe's for some groceries. I worked on uploading pictures. It was about a month's worth so it took me a long time. Peyton found me another Tonya Harding special on Netflix and we started that but fell asleep. It was so late.

We had planned to have a busy day sort of trying to train me on how to use the public transit on Tuesday, but we decided late Monday night that we needed a chill out day. I'm so glad we did. I woke up super tired, emotional, and not feeling great. My head hurt and I was in a funk. We ate cinnamon rolls for breakfast and then started straightening and cleaning up. We got baths and I folded laundry and we just did small things around the apartment. We fed the kids lunch and Graves took a nap. I ordered some homeschool curriculum and Peyton went to Target and the bank and to look for some stationary. Graves woke up and we cleaned up their room- we hadn't really straightened it completely in days and it was a huge mess. Peyton got home and when we finished, we worked on hanging a bunch of pictures in there.
Minnie has skillz. It looks perfect right above Annie's bed.

The Sendak poster is literally one of my favorite things I've ever bought for him. And my dad recovered his rocking chair in navy blue ticking. It's SO perfect. I've loved dreaming up this big boy/big girl room so much.

After that, we fed and bathed the kids and put them to bed. Peyton and I were both SO tired. We finished the Tonya Harding thing and I blogged and went to bed before midnight.

The kids woke up when Peyton left on Wednesday and my back was hurting SO bad (just girl issues) and so I got out the heating pad and took some medicine and tried to get a few more minutes.

Surprisingly, the kids played with each other for about half an hour. They got up and had breakfast and I started washing dishes. We had let those build up and it was ALOT, but I got through them.
One thing I thought would be a harder adjustment than it's been is not having a dishwasher. I mean, we haven't been hosting dinner parties or anything, but so far it's been no big thing. 

I also swept and mopped in the living room and set up some chairs like I wanted them arranged. I cleaned the tub and toilet and took a bath. The kids had lunch and watched a show and I put Graves down for a nap. He never fell asleep and I just laid around while Annie played since I didn't feel great. After we got Graves up, I started two loads of laundry and then we came back up and the kids ate supper and I talked to my dad. We changed over the laundry and then came back up and cleaned up their room. When we got the laundry, one load was still sort of damp, so I laid it out all over the apartment. I got the kids ready for bed and we read and then very briefly Facetimed with my parents. I put the kids down and called my mom and then worked on some blog posts. Peyton got home and we talked and went to sleep early.

Peyton was off again on Thursday. We had a great day. We got off to a slow start and did a few things around the apartment- hanging the kids' curtains and putting together a few little things and then we all got ready and after lunch we headed to the Brooklyn Children's Museum. We walked the two miles there and back and we had a blast.

When the weather says it feels like nineteen degrees and your husband says he feels like urban hiking....

cork box fun! 

Then Graves petted a giant cockroach! 

ready for the West Indian parade! 

He was less sure about his Afrikan attire.

Crown Height's version of Rainbow Row. One of my favorite things was walking through this neigborhood. It was one that wasn't even on our radar (bc we were worried about the safety), but people were so incredibly kind and friendly. Strangers just talking to us when we smiled at them!

When we got home, Peyton cooked B4D and we put the kids to bed! I got on the computer and Peyton read and then we went to sleep.

More pops of happy in the kitchen. We had a little table at home with Annie homeschool stuff in the drawers and this stuff mostly on top. I found the perfect place to recreate it (her school stuff is even in the cabinet below). 

Really glad to have the kitchen quote back and I love this one for this coming month. Filling our home with good words.

Ain't no night party like the BK night party...

Peyton was off again on Friday and we had a VERY chill, relaxed day. We really needed it, too! The kids slept so late. They came in the den and fell back asleep in bed with us and we all slept until after ten. WOW. So nice! We got up and had breakfast and got going. Peyton washed a bunch of dishes and I took my bath. I changed the liter box and swept in the halls and bathroom and also vacuumed the mattress and made up the sofa. We played with the kids and then had lunch and put Graves down. Peyton and I hung some stuff and I did a few things.
Peyton and I discussed, often and at length, how important having a spare bedroom (or in this case, half bedroom) was. I wanted the extra storage, the sleeping space for a guest, and I felt I needed a room I didn't have to baby proof for Graves. And to be honest, since we sleep in a communal space, I desperately wanted a place that was "mine". Obviously, it drastically limited us in our search, given our budget. But, in a city where urban stress is a very real thing and in a home where I'm in close corridors for long hours with my very best people, I feel like this space has been integral to my emotional health and has been a huge factor in the relative ease of this transition.

Graves never went to sleep since he got up so late, so when he got up we fed the kids a snack and then hung more stuff. Peyton went to the grocery store and I did some puzzles with the kids. When he got back I started browning meat for spaghetti. I realized I didn't have an ingredient, so I just finished the meat and put it in the fridge and we ate odds and ends. Peyton helped me get the kids to bed and then he walked to Trader Joe's and I put pictures on Facebook. He got home and we watched a couple of SVU's and ate dinner and he put together Graves's workbench. We went to sleep after midnight.

The kids got up when Peyton left for work on Saturday and I fed them breakfast and then we all watched cartoons in the den. I got up and got a bath and made up the sofa and the kids played. I also started a post and then I watched the kids do some little dance they had made up. We straightened their room and they had lunch. I put Graves down and he took a long nap. I printed a bunch of pictures (for a few frames and for a little flower girl photo album my mom got for Annie months ago when she was in a wedding).
They bookend Peyton in a lineup of my three favorite guys. In each other's hearts, they know no competition.

I emailed a few contacts up here and then I opened some of Annie's homeschool stuff that had come in the mail. I did my Bible study and read and then I looked at some backgrounds for the blog. I fell asleep for a few minutes and then Graves woke up. The kids played and I got their supper ready. We straightened their room and then they ate. I folded some laundry and did dishes. I also started some spaghetti for me and Peyton and then they colored on a cardboard box and pretended it was a car. I got them ready for bed and read to them. They went to bed and I worked on my blog. It took me forever to figure out the issue I was having with the color distortion, but I finally got it working. I took a break to eat with Peyton and then finished it and wrote a post. I cleaned up the kitchen and went to bed.

Peyton was working on Sunday. The kids got up when he left and we had breakfast and watched cartoons again. I took my bath and we had a slow morning. I folded up the couch, did dishes, and ordered something online. We picked up their room and they had lunch and then I put Graves down for a nap. He took a good one and I got on the computer and then looked through AP's new homeschool stuff some more. I took a nap myself and when the kids got up, they had a snack and played while I went through a bunch of papers and read a Brooklyn Parent magazine. We Facetimed with Minnie and then ate supper. I got them ready for bed and Peyton got home. We put them to sleep and spent about two hours planning for the month and discussing goals for the year. He fell asleep and I got on the computer and finished a post and tidied up the apartment a bit. I actually went to bed way too late.

This week has been great so far. We went to the library on Peyton's day off and tomorrow he'll be off and then have the whole weekend off. Now that we have our big overall goals down, I'm also trying to figure out a homeschooling plan and figure out where we can volunteer/do missional stuff/serve the community. It feels SO good to be back to blogging regularly and I'm really enjoying getting back into reading blogs, too.


Sarah said...

Looks like you are getting more settled. It's always nice to get some familiar things set up in a new place. The kids' room looks really cute. I love their bedding.

Bech and Marley Evans said...

We got our first pair of denim for Christmas and Jack has been wearing them a ton (Honestly, longalls are just too thin in this weather!). It kinda kills me, but seeing Jack in his converses or keds with his jeans is pretty darn cute. Graves looks pretty darn cute in his denim, too! Also, I am loving the kids looks great!

Megan said...

AP and Graves's room looks precious! You may have talked about this before and I missed it, but why did y'all decide to sleep in the communal space rather than the guest space? It is really fun to watch how you all navigate this adventure!