Thursday, April 17, 2014

Five Minute Friday Post: Glue

Five Minute Friday

Back in seventh grade, we did a chapter on sexual reproduction in science. It was "Chapter 23" and it was infamous. We anticipated it all here. There was a box that you could put any and all questions in (no promises the teacher would answer, but it was anonymous and questions were encouraged). I went to a pretty conservative, though not religiously affiliated private school, and at the end of the week came the obvious abstinence message. An illustration was used and I remember it positively to this day, so it must have been worth something, unlike those awful spitting in glasses and stomping on roses metaphors.

Basically, our teacher took two giant red hearts, pasted them together, let it dry and then ripped them apart. The obvious implication was that that was exactly what happened when you engaged in extra material sex and then the relationship dissolved. Chunks of your heart were pulled away. It was a good, albeit, incomplete analogy, I thought.

The trouble is, though, I've seen this happen in so many other areas, as well.

Really any time you give of yourself in a vulnerable way, you're gluing yourself in way and if and when that comes undone it's worse than a ripped off Band-Aid. It's pieces of your very heart.

A friend shared this post by Sarah Bessey recently, knowing I could relate, because she did and we're very similar in some ways. Sarah says:

"[Y]ou don’t want to have a hard heart. You’d rather be hurt than impenetrable. This is the price of living without armour, of making art with your life and stories and faith: you are vulnerable."

My, what truth she speaks. Sometimes, I feel guilty about this. Am I basically a promiscuous teenager- why do I give my heart so easily to others? Other times I question my reaction completely and if it's sensical or healthy or normal. Is something wrong with me- shouldn't I be a little more numb to the voices that bring hurt and sting my soul? Still other times, I question my perception. Of course sleeping with your fourteen year old boyfriend when you're thirteen is going to have negative emotional consequences, but a friend's (most likely unintentional) jab- why does this bite so much?

I'm the kind of person where there's not much middle ground. If we're friends and we see each other often, it's likely I've bared my soul a few times. I've tried and I really just can't operate much other way. In the end, I have to trust that the glue I let myself attach to others with is a glue that the Spirit will use and redeem for His purposes. And I have to trust that He'll do the same with the little pieces of construction paper that have been ripped off on occasion. 


Ingrid said...

Hopping over from FMF. How refreshing to peek into your life as a young wife and mother. Remaining vulnerable in your relationships will serve you well. God bless you in this journey.

Jamie Gunn said...

What a strong analogy - and so true that we risk leaving pieces of ourselves when we engage in real and vulnerable relationships. And God is faithful to redeem all our broken pieces. Visiting from FMF

Bech and Marley Evans said...

I read this post, and I am suddenly a 7th grader, giggling over Miss O'Shea's Chapter 23 study guide with friends in the Prep hallway!

Summer Floyd said...

i agree about all the 'ifs' of opening up your heart...our heart does rip off when it is exposed and clings to is sometimes beautiful, but bloody...but worth it... i guess the principle of not casting your pearls to swine could apply...really asking God to let your vulnerability and candidness be directed to the right hearts... I don't think that God could say anything less of Himself...Him completely naked, pinned to a tree like a stake declaring His as far as that goes, He knows all about broken hearts and rejected love...enjoy your Easter weekend!

Mallory from Mississippi said...

Agh. Yes. Tears. I love what Summer Floyd has to say here. Beautiful imagery. Wow.

Also, my deep soul friend Minnow and I always say to each other- "This is a pearl." And we know then to respect it. No criticisms of pearls. And pearls are only for a very select few.

Marisa Slusarcyk said...

I really like this imagery that your teacher used. I don't think kids really understand when you explain that by giving your heart and purity to someone before it is the one whom God created for you that you really are changing things permanently. Thank you for sharing and for remembering!