Wednesday, April 30, 2014

What I'm Into: April

On the Nightstand:
I finished two books this month. That's pretty good for me right now. Oh and I started a Goodreads account! I'm keeping up with most of the kids' reading there, too.

Reflections for Ragamuffins: Daily Devotions by Brennan Manning 

Always the perfect words. 

Immersion Bible Study: Psalms- J. Clinton McCann
I'm almost done with the chapter about "Marching to Zion" which correlated well with Easter. I have one more called "Establishing Justice" which I can't wait for. I need to be deciding on a new Bible study to do next. Suggestions? 

Finished- it was so good. The little nuggets are so insightful and I enjoyed it. I'll probably read another similar one by him at some point. 

I thought this one was great. The chapter on fathers was really interesting. For example, it stated how research shows that fathers playfully "rough housing" is really good for children's development emotionally. It gives them a certain security and helps them bond with dads and they come to trust their fathers through it, which opens the door for great father-son/daughter conversations and helps build healthy relationships.

Real Sex- Lauren Winner
I finally started this one back and I think it will be great. I'm already really enjoying it and I just finished chapter one. It seems like it will offer a sort of unique perspective, but also be very faithful to what I think Scripture says about sexual ethics. 

Mockingbird Magazine
I got this at the conference I attended and I'm enjoying it so much. It's about pop culture and faith and ordinary life analyzed. 

On Their Nightstand: 

This book is so poignant and beautiful. It's about a man caught between his love for two countries. It resonated so much. That last line on this pagemakes me tear up every time. I know in my heart this will be true for me- that the moment I'm in one city I'll be homesick for the other. I also know we'll return here now and then, when I can no longer still the longings in my heart. (If you know our story, you know that these feelings are the second biggest surprise of my life.)

Big words and big concepts. We loved it and had some great discussion! 

On the Shelf:
Finding My Way Home: Pathways to Life and the Spirit- Henri Nouwen 
Still need to start this one recommended by Peyton. 

At the Theater (or from the couch):
I attended another free screening at the Brooklyn Historical Society. It was the fourth of a four part series (I got to attend two) and it was called Slavery By Another Name. It showed how forced labor continued in the South long after the civil war, largely based on a system of "convict leasing". After that, there was a discussion on the problems within the current criminal justice system. The whole film actually wasn't shown at the screening, so I need to watch the complete version. 

On the Small Screen:
Same thing as last month.

The West Wing- I've been watching some, but it's going slowly. I like it that way, but I hope Netflix doesn't decide to remove it!

Law and Order: Special Victims Unit- As always, intrigued.

How I Met Your Mother- We've watched some more and it's a nice refresher from more serious things. 

In My Ears:
I put together an April playlist and it's amazing, if I do say so myself. 

Around the House:
I decorated for Easter (really, really small!) and we finally got all the boxes moved to the storage unit, so I've been able to really finally pull the apartment together.

I'm going to put up pictures of the whole thing soon!

In the Kitchen:
I made two new recipes this month! I made this pasta with roasted vegetables and then these cilantro avocado enchiladas. Neither was like a new favorite or anything, but they were both pretty good.

I'm also OBSESSED with this chicken salad from Trader Joe's. SO good!

In My Closet
Y'all, I busted out my Spring tennis shoes! [I'm so ready to bust out my whole Summer wardrobe.]

And I enjoyed wearing this coat last week. I hardly wore in Mississippi because it didn't look Winter-y enough. If the week before the calendar flips to May isn't the perfect time for a lightweight powder blue coat, I don't know what is.

In Their Closets:

You wear corduroy and flannel to the egg hunts when it's forty eight degrees. 

But we've had a few warm days. Look little shortalls! I love seeing their sweet legs! 

And Annie's gotten so much wear out of her beloved Jelly the Pug dress. Also, these rubber soled denim Mary Janes from Target? I think they're our most well-worn shoes to date. I guess some of that could have to do with the increased amount of walking she's doing! [Sidenote: Who needs a double stroller? Perks of having tiny kids, I guess. They seriously rode a few blocks like this. Funny sidenote: they wouldn't have made it one of it were reversed. Annie does not like people up in her space. Graves's live language is physical touch, I swear. Doesn't matter of you're holding him or he's holding you, it's his favorite.]

A runner up for most worn item this Winter would be these gingham pants. They're SO soft and have an elastic waistband, but I think they look much nicer than jeans without being quite as formal as a jon jon. Perfect with a smocked dino panel (and about a million other things!). 

In My Mailbox:

Fun mail. I'm missing the announcement party and I'm so sad about it, but you better bet we'll be at Conrad point in our Matron of Honor/flower girl/ring bearer duds! 

In My Cart:

You know, it was time for some new jewelry and I thought the middle of my face would be the perfect place. 

This is one of the very few pairs of Sun Sans I've bought new in my five years doing this gig (thank you classy consignment sales of Jackson, Mississippi!) and I think the *very* first pair I've bought for Graves (AP gets a white, and usually a red, pair each year and I always avoid the Sweetheart style intentionally so we can pass them down). No doubt about it, Bud would be in babyish whites again this year, but a strap broke towards the end of last Summer. So here are our neutrals. A part of me is so absurdly excited over his very first tan pair! 

These replaced the well-worn denim mary janes! 

And look at those big boy shoes!

On My Heart:
This week has been hard as far as missing home and missing my people at home. I love this city more than I ever thought I would, but there's been a tug this week especially and I've just been thinking a lot about Mississippi. Then we had a huge scare with Annie and tonight we heard gun shots in Brooklyn for the first time. The good news is that all four of us were safe inside. The bad news is that it was pretty close to the co-op. I just feel really emotionally drained.

In My Prayers:
- The program in the South Bronx that we've been helping out with weekly is on the school calendar, so I'm sort of wondering what would be a good place to serve during the Summer.
- We're still working out where we'll go to church and it's something I actually need to spend more time in prayer about.
- I felt a little more settled today- for some reason I've just been so stressed- and I'm praying that the soul peace will continue, irregardless of circumstances.

On the Calendar: 
Y'all, Carrie and Ashley are coming up in a few weeks. I'm so, so thrilled about seeing some of my dearest friends and enjoying the city with them! And then, the last weekend in April, Ellis and Minda are coming. Best friend overload- I could not be more excited. I'm over the moon!

What a great month and I'm looking forward to another one!

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Ginger - Just One of the Boys said...

Your powder blue coat is to die for! Smashing! Love your new jewelry - and I'm going to check out all of your links! Wishing you a fabulous month of May! said...

Moving is sooo hard! It definitely takes time. I hope that your new home will start to feel more homey soon.

Anonymous said...

Love your playlist! That Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros song is a favorite in my house - my three year old calls it 'the bird song' because of all the whistling!

Cute jacket!!

Leelee said...

The blue coat is gorgeous, as is your whole family.

Leigh Kramer said...

Your Easter decorations are so cute and I love that blue coat!