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Weekly Happenings Post #259 (March 10-16)-- Public Transit BY MYSELF (and WITH THE KIDS)!!!

We had a great week last week. First of all, I'm finally getting the hang of navigating (the very basics) of public transit. Also, we started back up with homeschooling and that's been fun!

Monday was sort of a ugly day. I woke up just in a pensive, sad mood because of some things Peyton and I had been discussing the night before. Anyway, I fed the kids breakfast and we snuggled and watched their shows. They had gotten up later than usual and that was nice! I took my bath and made up the sofa and we cleaned up their room and played some. I fixed them lunch and put Graves down. During naptime, I uploaded pictures and got on Twitter and then did some lesson planning. After Graves got up, we played some (Annie wanted to pretend I was a "jeweler" and she was buying jewels from me at Graves's workbench). Haha.
In addition to calling him "Little One", she now snaps his jams after I change his diaper. He's so much more still and sweet for her. And yes, he's playing with nasty sneakers that have been all over this city.

I went through a pile and cut out some pictures I had printed out and then hung up my quotes on the quote board in the kitchen. I fixed them supper and they ate and then I bathed them and got them to bed. I started a post and got on Twitter and then Peyton got home.
I love that "Today in Microfasion" there were two little sweeties wearing Matilda Jane and two people tagged me because it brought us to mind 

We visited and I finished my post and went to bed.

Tuesday was such a GREAT day. The weather was perfect. We got up and got baths and I helped the kids clean up their room and then we got going. We went into Manhattan and hung out in Central Park for a bit!
more subway adventures! 

beautiful Central Park! 

These guys were awesome! 

There's a castle in Central Park and it's been on Ann Peyton's must do list since she heard about it. She decided to walk up the stairs like a princess!

This jacket is one of my favorite things my nephew ever wore. I miss my cute spunky nephew, and my adorable little niece, and my wonderful sweet sister in law and brother in law.

Walkin' hand in hand...

From the top of Belvedere Castle.

Years off my life. It was so high. Hey nutjob, your wife has an anxiety disorder.

It was one of my favorite days here yet!

After that, we went to The Met. It was great. Annie really enjoyed it and was so interested and attentive. And Graves did great, too!
ready to explore! 

I know this will probably be weird to most people. I myself honestly wouldn't have been drawn to it a few years ago. But this kettledrum was my favorite thing we saw at The Met. I absolutely loved it and I even took Annie back to it to show her. I pick her up and said to her "that's a momma feeding her baby and that's someone writing a book. Writing and taking care of my babies are both things that are very important to me". When I said "taking care of my babies" she just threw her arms around my neck and squeezed me so tight. I know that was an NYC moment I'll never forget. 

We had a little snack before the museum and stopped at Trader Joe's on the way home. Peyton cooked B4D and we straightened up and got the kids to bed really quickly. I sent a few emails and put pictures on Facebook and Peyton and I just hung out and then went to bed.

I woke up when Peyton did on Wednesday and we chatted and then Graves and I snuggled for awhile. He and AP ate breakfast and we watched their little shows and then cleaned up their room. I got on the computer for a lot longer than usual (there was an awful explosion in Harlem, I wanted to finish uploading the pictures, and I got an email about an Anthropologie order). Anyway, I finally got in the tub, but it was close to noon! When I got out, we read our Five in a Row book and did two pages of math and then cleaned up their room. They ate lunch and I put Graves down. He took a nap and I uploaded pictures from my phone and then backed them up on the external. I played on Facebook a little and started a post and then Annie and I worked on reading/writing. Graves got up and I let the kids do a little activity AP's Sunday school teacher had sent. We also read a library book and Annie read a "book" she had made to us, too. We did the calendar and ate supper while I did dishes and then I got them ready for bed. We read two more books and their Bible story and then Facetimed with Minnie. I put them down and finished my post. Peyton got home and we both fell asleep really early on the twin bed in the spare room. Ha!

I didn't sleep great (obviously) and Peyton was sweet and let me get a little extra sleep on Thursday morning. I got up and got my bath and got ready and then I took the subway BY MYSELF into Manhattan to get a top I really wanted from Anthropologie.
I did the subway by myself! All the way to Manhattan and I had to change trains once. I found a top I loved that was sold out online. Luckily there are like six Anthros here. Anyway, Peyton was off for half the day and he said "got get it, but you have to find it by yourself!"

Peyton was working half a day and when I got back, he got ready to leave. I put Graves down and sent a few emails and Facebook messages. I read AP her Five in a Row book and we did a few math pages and I did my Bible study. Graves got up and we started laundry. We came back and hung out until it was time to change it over. The kids ate and we read a Bible story and library book and then went back to get the wash. I put the sheets I had washed back on the kids bed and then bathed them and got them to bed. I got on the computer and when Peyton got home, we went to bed early.

On Friday, we got up and got ready and went to the Carroll Gardens library for a little storytime thing where the kids got to act out the story. It was fun- I think Graves and Annie really enjoyed it, although Annie was definetly the oldest kid there. After that, we hunted around for food in the area. We ended up getting pizza. We came home, straigtened a bit, and I put Graves down for his nap.
Feeling very Brooklyn...three out of the four of us wore flannel today. (The third person isn't pictured because it was a jon jon and I feel like that kind of negates the effect). And, yes, a little steamy for IG/the blog. We ain't lost it yet, though :)

Annie and Peyton went to the grocery store across the street for produce. I read some blogs and did my Bible study and cooked some chicken for a casserole. They got home and Graves woke up. Peyton needed to run to another grocery store and Annie went with him. Graves was not in a great mood. I think he was tired because he had been up some in the night on Thurday. I fixed him a snack and did dishes. When they got home, I started the cassorole and cleaned up some more. We all ate and then got the kids to bed. Peyton and I stayed up late talking and actually had an interesting discussion with our associate pastor back home on Facebook.

Peyton was working on Saturday and the kids and I had a slow morning. We had breakfast and watched cartoons and then I had my bath. I folded up the bed and we read a library book and played "circus" in their room, per Annie's request. We cleaned up and had lunch and then Graves took a nap. It was relatively short, but I ate my lunch, got on the computer, and read a bit. When he got up, he and Annie played and I did a few things around the house- swept and scrubbed in the kitchen, changed the kitty litter, and cleaned the tub. We read our Five In a Row book and did a little math and then we I fixed them supper. I bathed them and put them to bed and then I read blogs until Peyton got home. We visited and ate supper and then we watch SNL and fell asleep.

On Sunday, Peyton got up for work and we chatted and then I went back to sleep. I got up around eight and got ready for church while the kids ate breakfast. I was so nervous about doing it by myself and had been for days. I got them ready and did a few things around the apartment. Well, I forgot that you have to be at the bus stop at certain time. DUH. We had just missed a bus, but I finished getting us ready and we left. Well, we were halfway down the street and I thought I might have forgotten to lock the door. We turned around and headed back. When we got back down to the street (it was, of course, locked), it was nearly time for the bus to be there. We were late, but not too bad. Well, first I went to the completely wrong stop (the B54 instead of the B67) and then I went to the one going in the wrong direction. We literally watched the bus we needed pass on the other side of the street. UGH. Anyway, there's about twenty five minutes between them and I was so determined to get to church. We finally got on and I watched the stops like a hawk and we made it, albeit an hour late. Thankfully it's a two hour service and pretty casual. I got the kids signed in in their rooms and went to church. The half I caught was great!

We left and realized pretty quickly that the buses had been rerouted for a Saint Patrick's Day parade. We walked a good bit (poor Annie she was such a trooper- Graves was in the umbrella stroller, but she was holding my hand) and then had to flag down a bus (actually, a nice guy did that for me). I was SO stressed because AP didn't have her harness and I was terrified she was going to wander into the road while I was trying to fold up the stroller and manhandle Graves (you can't bring them on the bus folded out like you can in the subway). Anyway, we got on and the thing kept going North toward Clinton Hill, but it went East instead of West and we kept getting farther and farther away. We had to change buses and it was SUPER crowded- a nice older lady basically handheld ME through the entire thing. She told me about the change in buses and she told me she'd tell me when we got to our stop (she could tell I was a nervous wreck watching the map on my phone). At one point, I freaked out because I thought I had left the backpack with everything (guys, Metrocard, ect.) in it on the other bus and she was like "it's on your arm" (sweet smile). OMG. I got home and my heart was racing and I was shaking. Seriously, SO wound up.

I fixed the kids lunch and got Graves down for a nap and then ate my lunch. I talked to my mom and Peyton and got on the computer and laid down for a few minutes. Graves never fell asleep and when he got up, we played tic-tac-toe and hide and seek. We cleaned up their room and they ate supper and I got them to bed. Peyton got home and we discussed what we wanted to do as far as missional stuff in the city and ate dinner and then I got on the computer a bit and then went to bed.

Wow, what a week! I'm so glad we're settling into a bit more of a routine, though.

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