Saturday, April 12, 2014

When Your Baby Turns Three

Whereas, Annie obviously made me a momma, I'm the kind of momma I am in large part because of this guy. He keeps me on my toes. This day three years ago was so amazing. His birth was such a transformative moment in my life. I've thought about it so much lately- because in many ways our NYC journey mirrors my pregnancy with him, his birth, his little life. Just like this place I've learned scared to love, he stretches me and challenges me at every turn. But just like this place, he's full of a million treasures and I'll never be able to find them all. His heart so tender, his enthusiasm so great, his sensitivity so astute, his cheerfulness so contagious, his smile so captivating, his love so strong, his spunk so delightful- these are just a few of the gems we've mined in only three years. I can't wait to learn more about you, Graves, and for all the things I know you'll continue to teach me about myself, about love, and about the Lord Himself.

I'm so honored that my friend Mallory asked me to be part of this storyteller series on her blog. Since today is our precious Graves's third birthday, I thought it would be fitting to tell the story of his birth, an event that was truly transformative in my life.

"That ten-ish hour experience was a big one, one that will forever effect the way I view myself, the things I'm capable of, and the strength I truly did not know I had. It, to this day, gives me courage to do big things and make bold changes in my life. But at the same time, his little life has done that exact same thing for the whole duration of it thus far. He challenges me because, unlike his sister, he's very different from me. I've watched the Lord increase my patience through him and He's used Graves's life to sanctify me in a way nothing else has. Some days I battle the same fears I did that glorious day. Fears that an experience, a day, a year, or his childhood, will never end or that it won't end the way I want it to. Fears that I'll cave and give up on something- like homeschooling- that I deeply desire because it's just too hard. Fears that I'm not strong enough and simply inadequate for the task at hand. God uses him- his birth, his life- to remind me that the good (the very good) is often times bought at a price. Sometimes, it feels like it comes at the price of my sanity. But like his birth, it really just comes at the price of a bit of pain and pressure. So much beauty- patience and flexibility and trust and creativity- has been birthed out of my mothering of him and the struggle, like a birth, that it has entailed. I've learned so much from him. Thank you, Graves, for being such an excellent teacher. From day one."

Enjoy this piece over there, with both his and Annie's regular monthly letters to follow. Per our tradition, Peyton writes the yearly ones. Being as I've fallen into the habit of posting them both very late in the month, he's decided to follow suit. I offer this information mainly for my own peace of mind.

In other news, he's pretty much grown. 

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Courtney said...

Happy Birthday to Graves. I can't believe he is 3. It just seems like yesterday you were preparing for this little guy to come into your life.