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Home Living Herrington Style: Brooklyn Apartment Tour, Part 2

Yesterday I shared the main living areas and storage in our apartment and today I wanted to share the bedrooms.

I explained in the first post, but we really wanted an extra bedroom for a variety of reasons and for the sole reason that rent here is basically insane, we decided one full bedroom and one half bedroom could totally meet our needs.

Every since we got serious about apartment hunting, it made total sense to me to put the children in the big bedroom. It's actually been perfect because unlike in our old house where the play kitchen, dollhouse and other random toys were all spread out, all their stuff is IN ONE AREA. So nice. Plus, it's like a giant playroom with beds and they (mostly) love it. The non-traditional arrangement has totally worked for us.

The spare bedroom is up first, though. It has sliding doors on two of the walls and windows on two of the others. One set of sliding doors goes to the kitchen and one goes to the living room. We mainly use the ones through the kitchen. As I said previously, it was designed to be a small dining/breakfast area off the kitchen, but it works great as an extra (tiny) bedroom for us.

If you're looking into the room from the kitchen the bed is on the far (hahaha!) wall.

I used the bedding from Annie's bed at home (the actual bed is just a headboard and frame and is one my parents had in storage). I really did not think this room was going to turn out looking great mainly because I wasn't sure I could fit what I NEEDED to fit in it and have it still look normal in any sense. In fact, for half a minute I had a big plastic tupperware drawer thing pushed up to the side of the kitchen doors. It looked AWFUL and when I realized the rest of the room had potential, I figured out a way to get rid of it.

I love how this room came together to be my one area that's sort of old-fashioned, shabby chic (or maybe just shabby depending on your tastes, ha!), vintage and calming while the rest of the house has a more funky feel. Anyway, I incorporated some frames from the area near our sink in our master bedroom at home, the samplers from our guest bathroom at home, and the birth announcements and Anthro dish from our room. I was surprised how well stuff from three different rooms worked together here! I made up a whole little section of samplers just about "home". I adore this room and the bed by the window is a favorite of mine. I love to crawl in it and read in the afternoons during nap/rest time. 

On one of the walls next to the bed is the dressing table from the kids' room at home which I'm using for a desk now. I was seriously ADAMANT about bringing my desktop computer. I mean, it effected the whole move. At one point, we were going to pack minimally and fly/ship our things and then buy furniture. I think the only reason we initially even thought of using a moving company was because of the PC. Haha. I just do not love Peyton's Mac (or any Mac) and blogging and Internet stuff (for good or for ill) is sort of a big deal to me. 
I hung another sampler above the computer and the big lamp from Peyton's desk at home is the only light source in the room. I keep a file of "stuff" on the desk and the card was for Valentine's Day from my parents. 

Oh and under the desk serves as storage space, as well-- the sewing machine, the computer tower, and my laminator all live in that tiny space. The cushion the chair doesn't really match, but this is one of our kitchen chairs and they are horribly uncomfortable without anything on them and so it's working for now. 

On the other wall beside the bed is a dresser with all my pajamas and t-shirts and gym shorts in it. 
The hatbox is something I bought in high school and still love despite how cheesy it is, my mom gave me the funky lipstick holding lady, and I added some frames, perfume and Annie's jewlery box, which was a special present to her when she was in a friend's wedding, and is something she opens and plays with daily during rest time. Under the picture of my sister and I to the right of the dresser is the smaller storage drawer thing I downsized my crafts into so I could chunk the big one. I threw a chenille bedspread from home over it to make it stick out less. Oh and under the dresser is a little rug for the cats to pop their claws in. 

I was so, so excited when I found this tiny bonus "closet" in this room. 
On the very bottom is a large green tote full of most of the Christmas/seasonal stuff we brought. On top of it I keep my purses and our printer. The next shelf is my nice jewelry, some hair things, and a box of scarves, leggings, and hats. The third shelf is books I'm currently reading and CDs, extra paper, and a small box we consolidated a FILE CABINET into. I have some more of my crafting and sewing stuff and some hats on top and we got the thing on the side from Ikea for sorting mail. 

This is the view from the other doors in the living room. You can see the bed takes up almost the whole wall. It's a tiny space- 8 x 10. I'm really please with how much we've made of it! 

There is a really small little area at the end of the bed and when the door is closed Annie likes to use it as her "secret hiding place" where she "keeps things safe from Graves"...
Such as, you know, Solo cups with Potato Heads in them. 

Before we get to the children's room, here is the bathroom. It's really not much, but I'm including everything so here it is. We used this shower curtain at home- my mom had a friend make it using an extra sheet that matches the bedding in the spare room.

And here's the children's room. Right when you walk in there's a wall with two posters on it. This one is so blurry, again no overhead lights!

This is the view from the door...
At home they had a very sweet, babyish, pastel room. I knew we were getting too big for that and I tried to decide between a more traditional or whimsical look. As you can see, whimsical won out. I still think it's pretty classic with the ABC theme and animals and such. I like that it's bright and cheery. I also once again decided, as you can see, not to do the whole room neutral. It has neutral elements, but AP's side clearly looks "girly" and Graves's side looks very little boy to me. 

 We got their matching beds at Ikea and I adore them. They're toddler beds, but they're wide and also they're extendable almost to the length of a full twin. Their ABC quilts came from Pottery Barn and I think they are a great blend of whimsical and classic. Minnie did the ABC embroidery above the bed and she's making something similar (but much more masculine) for Graves. And my talented friend Kellie painted the big canvases with their names. The little owl and monkey bins came from Target. 

I ordered the ABC canvas off eBay, the elephant canvas is from Hobby Lobby, the picture of the Earth is from Ikea, and the two other prints are from a Mary Engelbreit calendar. I love using calendars this way and I thought the pictures were adorable. Minnie found the calendar awhile back. The dollhouse and play kitchen used to be in our den and kitchen respectively at home. As I said, I love having all the bigger stuff in one place. Their room here is actually bigger (it's pretty huge, being the master and all) than theirs at home and it's so nice that it accommodates ALL their stuff. 

A couple of weeks ago, I made some minor changes to Annie's side. We had this little hanger we hadn't hung yet and I had my mom mail these magnetic strips (both were in our laundry room at home and in my dorm room before that). 

And it became the perfect area to display Annie's art and dress up attire! 

There is a window above their beds and this little piece that holds a bunch of their toys and books fit PERFECTLY in between them!
I bought the piece of furniture at Target and ordered the cubes online. 

I worried that Graves's bed would look too feminine with the curly decorative details, once I got his dino sheets and quilt on, I think it looked very boyish. I found the ABC pillows on eBay from an older bedding collection and my mom found the chenille car pillow. Mickey and Minnie gave him the work bench for Christmas this year :) And again, my friend Kellie did the canvas. 

I went ahead and hung the little calendar we use in their room because there wasn't another great place for it (it was in the kitchen in Mississippi). Next to it is their dresser, which we weren't planning to buy, but ended up needing. And we found a deal on it at Ikea. I got the HUGE canvas above it off eBay. I had seen ABC ones on The Land of Nod, but they were overpriced, small, and ultimately sold out. I think this one is so cute and it was a steal. I wasn't really planning on incorporating a farm motif, but it was too cute to pass up. The "I can go anywhere" sign and the little shelf/hanger with cars came from Hobby Lobby. The acrobats are another print from that same calendar and I ordered the Maurice Sendak poster online. The Sendak poster is honestly one of my favorite things in our house. Where the Wild Things mosters meet NYC meet a love of literature. OMG, yes. My parents recovered the rocking chair in some navy ticking at the last minute before we moved (you can see it starting to come undone at the top already) and the box in the corner is stuffed animals and blankets (so impressed we limited it to that ONE box). We also brought Rocky Frog along because they still love him and again, plenty of space. The whole wall behind the chair is the closet. 

This has been so much fun to share. I couldn't have ever imagined how much I'd love this city and also, I couldn't have imagined how much I'd love our tiny home and how quickly it would feel like just that to me. I put together a little video slideshow (it's thirty seconds) of some Instagrams I shared as it came together. 

Home Is Wherever I'm with You from Sarah Herrington on Vimeo.

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