Monday, May 26, 2014

Tunes for the Month: May

May's playlist is a good mix, I think. We got some new Indelible Grace cds after hearing their songs at church one evening. I LOVE them and put a handful from the CDs on the list. I also combed through Peyton's library and browsed his top ranked. 

1. In a Big Country- Big Country 
I'm not expecting to grow flowers in the desert
But I can live and breathe and see the sun in wintertime
In a big country dreams stay with you
Like a lover's voice fires the mountainside
Stay alive.

I heard this song in Ikea awhile back and I knew I had to add it to my next playlist. It used to be one of my favorite songs, but I haven't listened in awhile. "I'm not expecting to grow flowers in the desert" = I'm not the dumbass kind of optimist, but I'd like to be some kinda one. And dreams stay with you....yeah, if you let them. Good stuff. 

2. O Love that Will Not Let Me Go- Indelible Grace 
O Joy that seekest me through pain,
I cannot close my heart to thee;
I trace the rainbow through the rain,
And feel the promise is not vain,
That morn shall tearless be.

This is one of those new ones I was talking about. I think these next three will always and forever remind me of Calvary-Saint George's, which is a place where I've found so much truth and love and light. [I promise, PROMISE, there is a post about our church experience coming. But it's something I want to write honest, but also write sensitive, and it's a very important post. So it's gonna take some time.] Anyway, back to the song. I love the imagery of tracing the rainbow through the rain. So beautiful and one of those songs I know I'll cling to during painful moments. 

3. Jesus I Come (Out of My Bondage)- Indelible Grace 
Out of my shameful failure and loss,
Jesus, I come; Jesus, I come.
Into the glorious gain of Thy cross,
Jesus, I come to Thee.
Out of earth’s sorrows into Thy balm,
Out of life’s storms and into Thy calm,
Out of distress into jubilant psalm,
Jesus, I come to Thee.
Out of the fear and dread of the tomb,
Jesus, I come; Jesus, I come.
Into the joy and light of Thy home,
Jesus, I come to Thee.
Out of the depths of ruin untold,
Into the peace of Thy sheltering fold,
Ever Thy glorious face to behold,
Jesus, I come to Thee.

Another gorgeous tune we discovered at Calvary-Saint G's. So much of this song actually captures the feelings I have there. "Out of earth's sorrows into thy balm"..."Out of life's storms and into Thy calm"..."Out of distress into jubilant psalm"..."out of fear and dread of the tomb...into the joy and the light of Thy home". I feel like I have a better hold on my anxiety (be that a paralyzing fear of death or an intense frustration with the chaotic storms of life), but the worship at Calvary Church and more than that, the sermons, speak so deeply to these struggles within me and seem to free me in a way I've never experienced before. 

4. Abide with Me- Mathew Perryman Jones
Abide with me; fast falls the eventide;
The darkness deepens; Lord with me abide.
When other helpers, fail and comforts flee,
Help of the helpless, abide with me.
I need Thy presence, every passing hour.
What but Thy grace, can foil the tempter's power?
Who, like Thyself, my guide and stay can be?
Through cloud and sunshine, abide with me.
I fear no foe, with Thee at hand to bless
Ills have no weight, tears lose their bitterness
Where is thy sting death? Where grace thy victory?
I triumph still, abide with me. 

This is probably my personal favorite of the new discoveries that night. I just love it best musically, but I also love the imagery. "Fast falls the eventide"-- evening is such a beautiful, favorite time of mine. But sometimes, during seasons of struggle, I've found it terrifying. This is such a poignant expression of the truth that even as the darkness deepens, there is no need to fear. I also love the lines "When other helpers, fail and comforts flee, Help of the helpless, abide with me." Because, ultimately, sometimes other helpers do fail, even if you have the best helpers (which, I kinda think I do). "Through cloud and sunshine, abide with me"-- yes, Lord, exactly that! 

5. Approach My Soul- Christ Community College Ministry 
Approach, my soul, the mercy seat,
Where Jesus answers prayer;
There humbly fall before His feet,
For none can perish there.
Be Thou my shield and hiding place,
That, sheltered near Thy side,
I may my fierce accuser face,
And tell him Thou hast died!

This was from the same box set we RAN HOME TO PURCHASE. However, it has a different feel. It's very twangy and almost country. To me, it's a little less substantive lyrically, but I adore the music and it's still a powerful message, of course. 

6. Are You Lonesome Tonight- Elvis Presley
Are you lonesome tonight? Do you miss me tonight?
Are you sorry we drifted apart?
Does your memory stray to a brighter sunny day?
When I kissed you and called you sweetheart?

This is the part in the game where I started just pilfering Peyton's library. I've always loved this Elvis song (though it's not one of my ABSOLUTE favorites of his), but man, it's depressing. Apparently, several on here are. 

7. Arise My Soul, Arise- First Pres.

Arise, my soul, arise; shake off thy guilty fears;
The bleeding sacrifice in my behalf appears,
Before the throne my surety stands,
Before the throne my surety stands,
My name is written on His hands.
He ever lives above, for me to intercede;
His all redeeming love, His precious blood, to plead;
His blood atoned for all our race,
And sprinkles now the throne of grace.
Five bleeding wounds He bears; received on Calvary;
They pour effectual prayers; they strongly plead for me:
"Forgive him, O forgive," they cry,
"Forgive him, O forgive," they cry,
"Nor let that ransomed sinner die!"

Certainly not this one, though! Again, I was just going through the "a's". I'm pretty sure this has already been on a playlist at some point, but I love it so much. We have an old CD of kids from the youth group at a Presbyterian church back home and Peyton and I are both obsessed with it. 

8. Arise, O God and Shine- Mathew Smith
Arise, O God, and shine in all Thy saving might,
And prosper each design to spread Thy glorious light;
Let healing streams of mercy flow that all the earth Thy truth may know.
To God, the only Wise, the one immortal King,
Let hallelujahs rise, from every living thing;
Let all that breath, on every coast, praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. 

Last one from our new CD collection. I hadn't necessarily planned to include it (because I haven't listened to all the CDs in their entirety yet), but it came up when I was going through the a's, so here it is. It's a beautiful prayer that God would arise and spread his light to the whole world. 

9. Arms of a Woman- Amos Lee
I am at ease in the arms of a woman
Although now, most of my days I spend alone
A thousand miles, place I was born

When she wakes me, she takes me
Ya, when she wakes me, she takes me
Ya, when she wakes me, she takes me back home.

In my house this is known to be a sexy song. We'll just leave it at that. Obviously, I spend basically none of my days "alone", but I am a thousand miles from the place I was born. But home feels like Peyton's arms more than really anything else. Okay, sorry, didn't leave it at that after all ;) 

10. Around the World- Red Hot Chili Peppers
I know, I know for sure
That life is beautiful around the world
Well, I know, I know its you
You say, "Hello", and then I say, "I do"

This song is flat out crude with talk of Johnsons and other raunchy stuff. But, it totally takes me back to seventh grade. And it's catchy. So it made the list. Definitely skipping it when the kids are around. 

11. As Lovers Go- Dashboard Confessional
This is easy as lovers go so don't complicate it by hesitating.
This is wonderful as loving goes.
This is tailor-made, what's the sense in waiting?

I said, "I've got to be honest, I've been waiting for you all my life."
For so long I thought I was asylum bound, but just seeing you makes me think twice.
And being with you here makes me sane. I fear I'll go crazy if you leave my side.

"You've got wits, you've got looks, you've got passion,
but are you brave enough to leave with me tonight?"

I'd never heard this song before, I don't think(?), but I thought it was such a beautiful little love story snippet. And I like the tune. Also, I think love does require bravery. Both initially and in the day to day. 

12. As Tears Go By- Marianne Faithfull
It is the evening of the day, hey hey hey
I sit and watch the children play, hey hey hey
Doing things I used to do, they think are new
I sit and watch as tears go by

Another sad retro song. I just think it's pretty. But so freakin' depressing.

13. Brilliant Disguise- Bruce Springsteen
Now look at me baby
struggling to do everything right
And then it all falls apart
when out go the lights
I'm just a lonely pilgrim
I walk this world in wealth
I want to know if it's you I don't trust
'cause I damn sure don't trust myself

So when you look at me
you better look hard and look twice
Is that me baby
or just a brilliant disguise
Tonight our bed is cold
I'm lost in the darkness of our love
God have mercy on the man
Who doubts what he's sure of

I included the clip because while I love this song, it's a hard one. As he says, "it sounds like a song of betrayal". But in the clip he discusses how songs shift their meanings and "becomes a reaffirmation of love's mysteries, it's shadows, it's frailties; and the acceptance of those frailties, without which, there is no love". It's interesting because he also talks about identity and the idea of a public and private persona. Obviously, this is probably of bigger impact in the life of someone like Bruce Springsteen, but I also think it's something we all deal with, weather we know it or not.

14. Song of the South- Alabama
Song, song of the south
Sweet potato pie and I shut my mouth
Gone, gone by the wind
There ain't nobody looking back again
Cotton on the roadside, cotton in the ditch
We all picked the cotton but we never got rich
Daddy was a veteran, a southern democrat
They ought to get a rich man to vote like that
Well somebody told us Wall Street fell

But we were so poor that we couldn't tell

Cotton was short and the weeds were tall

But Mr. Roosevelt's a gonna save us all

I love Alabama. At this point in my life, it's not my favorite kind of music, but I do think there's a real talent there. They are as country as it gets. And I like that they are country country, not pop country. But it's still upbeat and catchy. And, if you listen closely, they mostly tell good (though not super involved) stories. This totally takes me back to riding around with my 9th grade boyfriend in his Jeep with the top down. 

15. Sittin' On Top of the World- Jack White
Went to the station, down in the yard
Gone get me a freight train, worked on your hard
But now she's gone, and I don't worry
Oh I'm sitting on top of the world

This is where I started browsing Peyton's top rated stuff. This one is good and folksy. Again, sorta sad, I guess. I'm not sure, I don't even really know what to think about it lyrically. But I love the twangy beat. 

16. German Federal Republic- American Brass Band

And here's the weird one. This is the German national anthem. Peyton says he thinks this is the prettiest national anthem of all of them. I think it's incredibly beautiful too, so I added it. 

17. Tango Theme- Astor Piazzola 

This is another instrumental piece. I added it, too, because it sounded beautiful-- like something from an old movie. 

18. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down- The Band 
Virgil Caine is the name and I served on the Danville train
'Til Stoneman's cavalry came and tore up the tracks again
In the winter of '65, we were hungry, just barely alive
By May the tenth, Richmond had fell
It's a time I remember, oh so well
The night they drove old Dixie down
And the bells were ringing
The night they drove old Dixie down
And the people were singing
They went, "Na,na,na...''

Hmm, I just love the way this one sounds. And again, it's more good storytelling. Sometimes, in a song, beautiful imagery is enough. But other times it's nice to have characters, a plot, a setting. I think you can sort of get a picture of the events unfolding here as Dixie is driven down.

Next month, I think I'm going to do an experiment and make my playlist on Spotify, instead of iTunes. We'll see how that goes!


Bech and Marley Evans said...

Love seeing so much Indelible Grace. Seriously, those hymns are my sanity. I can't tell you the amount of times I have been upset and have turned these songs on and just listened and cried...what amazing reminders of God's sovereignty! Check out Red Mountain Church's "Gadsby Project." Really, really good, especially "Pensive, Doubting, Fearful Heart."

Carrie said...

Those Indelible Grace songs are some of my faves! Do you know Rock of Ages When the Day Seems Long? That's another one of my absolute favorites that Indelible Grace sings.