Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Weekly Happenings #263 (April 7-13)-- A Big Old (Baby) Birthday Boy

Sometimes, you gotta let the outtakes be the family picture. I want to remember this- all of it. 

Last week was nice and slow-- maybe a little too slow. Peyton worked extra on Thursday (he usually has a half day off on the weekends he works) and that seemed to make a big difference. But, it was a fun week. And Graves turned THREE. But, he still requests we call him "Baby Graves", even when we offer to do otherwise. I love that, of course. 

Monday was a nice (much needed!) relaxing day. The kids got up and played awhile and by the time they wanted breakfast it was nine! I fixed it for them and we watched their shows and then I got a bath, sent an email, and did a few other things. We played a bit and cleaned up their room and ended up having lunch super late. I did dishes while they ate and then put Graves down for a nap.

I got on the computer, did school with AP, and took my own nap. When Graves got up, they played and I swept and mopped and folded and put up clothes.
Annie told me Aurora (pretend princess) was "freaking out" because her picture of the beautiful snow got erased.

I fixed the kids supper and got them ready for bed. We read and I hung up clothes in their room. I read some blogs and Peyton got home. We ate dinner and watched TV and then I got on the computer and then we went to bed.

Peyton was off on Tuesday and we had a nice day. The kids were playing in their room again and Peyton was in the tub when I got up. I cleaned the tub and changed the cat liter and cleaned up their area and then took my bath. I swept and mopped the hallways and Peyton took the kids to buy some cat food after I got them ready. I uploaded pictures, made up the bed, cleaned out the cats' water bowls, and had breakfast. I finished getting ready and when Peyton and the children got home, we left for Target. We walked there and got a bunch of stuff and then walked home. We all had lunch and then went to a park near the apartment.
A little girl told me "she's SO adorable". I really don't know that I can make him look like more of a little boy than this??

Now this? Is a GIRL. 

We got home and I got ready because there was another screening at the Brooklyn Historical Society. It was really neat. My phone died on the way back and I was super nervous figuring out the bus route. But I made it! Peyton and I talked and I ate some boxed macaroni and cheese and then got on the computer for a bit.

Peyton left early on Wednesday, but the kids slept late. We ate breakfast and watched their shows and then folded up the couch. I put up the diapers and wipes we had gotten at Target and swept in the den.
"Bud is a little farmer. He goes to the farm and works and at night he comes home. Look! He brought me this good bacon!"

 I took my bath and started the kids picking up their room and then I did dishes really quickly and packed lunches and we headed to the park. They ate lunch and played some and I put Graves down right when we got home.

He took awhile to fall asleep. I ate my lunch, got on the computer, and read some. I did my Bible study and did school with Annie and then we woke Graves up. We started laundry and went outside in the courtyard to blow bubbles.

We changed over the laundry and I got supper ready for them. They ate and we got the dry laundry and they had baths. I put them to bed and read some blogs and wrote some. Peyton got home and we ate supper and then talked to our associate pastor back home on Facebook. We went to bed pretty late.

Peyton's usually off on Thursday mornings when he works the weekend, but his partner was on vacation, so he worked all day last week. Anyway, it was more of the same. The kids got up and played a bit with each other and then I fixed them breakfast. My mom called and I ended up texting with some friends, so I was actually not dozing during their shows :) They helped me fold up the couch and I put up some laundry and then took my bath and scooped cat liter and did a few other things. We had a little while before lunch, so I got down on the floor and played with Little People with them and then we cleaned up their room. I fixed them lunch and did a bunch of dishes and then put Graves down.

He took a good nap and I got on the computer. I uploaded some pictures and read blogs and then did my Bible study and read. Annie and I did school and I had to wake Graves up. I needed to do more laundry, so we started that and then they played while I folded the day before's laundry. We read our Five in a Row book and changed over the laundry and then the kids ate supper. I had planned to cook chili, but I forgot to thaw the meat! They had oatmeal and a ton of fruit and were super happy about it. We got the laundry and I put the clean sheets on their beds. I got them ready for bed and put them down. I got on the computer for a bit and put pictures on Flikr and worked on a post and then started the chili. Peyton was late getting home, we ate right when he got in. I finished my post and put pictures on Facebook and then cleaned up the kitchen and went to bed.

Peyton was off and we got up on Friday and got ready and headed to the South Bronx. They had an Easter party that day since the following week was Spring Break and we had fun helping with that. Again, I just felt such a strong confirmation that it's one of the places the Lord wants us while we're here. After that we stopped in Manhattan and this happened:
I did it. Annie went back with me! 

Who needs a double stroller? Perks of having tiny kids, I guess. They seriously rode a few blocks like this. Funny sidenote: they wouldn't have made it one of it were reversed. Annie does not like people up in her space. Graves's live language is physical touch, I swear. Doesn't matter of you're holding him or he's holding you, it's his favorite.

We came home and chilled out a bit. We had eaten at the party, but were all hungry so we had snacks/second lunches and rested and the kids watched their little programs for the day.
It was so nice to have a day with him! 

We skipped naptime since it was so late. Peyton was going to an event at the library and I told the kids we could go to the park for a bit before supper. Peyton walked with us and then we played for about half an hour. We got home and the kids ate some leftover chili while I did dishes and hung up clothes in their room. I got them to bed early, which was good because they were both having a really rough night. I finished sweeping and mopping, put fresh sheets on our bed, and hung up some more clothes. I got on the computer and read some posts and Peyton got home. We talked and had dinner and went to bed.

Saturday was Graves's birthday. Peyton had to work and the kids and I did our normal breakfast-cartoons-cuddle thing. I spent some time texting friends and then got my bath. We played some in the kids room and Facetimed my mom and then cleaned up.
Minnie has a great sense of humor :)

I fixed them lunch and put Graves down. He never did nap and Annie was sort of needy. I ate lunch and got on the computer and organized some in the study. I also uploaded a bunch of iPhone pictures to the external and Annie and I did a little bit of school stuff (she missed the memo that we don't have to do school during naptime on Saturday). Anyway, we let Graves get up and all got ready and then headed down to the courtyard. We played a bit and then I got the kids cupcakes.
Well, he's grown. 

Happy birthday to this guy who fights with his sister when she refuses to call him "Baby Graves". 

I just love these people so much. 

We came home and had dinner (they didn't each much) and cupcakes and I bathed them and got them to bed. I got on the computer for a bit and Peyton got home. I put up groceries and added some books on Goodreads and we talked and ate. I wrote out Annie's April memory work and my quote for the kitchen.

Peyton worked on Sunday and I got up and got my bath and got the kids ready while he was getting ready. We went to Trinity Grace Park Slope. It was a really good service, but I gotta be honest Sunday's are HARD when Peyton's not here. The bus ride there was fine, but Graves didn't want to go to his class. It was a family worship day, meaning the kids all come to worship and are dismissed before the sermon. I think it was a hard transition and I ended up keeping him with me. I thought he did GREAT, but my standards for him are-- well, I don't think they're low, but they're realistic for him. I think some people near us may not have agreed that he did great. Anyway, we hustled to catch the bus after church so we didn't have to wait another half hour for the next one. We got there and I got the stroller folded up, got out my changed and was ready. However, right as it pulled up Annie dropped her craft and palm branches. I told her to hurry and get them. Well, I grabbed her hand and was watching the bus and started pulling her. I drug her right into the pole. Y'all! Bless her heart. I know her, though, and having a mild concussion would be worth it to have her stuff.

Anyway, we got home and I picked up the kids' room really quickly and then fixed them lunch and started dishes. I talked to Peyton and put Graves down. He took a long nap and I ate lunch, got on the computer, and read to Annie and then I took a nap myself. I had to wake Graves ups and we Facetimed with Peyton's parents. I let them watch cartoons for a bit and worked on my April playlist and then got their supper ready. They ate and I got them ready for bed. We Facetimed with my dad and I put them down. I got on the computer and worked on resetting my phone and read some blog posts. Peyton got home and we chatted and then I finished up with my phone.

This week is different because Peyton's working today (Tuesday) which is one of his usual days off but then we'll get a big chunk all together at the end. I'm really excited- we're doing the kids' little birthday celebration and that will be fun! 

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