Friday, May 2, 2014

Weekly Happenings Post #265 (April 21-27)-- Sorta Tired, Sorta Sad

[Yes, he's holding spices and yes, his fly is open.]

Last week was a little strange and different. I'm not sure what it was exactly, but I just had a hard time. I felt sad and homesick more than usual and I was SO tired (I'm definitely not pregnant). I actual took several short naps in the afternoon. I stayed up later than usual, so that was certainly part of it, but I think part of it is that being in a funk just makes me tired. None of it was a huge deal, but I felt a little out of sorts. This week I felt better!

Peyton worked on Monday and the kids and I got back into our routine. They had breakfast and we watched cartoons and then I picked up a ton around the house. I probably took about an hour straightening and then I folded up the couch and scooped cat liter. I took my bath and we read some and did our little calendar stuff and then they had lunch and I washed dishes.

I put Graves down and got on the computer for a bit. I ate my lunch and read and then took a short nap. Annie and I did school and Graves got up. We did some fun activities (making a construction paper quilt, measuring quarts of water, and hunting quarters- we're doing the phonogram "qu"). After that, they ate and I folded laundry. I got them ready for bed and we did a little math and then our Five in a Row book and a library book and Bible story. I got on the computer and then Peyton got home. I talked to my mom for a bit and Peyton and I talked and then I finished a post and went to bed.

Peyton was off on Tuesday and we had a nice full day. We got ready and headed to our favorite breakfast place, Cousin John's. After that, we went up to Greenpoint to shop for a baby carrier. The people at the little shop were SO friendly and helpful. We stopped at a park and then headed to Manhattan to see the eggs that were on display at Rockefeller Center.

We were tired by that point and Graves actually fell asleep in the stroller. We went to Grand Central (neat in itself) and got a train home. It was sprinkling when we got back to Brooklyn so we hustled. We fixed the kids supper and let them play and then put them to bed. I got on the computer for a bit and went to bed.

Peyton worked on Wednesday, and it was a nice and relaxing day for the kids and me. Graves woke up early, but he wanted his paci and blanket and I guess he went right back to sleep. The next time I heard the kids it was like nine thirty! They were just playing in their room. Anyway, I got them up and they had breakfast and since it was so late, I started a few things. I texted a few friends and they watched their shows and I sorted through their pj drawer and put up too small Winter ones and got the Summer ones in the drawers. I also packed up some Fall pjs that my mother in law had included in their birthday gifts. I ate my breakfast and straightened and then took my bath. I read to the kids and we did calendar time and their devotion and then they had lunch. I scooped the liter box and did dishes and put Graves down.

He took a long nap and I got on the computer and read some. I took a short nap myself and then we woke him up. We did school stuff and it really went okay doing it with Graves around and then I fixed the kids supper. I read to them and got them to bed. I got on the computer for a bit and Peyton got home. We watched some TV and went to bed. It was another restless night and I just didn't sleep great.

We all got up on Thursday and I got a bath and a did a few things on the computer. Peyton was off that morning and we did some stuff around the apartment and then went to the park. We ran by Mr. Coco's to return something and mailed a letter on the way. We had lunch there and came home. We stopped and visited with some friendly older guys sitting near the park and stopped again at Walgreens for a Band Aid for Graves and a few other staples.
No filter. I put a weird filter on a video I posted (I need to put up a whole bunch of videos of Annie and Graves) and Minnie called me worried that I had dyed Bud's hair-- "did he want to look like his papa?!?" Good grief woman, I can't take his freakin paci away and I had the hardest time getting his hair CUT, no I didn't dye it. The nose piercing is throwing her for a serious loop and being across the country from me is making her have paranoid episodes. LOL. Also, I can't afford to have my own damn hair colored here, so no.

Peyton left for work and I put Graves down. I was feeling so tired again. I ate my lunch and still didn't feel much better. I got on the computer and then took another nap. I set my alarm and Annie and I did do some school. When Graves woke up, we finished and I straightened a bit and then I fixed the kids supper and bathed them. They went to sleep pretty fast and I got on the computer and watched TV a bit. Peyton got home and we talked and then I got back on the computer for a bit.

Peyton went to a prayer group on Friday morning and after that we were going to our usual volunteer thing in the South Bronx. I got up and got myself ready on time (fortunately the kids slept late-ish) and Peyton met us as I was getting them ready. We headed to the Bronx and had breakfast on the train. We had an enjoyable day but it lasted longer than usual. That was fine, of course, but it pushed back other stuff. We came home and had some snacks and put Graves down and Peyton and Annie headed to Manhattan to look for Peyton some new shoes. I emailed Darlene and sent a few other emails and ate my lunch. Graves never did take a nap and I let him get up finally and help me start supper. It was pretty frustrating and I just wasn't in a very patient mood. Several things in the apartment needed fixing (a strange light bulb and our intercom thing) and it's just frustrating to have to do it all through the land lady- well not the lightbulb, that was just frustrating because it wasn't a standard bulb. Also, I realized we needed to go to the post office in the morning and I was so mad I hadn't just got Peyton and Annie to do it. I was just in a funk over things being more difficult here and poor Graves experienced the brunt of it. I actually teared up and he told me "Papa will be home soon to take care of you". Sweet boy. He also brought me all his lovies. I started cooking some chicken and picked up a bit while the chicken was cooking.

Peyton and Annie did finally get home and I worked on supper for a bit. We all ate and Peyton got the kids to bed. I started laundry and cleaned up the kitchen and picked up some.

The kids played in their room a bit and then we had breakfast and watched their shows on Saturday. We were going to pick up a package at the post office that didn't get delivered but I realized Peyton had my ID. I took my bath and picked up some and then helped the kids clean their room. We read and did the calendar and devotion and then had lunch. I also talked to my mom and ordered my bridesmaid's dress for Cookie's wedding. I put Graves down and he fell asleep and Annie played well. I ate lunch and finished a post and started another one. When Graves got up, I played with the kids and folded and put up laundry. I fixed their supper and bathed them and put them to bed. Peyton picked up a pizza on the way home and we ate and then I got on the computer. I took about an hour planning how I'd get to church the next day.

Sunday was long and hard, but really good, mostly. I got up at 7:30 and started getting ready for church as Peyton was leaving for work. I got the kids ready and we set out. We took two buses and they did great! It was actually a children's worship Sunday, so they stayed with me for part of the service. After church, we came home. The March of Dimes walk was that day so the buses were delayed/rerouted. Our first bus was normal, but our second was late. We ended up walking .8 miles home! Graves was in a stroller, but AP had to walk in her church shoes. She did great!

I fixed the kids lunch and put Graves down. He never did take a nap, but I did! I ate lunch and rested and then got us ready for our second service of the day. We took the subway and it was a mess, too. I had planned to take the G to the R, but the R is still having repairs from Sandy. We took the F instead (after Annie insisted that we were going to church and if we didn't go to this one we'd have to find another one, even after I told her there was no children's church or Sunday school or anything). Then we took the 6 and it put us out right by the church. The kids didn't do as great as they did the week before when Peyton was there, but they did pretty good. And most importantly, everyone was so kind and encouraging about them being there. After the service, Peyton met us because they were having this salon thing with a discussion of arts and culture. I stayed for an hour while he strolled the kids around. It was nowhere near winding down, but I was tired and ready to get home. I waited outside a bit for them- my phone was dead and we had just agreed on a meeting time- and when they walked up Annie was SOBBING.

It turns out she had almost gotten hit by a car turning into a parking garage. We let her walk a little ahead of us and Peyton had called for her to stop. She didn't hear him and she thought cars could only come out of the garage and a little barrier thing was down. Anyway, he SCREAMED loudly and she froze in the car's headlights. Peyton told me quietly that she was crying, at this point, because she didn't want me to find out. He said she wasn't scared I'd be angry, just so upset. I really believe in letting them see our emotions, but it was so clear she knew how I'd react. Peyton said she thought she'd have a similar reaction if it had happened with me and would have asked me not to tell him. Who knows.

I didn't get undone and I just held her for a long time on the steps of Calvary Church until she said she was ready to go home. Graves fell asleep on the way back (he had been telling Annie to "quiet down") and we just transferred him to bed. Annie was hungry so she and I each had a piece of leftover pizza. We got her to bed and I called my mom. I stayed up too late after that, not really even doing anything.

This week has been a little weird, too, but I feel like toward the end I started feeling more normal.

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Jennifer said...

Give yourself lots of grace!!! You are doing hard things and everything is new and different! I am sure your whole family is growing in a BIG way. What an adventure you are living and one day soon it will feel easier.