Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Weekly Smorgasbord

Some links from the past little bit:

On Gender and Marriage:
Posted: 11 Apr 2014 06:01 PM PDT
"For example, in the book Fascinating Womanhood , a man is about to make a disastrous financial decision, where he could lose everything. The author encourages the wife to say, "It sounds like a good idea, and I can see why you're excited about it, but for some reason, deep inside, I just don't feel right about it." It's not that she doesn't see specific reasons for the financial danger—it's that saying those reasons outright could hurt what the author calls his "Sensitive Masculine Pride."" 

Few people probably know this, but there was a point in my life (high school) (before we were even dating) when I told Peyton I thought it was wrong for a woman to ever voice a disagreement with her husband. To be fair, at that same point in time, P was saying things like "My wife *will* work". So glad we are far away from those places. And I only hope we are less arrogant about our closely held beliefs at this point. We both needed to be taken down a peg. [For what it's worth, I think the title of this post is a bit misleading. It really doesn't have anything to do with Quiverfull ideology.]

On Parenting:
Posted: 15 Apr 2014 08:32 PM PDT
I always think this stuff is kind of stupid. Maybe it's because I know VERY few moms who literally never sit down during their "work day" (which by the way, is hardly ever TWENTY FOUR HOURS, I mean maybe if your kid is super sick or you have like nine of them?). You know who doesn't sit hardly at all (or very little), though? The other person in this family who makes it possible for me to do this work, this holy work that I feel like is so incredibly important. Give him a back pat instead of cussing him out next time your medicine isn't ready the exact minute you thought it would be. Another reason I hate this kind of thing- that person I just mentioned? He comes home and does ALL of this when he's here. Like a good father does. And they rarely get this sort of over the top shout out. I'm very proud of the work I do. The most important job in the world? Probably. The most emotionally taxing job in the world? Quite possibly. But the toughest job in the world (esp. from a physical standpoint)? NOPE.

Posted: 16 Apr 2014 05:50 PM PDT
Maybe this is me being super arrogant, but I don't know how you miss this. It's fine for movies and little kid shows in moderation, I think, but some of this older kid stuff is awful. And I picked up on this from like watching five minutes of it at the pediatrician's office. OF COURSE, it's not just Disney either, it's Nick and ABC Family and everything else. My question is....what classics are you going to order on DVD to share with your eight to twelve year olds-- Full House, Saved by the Bell, Doug? [We already own a couple of seasons of Pete and Pete purely for Peyton's enjoyment.]

On Living a Beautiful Story:
Posted: 16 Apr 2014 06:08 PM PDT
"And might be stealing the beauty of each of our stories. It might be preventing us from getting to our best ideas, from acting on our most passionate convictions, from having the courage to take a stand or to simply let life unfold in it's thrilling and messy way, right in front of us. If we're busy correcting ourselves or redirecting ourselves or trying to make our lives seem palatable or understandable or organized…  We might be missing what makes our lives truly amazing—the fact that they aren't any of these things.  They are wild and untamed and incredible."

On April Fool's Day and Other Funny Stuff:
Posted: 09 Apr 2014 12:17 PM PDT
Hilarious responses to an NPR April Foo's joke. The last one is especially great.

Posted: 10 Apr 2014 05:56 PM PDT
This is pretty funny.



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