Monday, April 28, 2014

Letter to (Five Year Old) Ann Peyton


Being five is already tough! Today you almost walked into a car pulling into a parking garage; and you daily have a brother who wants more of your attention and desires less of sharing his prized possessions. All in all however the past year has been more than a joy. I’ve been privileged to watch you grow into the quiet, silly, and thoughtful young girl that you are. You’ve grown by bounds in your reasoning skills and your independence is well deserved. 

We trust you to walk along these Brooklyn sidewalks quite a bit ahead of us and have confidence in your ability to stop when necessary. You’ve developed quite a love for your brother over the past year and the two of you play so very well together. I’m certain he grinds on your nerves at times, but he is certainly your prince at this point. You’ve also taken to our new city so well over the past few months. In fact your transition to this place went quite smoothly. You’ve loved exploring new playgrounds and you draw us maps to used while navigating the subway (though we’d be quite lost if we tried to make do with them). It’s a joy daily to see how you develop into a little girl. 

 You’re our adventurous little explorer who loves to ask why about nearly everything, but you actually listen to the answers we give you. I love that with you why isn’t a meaningless habit you regurgitate, but an actual pondering that comes to a proper conclusion when your line of thought is (temporarily) worked out. I hope that learning and playing continue to bring you such joy; and my earnest hope is that they go hand in hand. 

Papa (and Momma) 

P.S. Your top is a 3T and you're wearing my old ballet skirt that I wore in kindergarten. Your bed has a bunch of random quilts and blankets on it because we were washing your sheets. You set it up and of course chose this outfit yourself. I (Momma) wanted something more polished for this birthday picture, but this all so "you" right now and, after I thought on it a little, I figured it was best this way.

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