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Weekly Happenings #264 (April 14-20)-- Celebrating Birthdays with the Dinos and Celebrating the Risen Lord at Trinity Grace Crown Heights and Calvary-Saint George's

This was us by the end of Easter day. I really wanted to put on my make-up since it was the Easter picture. The evening was rough (we did some exploring around midtown after church- UGH) and it would have felt terribly inauthentic to have looked any other way than we do here. BEAT. 

What a wonderful Easter week we had! Peyton had switched days so he ended up being off Thursday through Sunday. It was just a great week! Also, as alluded to in the title, I think we've worked out our church situation. I'm going to blog more about it, but I'm really excited that the Lord has shown us two places we desire to be plugged into!

Peyton worked on Monday and the kids and I did our usual morning thing- breakfast and two shows. They helped me pick up and then I got my bath. I also ordered Graves some Summer pajamas. We cleaned up their room and then headed over to Mr. Coco's to find things that were orange because Annie is learning the phonogram "o" and I wanted to have a fun day with it. We came home and I fixed their lunch and got Graves down.

He took a great nap and I uploaded pictures, got on Facebook and Twitter, ate my lunch, and read some. And Annie and I did some school stuff. He got up and they played and then I read them our Five In a Row book. I showed them a little sensory box I had made for them to play with and cooked supper. They ate and I got them ready for bed and read a good bit to them. I got on the computer and read blogs for awhile and then Peyton got home. We ate dinner and watched TV and chatted and fell asleep.
Ann Peyton learned the phonogram "o" last week (and Graves is learning whatever he happens to absorb). We had open-faced sandwiches, omelets, and oatmeal. We wore orange and went on a scavenger hunt at Mr. Coco's for healthy orange foods. Annie laced and traced an octagon and I made them a mini sensory box with more oatmeal and orange things (that was mainly a little something for Bud). I gave Annie several topics to choose from and we got library books on octopi(?) and the ocean. It was actually really fun for all of us!

Tuesday was raining and Peyton was working. The kids got up and we had breakfast and watched Busy Town and Clifford. After that, they played and I did some things on the computer and texted our land lady. I folded up the bed and took my bath and then we straightened their room. They had lunch and I put Graves down for a nap. He didn't fall asleep, but he played well by himself for a good while. I got on the computer and ate lunch and then did school with Annie. Graves got up and I fixed them supper and folded laundry.
Found this little coffee drinking monkey. His sister dressed him and dressed herself as a trapeze artist. He said his name is "Cugo". The trapeze artist that was teaching him tricks sure was bossy!

"Cugo" went crazy and is attacking his trainer/the trapeze artist. She just called the zoo and said "You sent us the wrong monkey. This one is wild. You need to come get him." 

Cugo taking a nap, complete with super loud fake snoring.

I bathed them after supper and put them to bed. Usually when Graves skips his nap, he falls asleep FAST. For some reason, they both had a hard time. Anyway, Peyton got home and we ate and I got on the computer and then went to sleep.
 Crazy sleepers!

Peyton was working again on Wednesday. We did our normal morning breakfast/show routine and then I took my bath. We Facetimed with Minnie and I helped the kids pick up toys. They had lunch and I put Graves down. He didn't nap again and that day was rougher. I ate lunch and read some and put pictures on Flikr.
A little throwback- at Mickey and Minnie's FIVE years ago with our "Annie Baby".

 I didn't do school with Annie and we ended up doing it after he got up. Not as bad as I thought it would be, but not ideal. After that, we read our Five in a Row book and Annie and Graves made some construction paper eggs and hid them. I fixed them supper and got them ready for bed. We Facetimed with my parents again and I read to them and got them to bed. They made an obstacle course and Annie told me she wanted to show Peyton in the morning. But then Graves slipped and got hurt and she told me "just put these things (random little stuff they used to make the course) on my shelf in the bookcase for nap time. I don't think Bud's big enough for this game". Epic night parties, folks.

 I got on the computer and Peyton picked up take out on his way home. We watched SVU and went to bed.

Peyton was finally off on Thursday and we were celebrating the kids' birthdays.
A few happies and then off to see the dinos! 

We had a slow morning and then headed to the American Museum of Natural History. We stopped at a park on the way.

It was Spring Break and the museum was so crowded. I swear, going to a famous museum in NYC during Spring Break is an introvert's worse nightmare. That said, it could be worse. There was this adorable Jewish girl in the bathroom in a Peter Pan collar and below the knee skirt. She was trying so hard to find somewhere to nurse her baby. My heart just broke for her.

Birthday bash and science lesson all in one.

Seminole women were given a string of beads at an early age and additional strings would be added from time to time until she was wearing several pounds and they coiled almost up to her ears. She would feel "immodestly dressed" without them. Bud loved the dinos, but Annie and I were intrigued by the cultural history part of the museum.

You know how they say "measure twice, cut once"? Check the train twice, board once. Ask me how I know. Oh and for what it's worth, Annie told us we were on the wrong train. And she was right. She's smarter than both of us. 

We came back to Brooklyn and had dinner at a restaurant in the neighborhood. It was sort of frustrating- overpriced and the kids didn't eat much (which is unusual for them). We came home and pretty much put them right to bed. We planned the rest of the weekend and I got on the computer and wrote a post and read a couple of blogs.

Friday was a good day. We woke up and got a slow start. I got ready and got the kids ready and we moved the last of our stuff that needed to go into the storage units. Then we walked to the library, returned books, and got some more! We headed to Target and got groceries and game home and unloaded and regrouped. We fed and bathed the kids and headed to church. We stopped by the park and were doing great on time. Until I got messed up on directions. We ended up across town from where we needed to be. I felt so bad! We ended up going to Trader Joes's and picking up a few things. We came home and I got Graves to bed and Peyton and Annie ran to Mr. Coco's. We put her to bed and sang some hymns together and listened to a recording from Mockingbird. We went to bed pretty late.

Saturday was nice. We got up later than we had planned (of course) and got ready and rode a couple of buses to Crown Heights for an Easter egg hunt.
Raise your hand if you like Easter candy! Also, you wear corduroy and flannel to the egg hunts when it's forty eight degrees.

little love bugs!

We had a lot of fun visiting and meeting new people.
Fun at the Trinity Grace Crown Heights Easter Egg Hunt! Graves said later that the big bunny was there for his birthday! 

We stayed a good while and then walked home. Annie actually disobeyed and Peyton told her since she caused us to miss the bus, we'd have to walk a good bit. And we did. And it was hard. And she was tired. UGH, natural consequences. We actually did end up getting on a bus for the last little bit.
Don't ever tell me about what a cold, rude city this is. I'll tell you about the time a stranger offered to hold my son on a crowded bus. He looks a little unnerved, but he had been visiting up a storm with her. She said "I wish the men with money would flirt with me this way". Haha!

Anyway, we ate lunch at a Mexican place and then came back to the apartment. Peyton helped me with the kids and dishes and I started picking up the apartment. I did laundry and straightened and then we hung some last things in the kids' room. I finished up the laundry and picked up some more and we went to bed early.

I'm glad we did because Sunday was Easter and what a day! We got up and got ready and rode the bus back to Crown Heights for church. It was a wonderful service and we had so much fun visiting with new friends again.
Because of the weather, Graves wore the tool jon jon he's been wearing every third Sunday for months since he grew out of almost all his others instead of what I'd have like to put him in. And this is the best picture I got of them, with no one looking and after Annie turned her dress around half way home (buttons in the front, y'all). She also told me it didn't seem fancy enough to be a real Easter dress and (shamefully) in my mind, I kind of agreed. In my most honest self, I have let it bother me, especially when comparing myself to others. I've told myself lots of things to try to take away those feelings and the best I've found is this- JESUS IS ALIVE weather we're in lace and seersucker or not. The second best is this- we are making friends here who live like He is. We used to sing a song that said "the things of the world will grow strangely dim in the light of his glory and grace". For awhile, I prayed that He would help those things appear dimmer to me and I'm committing to pray that again.

We came home and I fixed lunch. I actually cooked a new (simple) recipe. We rested a bit and got ready and headed to Manhattan for our evening church service. Instead of coming straight home we went to a neat little park with lots of lights and then to check out the weather start at night. It ended up being more walking than we realized and we were all so tired. Then some of the trains were down. UGH. We finally made it home and we put the kids right to bed. Peyton and I did a few things and went to bed ourselves.

This is Peyton's longer work week, but we have some fun things planned for when he's off!

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