Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Happenings

I think the header turned out cute this month. I wish the picture of Annie on the far left was closer up, but overall, I like the little pictures, I love the quote, and I'm glad I figured out last month how to make the headers appear without distorted colors. It's fun to be back in the swing with this little creative outlet, too! 

April looks super fun:

- This week alone is exciting. I took a basic photography class, am going this conference on Friday that look amazing, and then on Saturday we're meeting some friends on Long Island and going to the train museum there. 

- I'm also planning on going to another screening that's part of the Created Equal Series at Brooklyn Historical Society.

- We've started volunteering at this ministry in the South Bronx. I wrote a quick little heart pour here. I'm pretty sure that's going to become a weekly thing. 

- We end up at the library for something or other most every week and we're still loving the Brooklyn Children's Museum, so I know we'll have at least one or two trips there this month. 

- BUT, it's starting to get really nice, so hopefully we'll get in some outside adventures, too. 

- Speaking of, the kids' joint birthday bash looks at lot different this year, obviously. We're thinking of taking them on a picnic on the grounds of Annie's beloved castle in Central Park, baking a cake, picking up pizza (Graves's absolute favorite) and making a trip to the Natural History Museum so he can oogle some dinos. It's really bittersweet, celebrating their sweet lives away from so many that love them, but there's so much to rejoice in and be thankful for and I know our time here isn't forever. 

Here were last month's goals: 

1. Make a 2014 Goals List and discuss Peyton's with him. I made my list, we discussed his, and we also created a family goals list for our year in the city. 
2. Get back in the swing of things with homeschooling. I feel like we've already settled into a pretty good routine. I wrote some about it on the homeschool blog, but we've started the reading/handwriting curriculum, picked back up with Five in a Row books and her critical thinking book and we're just trying to read more in general. 
3. Get more consistent with cooking. I think I have been cooking more, but it's not as routine as I'd like and we need to be more intentional about meal planning. I said yesterday that we've been so fortunate with our grocery situation and we really have, but the hard part is there has to be a lot more planning than when I could just run to Kroger in Mississippi (e.g. there are things we can only get at Target, which is an hour walk or a fifteen minute two bus ride trip, neither of which I attempt without Peyton). 
4. Get back into the habit with blogging. Whew! I feel so much better when I'm in my routine. I've written a lot of what I wanted to write and I don't feel as much pressure of having a ton of posts I need to get out. It's also just cathartic to me to write regularly and I missed that. 
5. Figure out a church scenario that is doable when it's just me and the kids. I did it once by myself and I've got a working plan. The church we're attending here has different "parishes" throughout the city and we're are going to one of the Brooklyn branches when Peyton's off. We LOVE it, but there's actually one that's closer/easier for me to get to by myself (one bus instead of two). So at least for awhile, the kids and I are going to go there on his weekends to work. I was SO proud of myself when we did it for the first time. There was a Saint Patrick's Day parade and the buses got rerouted on the way home and it was sort of terrifying to be honest. But we DID IT! 
Goals for April:

1. Continue to read regularly. I want to finish two books that I'm currently reading and at least read through one, possibly more. 

2. Get back into a routine of regularly backing up pictures on the external hard drive and Flikr. I'm WAY behind. Now that I'm back in the game with blogging, I need to make this a regular part of my computer routine. 

3. Make the kids' birthday celebrations special and intentional. More importantly, make sure we are intentional in our Easter celebration (i.e. do more than just go to the egg hunt on Saturday and church on Sunday morning). 

4. Take pictures with my "real" camera at least once a week. I actually went to a photography class today and this is one of my master goals. I depend on my iPhone too much for this. I want to have better, more lasting pictures of my children than what my phone can capture. 

5. Sing a psalm regularly (I hesitate to say daily, but we'll try) with Peyton. We discovered this site and even though it's not something that I feel totally comfortable doing, I think it's a wonderful expression of faith. 

Here's to April, a month of new life. May be experience and enjoy all the beauty of Spring in the city. And may we be ever aware of the true new life that the Resurrection brings. 

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Ashley Wells said...

I definitely need to get my real camera out more! I think that might just be a goal of mine for next month!