Monday, March 24, 2014

Weekly Happenings Post #260 (March 17-23)-- And I Will Walk Five Hundred Miles and I Will Walk Five Hundred More...

...just to be the woman who walked one thousand miles to HELP YOU ATTAIN YOUR DAMN EXERCISE GOALS.

No but really, we walked a lot this week. I personally am not terribly physically fit and I feel like we walk a lot every week. But this week was ALOT. Alot alot.

We had a slow morning on Monday. Peyton was working and the kids actually played in their room a bit after they woke up. Then I fixed them breakfast and we snuggled during their shows. They were a little more rowdy during TV time, probably they weren't still waking up. I took my bath and got the couch pushed in and ate my breakfast and then we cleaned up their room. They wanted to do a "craft" so Annie suggested they make decorations for one of her doll's birthday parties. We did that and then I let them watch the Saint Patrick's Day parade in Manhattan on the TV while they ate lunch and I did dishes. I put Graves down for a nap. He took awhile to go to sleep AND dug in his (dirty) diaper. Yuck. I fixed that and ate my lunch, got on the computer, and read some in a couple of different books. We had more time than usual, but AP seemed to need more attention that usual. We did school and I worked on making her a little photo album with pictures of when she was a flower girl in a wedding back in the Fall.

Graves got up and the kids played "dragon and fairy". I told Graves we had to tame him and make him a sweet dragon and he didn't like that. So he had to stay in a "dungeon" (the hall) by himself. He decided quickly to let Annie tame him with her wand! He pretended to be a sweet dragon for at least half an hour. After that, we played a memory game and ate supper and then I got the kids ready for bed. I had a bad headache, so after I read to them I laid down myself. I fell asleep for about an hour. I got up and blogged a bit until Peyton got home and even with my late "nap", I still fell asleep early.

Tuesday was a beautiful, albeit cold, day in Brooklyn. We got up and I started some "necessary" laundry (Graves had gotten poop on his quilt and sheets the day before) and Peyton had to go buy cat food. I folded up the couch and he cooked breakfast and then we all got ready and headed to the children's museum. We had a great time and stayed a good while.
We discovered a whole "tot" (five and under) area we missed last time!

Annie and Peyton ad fun dressing up...

making music...

creating a magnetic airplane for us, Minnie, and Cookie...

building a house for Minnie...

doing some brainstorming...

and demonstrating what conservators do! 

Graves and I stayed at the BLUE! sand table pretty much the whole time =)

Toward the end of our trip, we went to a little program. A lady read a short book about monsters and the kids got to make their own! 

On the way home, we got pizza. Peyton had a message about another pharmacist who had a sick family member and he ended up saying he'd go in. It was crazy since the commute took half an hour there and back and he was there less than two hours, but they still wanted him to come. I bathed the kids and we picked up their room from the night before. I fixed them a snack and then we Facetimed with Cookie. I wasted a bunch of time on the Internet after I got on a huge rabbit trail. Peyton got home and we talked and ate and then went to bed.

Wednesday was sort of long. The kids woke up when Peyton left and I had an awful headache. I fixed the kids breakfast and let them watch TV longer than I typically do. I got my bath and felt better. I sent an email and made up the bed and tidied a bit. We read our Five in a Row book and straightened their room in increments (fixing the bed, then reading, picking up stuffed animals, then doing something else).
Scenes from the schoolhouse in the city this morning. Who thinks my "A" in Classroom Management was a farce? 

I fixed them lunch and washed a TON of dishes. Graves somehow escaped and I caught him in the bathroom COVERED in toothpaste. I cleaned him up and put him down for a nap. He took a short nap. I got on the computer and ate my lunch and got some letters ready to mail. He woke up while Annie and I were doing school stuff. We played in the living room some and then pulled out the gingerbread house.
Rain in Brooklyn, a thirteen hour day for Peyton, and a short nap for Graves means a trip to Gingerbread Land before supper is in order!

Apparently, there were some mean witches who were trying to eat us outside the gingerbread house. Annie had every pillow, stuffed animal, and baby doll from her bed and Graves was outside the house with the saw from his workbench. He cut the mouth off the EIGHTH witchs to keep me and Annie from getting eaten.

 I heated up leftover pizza for supper for them and we did their nighttime routines and I put them to bed. I got on Facebook and worked on a blog post and started cooking some Italian chicken for me and Peyton. I did a few other things on the computer and started the orzo and asparagus and Peyton got home. We talked and then I finished my post and we went to bed.

The kids were up early again on Thursday. They had breakfast and we watched Sesame Street and then they played while I picked up around the place and got my bath. I actually got a good bit done- changed the cat the liter, folded up the bed, wrote a pretty good length email, and ate my breakfast. We did our Five in a Row reading and cleaned up the kids room and then had an early lunch. I put Graves down and he skipped his nap. He did stay in his room for a good while, though. I ate lunch, got on the computer, rested, and did some writing and math practice with Annie. When he got up, we got ready and headed to a park that's pretty close since it was so nice.

So nice when the weather allows this to be an option between nap time and supper. Although, at fifty two degrees, the ice cream truck that stopped by the park seemed a little weird.

They spent the majority of their park time swinging, which surprised me at first. Then Annie said "Momma, it's been so long since I've sat in a swing".

Rockin' it BFUMC MDO style. (The swings in the playground at First Methodist were really high and this was the only way we'd let the toddlers swing!)

We got home and Annie and Graves put on a "magic show" for me (Annie had made Graves a "magician's hat" during her rest time and they pretended to "disappear" stuffed animals. It was so funny! I fixed them supper and then we read a pretty lengthy library book. We brushed teeth and started another library book and then Facetimed with my dad and read their Bible story. I talked to my mom and then got on the computer until Peyton got home. We talked and ate dinner and went to bed.

Peyton let me sleep late on Friday and then I got up and got ready because I was meeting my friend Marianna for lunch. I wrote an email and a quick post before I left. Anyway, I had so much fun meeting Marianna. Her mom and my mom knew each other growing up and one day they ran into each other in TJ Maxx and discovered they both had daughters moving to NYC around the same time. She actually moved several months before us. Anyway, we finally got a chance to meet and it was SO much fun. Peyton took care of the kids and I took the train to Manhattan. We ate at this little place in Chelsea Market. It smelled very fishy and there were people walking around with entire lobsters on their plates. We both got the New England clam chowder and it was so wonderful. The conversation was even better, though. We had so much fun!

Time spent visiting with a precious new friend, lunch in Manhattan for ten dollars, and I dominated the train again. I'd call today a win. 

On the way home, a guy started talking to me a ton on the train. I'm so niave and just thought he was being friendly. He asked me what I did and I said I stayed at home with my kids. He was like "Oh, you're married?" and then asked me WHY I WAS HIDING MY RING (my hands were in my lap). I was so embarrassed. Just the whole situation. I kept talking to him because I *am* friendly. Too friendly probably. Whew.

I got home and did a few things on the computer and then picked up a little and we got ready and headed to the park again.
Easter surprises from Minnie.

We stayed about an hour and then came home and fixed the kids supper.
courtesy of Papa

By then it was bedtime and I took some wash to the laundry room. I changed the laundry and Peyton picked up food for us. I got the laundry and we watched SVU and talked and went to bed.
A man, a boy, and a cat...all in a toddler bed. All three of the guys in our house! 

Graves still had on his filthy park overalls, but like I was going to complain. And guess who was snoring the loudest?

We had a slow morning Saturday, but a busy afternoon. Peyton cooked breakfast and I got up a little later than the rest of the crew. We all got ready and had lunch and then left for the library. I was going to a writers' group for the first time. I actually ended up catching a bus, so I could make it on time, but Peyton and the kids walked. Anyway, the group went well. I wrote for an hour straight. Some people read, some people didn't. (I didn't this time.) After it was over, I met Peyton and the kids and we walked all the way to Brooklyn Bridge Park (a couple of miles).
Him with his eyes squeezed shut, her with her leg bending like that. They are the most fabulous pair. 

We stopped and ate dinner at a Mexican place on the way and when we got there the kids played on a little playground for a bit. It got pretty windy and cold, though, so we headed home. It was pretty late when we got back and we bathed the kids and put them to bed after Facetiming with Cookie and my parents, who were in Nashville for the weekend. Peyton and I talked and I got on the computer for a bit and then we went to bed.

We got up and got ready for church on Sunday morning. The church we've been going to actually is launching a new church plant in another neighborhood. They are about equally close, and to be honest, the one we've been attending is more convenient as far as the public transit, but we really felt drawn to this neighborhood, so we went on Sunday. We actually walked the whole way (Peyton's request, obs) and it takes about an hour. Anyway, church was wonderful and everyone was SO friendly. After that, we headed to the library. We just read for a bit and then there was a program called "Ready, Set, Kindergarten" that's just focused on early literacy skills as well as fun music/math/science activities. Both kids really enjoyed it. After that, we walked home- EXHAUSTED. The kids had a snack and I took a short nap. I got up and picked up around the apartment and started laundry. Peyton cooked dinner and the kids ate and we put them to bed and then ate ourselves. We planned the week ahead- activities, dinner, and I got most of the lesson plans done! We also did a devotional together and went to bed.


Mallory from Mississippi said...

You are the most dedicated mother ever!

Rachel said...

I love reading about your adventures in NYC!!! Btw, I'm thinking of trying a natural birth and would love to talk to you sometime about your experience! :)

Rachel said...

I love reading about your adventures in NYC! Btw, I'm thinking of trying a natural birth and would love to talk to you sometime about your experience!