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Weekly Happenings Post #262 (March 31-April 6)-- Long Island Railroad Museum, Mockingbird, a Drastic Haircut, and Annie Banani Turns FIVE!!!

Peyton's parents sent Graves a birthday card that could be turned into a paper airplane (they sent Annie a different, cute card, too) and Annie decided she wanted to make her own plane! 

My goodness, if the title didn't give it away, last week was BUSY! And FUN. Super fun. 

The kids actually slept a bit late after Peyton left for work on Monday. They got up around eight thirty and we did our normal breakfast and TV routine. I ended up letting them watch three twenty five minute shows instead of the usual two, but on the last one I talked to AP more and Graves just laid in my arms. Which is sort of a step up for dozing, I think. I've also been wanting to watch more of their little shows with them, so that was good. They helped me fold up the sheets and push in the couch and then I picked up a bit and got my bath and looked at a couple of things on the computer.

We read our Five in a Row book and started cleaning up their room. Ellis called and I talked to him a bit and then we finished cleaning up and had lunch. I did dishes and then put Graves down. I got on the computer for a bit and then did school with Annie. I actually had time to read some before Graves woke up. When he got up, the kids colored and I fixed them supper. I bathed them and read to them and put them to bed. I read some articles online and Peyton got home and we watched How I Met Your Mother and ate dinner. I did dishes and deleted a bunch of pictures off the camera and went to bed. 

Peyton was off on Tuesday and we had a nice day. We got up and got ready and headed to the library. I took a photography class and Peyton and the kids were going to go to a singing program. It was packed, though, so they just read books. 
The class was very informative!

You can take the boy out of the 'Sip. Can't take the 'Sip outta the boy :)

We walked home and had lunch and then we organized and started taking boxes to the storage unit. It's in another building on the premises of the complex we live in and we worked for about an hour and a half (we obviously took the kids on all the trips since we both made all the trips). We actually got locked out on the last trip because it closed at five. UGH. We also still had one more big box that was going to be a huge hassle. But we were just happy to have access to it. We fixed the kids supper and let them play and I cleaned some and then we put them down early. I worked on my April blog design and Peyton and I chatted. I finished a post and Peyton went and got us some snacks and we went to bed earlier than usual. 

Tuesday was Annie's birthday and it turned out slightly interesting. The kids got up early before Peyton left. I had a headache, but I took some medicine and that helped. I fixed them breakfast after we played with stuffed dinosaurs in our bed for awhile. Then we watched their little shows. I let them pick one extra since it was Annie's birthday. After that they jumped on some bubble wrap for awhile. I started folding up the couch and picking up around the apartment and I realized Peyton had taken the keys. I was planning to mail a package that afternoon and more importantly, I wanted to stop at a bakery and get Annie (and Graves, of course) a little treat. Anyway, I was sort of frustrated, but I got ready to put the kids in their room and take my bath. Well, the gate wasn't secured (this has happened one other time recently) and Graves was sort of fussing and objecting to being put in there and the gate fell over and we crashed down with it (I was holding him). I just held him until he felt better- that really doesn't take long with him. After that, though, Annie discovered a kitty had pooped on her quilt. I was, of course, super frustrated, but she was DISTRAUGHT. I finally got her calmed down enough to get a bath and I realized we didn't have enough money on our laundry card. 

At least it was going to end up being a productive day, I decided. I got on the computer for a few minutes and then hopped in the tub. I dried my hair and got things together and then we ran down to the basement to start laundry. We filled up the laundry card at the guard station and then walked over to the other building so I could leave a note saying not to throw away our stuff (we had left a few things outside the unit the day before- it was basically just boxes Peyton wanted to save). The whole thing was locked, though, so I couldn't. We came back and played a bit until it was time to change over the clothes. I fixed the kids lunch and did dishes while they dried. After we got them, I made up Annie's bed. I went ahead and cleaned up the kids' room really quickly myself and then put Graves down for a nap.

He never fell asleep, but he did pretty well. I ate lunch and rested a bit and got on the computer and then did school stuff with Annie. When he got up, they played and we read our Five in a Row book. I also hung up a ton of Peyton's clothes and cooked some asparagus and orzo and made quesadillas (random, right?) for supper for the kids. They ate and we Facetimed with my mom and dad. We opened a birthday present from Peyton's parents (it included several Berenstein Bears book she told me "Oh, I've been wishing for these!") and then I got them ready for bed and put them down. 
I also let them help me make cake in a cup in cereal bowls after supper (I think she liked making it more than eating it- girlfriend loves to cook).

I got on the computer and called my mom back. Peyton got home and we talked and I wrote a blog post and read some blogs and went to bed. 

Thursday was a really pleasant day. The kids got up when Peyton left and we had breakfast and watched their shows and then I got my bath. I talked to Peyton on the phone and made another phone call and got on the computer for a minute and then I got the kids ready and we went back to the storage unit. It was locked again (apparently you need a key to the whole room), but a maintenance guy unlocked it and our stuff was still there. We moved it in  and then came back up and got the stroller and a package and went to the post office that's about a quarter mile away. We picked up muffins on the way home and the kids ate lunch when we got home. I did dishes and put Graves down and swept. 

He took a great nap and I ate lunch and laid down for a few minutes, read some blogs and did my Weekly Happenings post, and emailed someone about Junior League stuff. AND I organized some pictures and spent some time doing school with Annie. Graves got up and we did our Five in a Row book and read some more Berenstein Bears and I put up dishes and washed the ones from lunch. I folded clothes and texted my mom and then started cooking the kids eggs and oatmeal for supper. They enjoyed it and I had some, too. I cleaned the kitchen up and bathed them and got them to bed pretty early. I had another bad headache and it kept getting worse and worse. I swept and picked up around the apartment took some medicine and then laid down for a bit. I ended up taking a two hour nap at eight o'clock. UGH. I got up and did a few things on the computer before Peyton got home and then I took some more medicine and we talked and I ate a snack. I finally made myself get up and get ready for my big day Friday. 

Friday was SO amazing. I got up and got ready and headed to a the Mockingbird Conference. Y'all it was so incredible.

 I took a huge amount of notes and I'm going to try to type them up into something coherent and formulate a blog post soon.
Afternoon break outs. I went with the Childish Gambino and learned about Online Honesty and Instagram Authenticity 

Anyway, I took three trains, had lunch at a restaurant by myself (the food wasn't great, but I enjoyed the alone time), made a handful of new friends I had SUCH a delightful time visiting with, and got home around nine thirty. It was a long day, but a great one. Peyton and I talked and I wrote a post and emailed Darlene and then went to bed.

Saturday was another great, but tiring day. We had a fun adventure planned. We got up (late!) at around seven fifteen. We needed to leave by eight and if we didn't it was going to put a kink in our travel plans. We HUSTLED and got to the subway and got on the G train. We caught the E train a few stops later and were glancing at our watches the whole time. We made it to Penn Station and ran to get tickets and get on the train to Long Island. We made it! It was an enjoyable ride and we met our friends, Barb and Kim (who were the closest friends of Peyton's amazing late aunt), at the station around eleven thirty.
Kinda neat to see a "normal" house on our way through Queens. We also saw some adorable (and I assume much more affordable) little shotguns. I told Peyton, though I'm so glad we didn't end up in Queens where you have to have a car, ect. Brooklyn is the PERFECT (for now) midpoint between suburbia and a place like Manhattan. 

We grabbed lunch at Panera and then headed to the Railroad Museum. We had a BLAST.
It was so awesome to have a couple of extra sets of hands. What a nice break for me and Peyton! 

Inside of a coach from the 1950s that was operational until fairly recently.

A windy ride on this little guy who made his debut at the World's Fair some half century ago.

This guy was obsessed. 

Inside a "Bay Window Caboose" from the early sixties. 

Toot Toot!

After that, we stopped by Barb's mom's house for a bit and then went to her house and had pizza for supper. We got back on the train exhausted. 

 They were a bit wild. Riding on a Long Island Railroad train back from Long Island. We had like two more hours before we were back in BK. It wouldn't be as bad, but we had to get off the train at Penn Station and get on the subway and then change subway trains and then walk several blocks. With car seats. And no stroller. BUT, we had an awesome day. Also: this is some (alot) of people's COMMUTE. Can you imagine?

They would not calm down on the train ride home, so since we had the seats anyway we decided to restrain them. They loved it! What a day!

On the way home, I tripped and fell. With Graves (who was asleep) in my arms. It was scary and left me shaky. We finally got home around ten and put the kids right to bed. Peyton and I talked and I did a few things and went to bed.

We (of course) woke up late on Sunday. I had told Peyton I really wanted to try Calvary-Saint George's (the church where Mockingbird was held) that morning and somehow we made it, just a little late. We got the kids bathed and fed in about an hour and ourselves ready. We were late getting on the train, but we made it. I overheard this guy tell his boyfriend "Who needs a hug machine when you have the six train at rush hour...or the L train when everyone is going to brunch?" It was so crowded.

Anyway, we finally made it and the message was AMAZING. I'm going to have to do a follow up post about churchs we've visited, but I want to be very careful how I frame it because at every single place I have (or Peyton has) been we've heard the gospel proclaimed- which frankly, I wasn't sure we would at some churches here. Of course, we've tried to be discerning in even where we visit, but it's still been a really happy condition. I was pretty upset last night as we tried to figure out where we'll actually commit to but this morning as I reflect on it, I realize that it's a pretty good problem to have.

Anyway, after that we bought some snacks/lunch at Duane Reade and ate on the steps of a park while we listened to some people protest about the "Dream Act". We swung by the store again for a bathroom visit and then headed to the East Village to get Graves's haircut. It was a pretty long walk (not like some here, but longer than I was expecting) and I had on church boots and we didn't have a stroller for AP. But we made it! And Graves did great.
I took him to the Russian barber. It was one of the most terrifying things I've done here yet. Not even kidding. I'm picky about, and emotionally invested in, boy baby boy hair.

The guy wasn't the sweet girl form the salon at home and it's definitely not Graves's signature Buster Brown, but our Russian barber was so kind and we we did end up with a classic lite boy cut, as opposed to some of the crazy do's I saw them working on. So I call it a win. His hair was so absurd. It was insane how much the guy cut. Graves goes "You cutting off ALL my hair?" And the barber says "No Sweetie, you got plenty".

After that, we tried to go get my nose pierced, but I didn't have my ID. We got another snack and headed back to Brooklyn. When we got home, the kids played and I started cooking Italian chicken. I played on my phone and started laundry and we ate. Peyton got the kids to bed and we talked and then I cleaned up the apartment some and wrote a post. I was actually really upset because we had sort of different opinions on which church should become our regular place of worship. I went to bed feeling frustrated and unsettled.

This week has been long for some reason. I've think we've come up with a plan for church (I'll write more about it later), so that's nice. This is Peyton's "long" week, though, and I think that's been harder coming off such a busy weekend.

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