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Weekly Happenings Post #258 (March 3-9)-- A Couple of New Friends

Monday was okay, but sort of slow. Peyton left for work and the kids got up. I fixed them breakfast and then we snuggled and watched a couple of shows. I got up and took my bath. We just played and I made up the couch and changed the liter and then they had lunch and I washed dishes.

Wear psychedelic elephant from when she was two, complete with a dress/skirt with an arm hole that accommodates her tail.

I was SO tired. I put Graves down and really didn't do much during naptime- I ate my lunch and got on the computer and then worked on making a little slideshow thing on Flipagram. Graves got up earlier than usual and I finished the slideshow and then the kids had a snack that turned into supper.
Random but this is the view of the guard station out our window. You can't get in or put without going through it and they call you if you have a visitor or food delivered, ect. One of the best things is how secure this place feels. (As an aside those bars are legally mandated for families with children under ten years old who live higher than the first floor of a building. They also help my anxiety a lot!)

We played in the den and then I got out a new game my mom had gotten them for Christmas. We played it and then I got them ready for bed.

He said he was "'tending to be a grandpa". I contend he looks like the cartoon version of a hipster. At home in BK! 

We read more than usual and I put them to sleep. I got on the computer until Peyton got home. We talked and watched TV and I finished a post and then we went to bed.

Peyton was off on Tuesday, so he fixed breakfast of course! We had pancakes, but he made them from scratch and they were whole wheat. Quite surprisingly, I thought they were AMAZING. We all got ready and hustled to the library. I have to give us more time because I did NOT like walking that fast. We got there and went downstairs to "Stomp! Clap! Sing!". It was so neat- a real songwriter in this auditorium thing, BUT there was less structure than at the library at home. Graves could walk around and be loud and it didn't matter! We checked out some books and came home. I transferred Graves (he had fallen asleep in the stroller) and Annie and Peyton went back out to get groceries. I got on the computer and read and when they got back home, I took a super short nap myself. Graves woke up and we worked on tidying up the apartment. I took a load of laundry to the basement to wash and folded up the bed and did dishes. The kids cleaned up their room and I fixed BBQ chicken for supper. We bathed the kids and put them to bed and it was late. Peyton went to bed and I read blogs and then went to bed myself.
Weirdest kids ever. How can one even sleep like that? Annie! 

I woke up when Peyton did on Wednesday and we chatted and then I went back to sleep and he left for work. The kids played in their room a bit and at eight thirty they wanted breakfast. I fixed it and we had our normal snuggle/show routine. I was getting in the bath and noticed a text from a friend of a friend who was in Brooklyn on a trip because her and her husband want to plant a church here in a few years. She wanted to get together and said she could come to our place. I said sure and hustled to straightened and get the couch made and get ready. She got here around eleven thirty and stayed for a couple of hours. The kids were kind of at each other, but she had FIVE babies under six, so I think she understood :)  It was so, SO nice to have some adult conversation with someone besides Peyton. After she left, I fixed the kids lunch and put Graves down for a nap. He took a nice nap and I ate lunch, read, got on the computer and took a nap myself! When he got up, the kids played a bit and then I fixed them supper. We played some more and I put them to bed. I got on the computer until Peyton got home and then we talked and ate supper and he went to bed. I uploaded pictures onto the computer and organized some new homeschool stuff.

The kids got up before Peyton left on Thursday. I fixed them breakfast and we watched their little shows and then I took a bath. I did dishes, made up the bed, changed the cat liter, and vacuumed. Whew! I spent some time just hanging out and playing with the kids and then we straightened their room and had lunch.
world travelers! 

Geez, Timehop was brutal that morning.Double whammy right there. They grew up together for almost five years and Annie talks about Aubrey almost daily, especially when asked what she misses about Mississippi. When we left I was seeing Carrie at least twice a week and now we have to do major life moments with 1,2000 miles between us. Like teaching Peyton what "snail mail" means. I miss my people so bad. 

I put Graves down and he took a short nap. I finished a post, got on Twitter, and ate lunch and then I read my Bible and some in A Million Little Ways. Graves got up and the kids colored and then we played Silly Sentences.
Annie is obsessed with this game from Minnie! 

After that they played with musical instruments while I folded laundry. I'm not sure why we needed to pull out all the stops, but we did. They ate dinner and did Play Dough and then I got them ready for bed and read to to them and put them down. I read some blogs and wrote another post and Peyton got home.
Mickey and Minnie sent me another package! 

You know what's really awesome about that package? That white thermal ling underwear is 14-16 (for kiddos). I got these small ones from Land's End (no XS option) and they're HUGE. I have to roll them and it looks like a freakin' maternity panel. And Minnie didn't know about any of that! (Sidenote: Peyton told me about a recent article he read about whether or not you should wear long underwear because of the potential awkwardness when hooking up with a random person. Incredibly glad *that* is not a worry of mine. We sleep on a pull out couch in the living room. Sexy skivvies are the least of my concerns.

We talked and then I talked to my mom and went to bed.
Another night, another kid asleep in the closet. Peyton is so irritated that I insisted we but them beds.

Seriously, it's like a game of Where's Waldo?

Peyton let me sleep late on Friday morning. It was so nice, especially since the kids were up really early. He let them help make breakfast with him and then he gave them baths! I got up and got ready and we had lunch and then spent the afternoon learning the subway. Well, I learned, Peyton taught!
She's the sweetest! 

We didn't really do much, but we accomplished a lot. 

We did wind up at Peyton's store, though and meeting his coworkers. So that was fun. As is hearing Annie Banani say "the Duane Reade in Manhattan". For some reason, it's hysterical to me. Also, several people on InstaGram commented how his partner looks sort of Southern, too. And he is- he's from Alabama. So funny how you can kind of spot it! 

Graves didn't have a nap, so he was super tired when we got home. We had picked up dinner on the way back and the kids and Peyton ate (Chinese food isn't really my thing) and then he played Silly Sentences with them and we read to them and put them to bed.
Peyton was putting the kids to bed and I heard the electric razor going so I ran in to make sure my beautiful boy still had his Buster Brown mop. I found them all three in the bathroom. When I asked him why he was doing it (I request it all the time, but I do understand how nice a beard must be especially here) he said Annie told him it was too scratchy.

My computer had some weird adware on it, so Peyton and I worked on that. We talked and I ate supper and then I fell asleep on the bed in the spare room (I had such a bad headache). It was super early (before eleven) and around midnight Peyton came in and told me to just stay there and I guess he went to bed a little later.

We had a slow morning again on Saturday. The kids got up around eight and we had breakfast and got baths. We worked on fixing the computer again and then my phone totally shut off and starting buzzing. It was so weird. Peyton got that fixed and we got the kids dressed and headed to a puppet show at Central Library.
Second program of the week at Central Library. It was a puppet show called "My City Park" where "Milo" found out (and changed the heart of the antagonist) about Prospect Park being torn down and replaced with a shopping mall.

After the show, we grabbed a snack and then walked through a bit of the real Prospect Park.

We stopped at a little playground for a bit and then swung by Target for cat litter.
Our first time to enjoy a playground- no ice!!! Beautiful day in Brooklyn! Also, I met my first original (as in, I had no contact before the move) Brooklyn friend. I talked to a mom at the playground for awhile and we ended up exchanging numbers! 

We headed home and fed the kids supper. I let them Facetime with my mom and then I started laundry and Peyton read to them.

They went to bed SUPER fast. I worked on the computer some and Peyton picked up dinner. We ate and watched SVU and then I blogged a bit.

We had a nice Sunday. We got up and got ready and went to Trinity Grace in Park Slope. The service started at ten thirty and we got home around 2:00. It was a great, but long, sermon! I really, really enjoyed it. Anyway, I took a nap and the kids rested. Peyton got them to help him with dishes and I read some and called Ellis.

The kids wanted to go with Peyton to the compactor shoot down the hall. Wearing a Christmas nightgown and cow slippers/Peyton's Snoopy shirt and caterpillar boots. Obviously.

By the way, this is our hallway. So dorm-y. It totally skeeved me out at first.

We cleaned up around the house and the kids played some and then they had supper.

And then Peyton turned up the music and made these guys dance.

Peyton and I ate after they went to bed and worked on planning our schedule for the upcoming week.

I went to bed super late. We've started to try to plan things ahead a little more and I think this week will be nice because of that. I'm also easing back into homeschooling (FINALLY!).

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