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Weekly Happenings Post #266 (April 28-May 4)-- A Little Date

Last week had it's rough spots, too, but it was a lot better. It was Peyton's weekend off AND thanks to an AMAZING friend we got to go out, just the two of us, on Tuesday!

Monday was kind of long and we even got a late start. I think I was just so worn out from everything the night before. Anyway, the kids got up late, took a long time to eat breakfast, and then watched their little shows. It was late before we got moving. I got my bath and we read and did calendar time and their devotion and then Facetimed with Minnie. We cleaned up their room and then I fixed them lunch. After they ate, I put Graves down.

He didn't fall asleep and I just relaxed a bit. We skipped school for the day (I was just struggling emotionally and Annie was too, to be honest). I ate lunch, got on the computer, and rested a little. I got Graves up and we had a low key evening.
Lego creation by Annie. She calls it "Little People on the Six Train". 

 I folded laundry and we all played and then I put them to bed. I got on the computer and watched The West Wing until Peyton got home. We talked and ate and I did a few other things on the computer and then we went to bed.

We got up early on Tuesday and chatted and then I went back to bed. The kids got up and we all had breakfast. It was a rainy day and we spent it inside, but we got a lot done. I gave the apartment a good cleaning (small is so nice sometimes!). I swept all the floors and cleaned the bathroom and we straightened. Peyton took the very last things to the storage unit and I put twist ties on some wires and basically got the living room looking as good as it's going to. A week or so ago, I got kind of frustrated because of the wires and a few other thing. I just felt like it wasn't coming together at all. Well, it's still not our Mississippi house, but I'm so very happy with it! We fixed the kids lunch and then...

my friend Catherine who was in town came over to keep the kids for a bit. Peyton and I left and just walked around a bit!!! We quickly found a restaurant in Fort Greene we wanted to try and it was AMAZING. We visited and just enjoyed the time.
Catherine has such a servant's heart. She's with her husband in NYC for a business trip and she came to Brooklyn and took care of our babies so Peyton and I could get out by ourselves for a couple of hours. We haven't done that since before Christmas. Her generosity with her time humbled me. Lord, use me like this!

 After that we hustled to the post office and got a package. It had been rerouted from our old house and I had to pay additional shipping. I was frustrated but I had been so irritated about not knowing where it was and such and so I was just glad to have it. We got home really quickly and Catherine got ready to leave. Peyton had encouraged me to just ride the train back into Manhattan with her so I could get some visiting in. I took him up on it and it was so nice to catch up! By the time I got back to Brooklyn, it was close to six. The kids ate and we played and then got them to bed. I did a lot of computer stuff- uploaded and edited pictures, updated Goodreads, wrote a post, and finished another post. I went to bed pretty late.

Wednesday was pretty low key. It was raining and we didn't do much. The kids got up early and we had breakfast and watched their shows. I took my bath and straightened a bit and we called my mom and talked a little. After that, I read to them and helped them clean up their room. I fixed them lunch and put Graves down. He took a good nap and I ate lunch and got on the computer. I read a little and took a short nap myself. It was the perfect day for one!

Graves got up and I played with the kids. They pretended they were in a circus and it was hilarious. Then Annie got out some of Peyton's hats and scarves and pretended it was the flea market! I fixed supper and they ate and then I bathed them and got them to bed. I worked on my May header and did a other things until Peyton got home. We talked and watched TV and I wrote a post and then went to bed.

Thursday was another chill out day. I did manage to get some stuff done, though, and we did school. So that's something! Peyton left and the kids got up and we ate breakfast and watched their shows. I folded up the couch, took my bath, and cleaned out the liter box. Then I decided to start working on changing over the kids' closet for Summer before lunch. I got started and they played and tried things on while I worked for about an hour and a half. I fixed them lunch and put Graves down for his nap.

I ate lunch, read a little, did some computer stuff and then did school with Annie. Graves got up and they played and we did more school and then we finished up the closet change over, for the most part. We talked to my mom and then I fixed them dinner. I got them ready for bed and put them down. I got on the computer for a bit and cleaned up the apartment. Peyton got home and we talked and watched TV and went to bed.

Friday was Peyton's birthday and it was a great, though ordinary, day. I realized that I think partly I had just gotten lonely. Anyway, he went to his prayer group and the kids and I got up and got ready to go to the South Bronx. He got home and we left. We had a great morning there and on the way home we swung by Old Navy for a couple of things and McDonalds because I was craving it. Then we stopped at a park.
We're easing into Spring finally. I love her little outfit today. She seems so big and so tiny all at once!

We got home and had a snack (we had eaten a snack/lunch on the train) and put Graves down. Annie played and Peyton and I relaxed a little and then we got ready because we were going to a roof top cook out at the rectory of Calvary-Saint George's.
Happiest of birthdays to this dreamer of dreams. Ain't nobody I'd rather share a sleeper sofa or be stuck in a crowded train with. I hope this is your best year yet (and I kinda have a feeling it will be)! 

We had SUCH a great time and met some really great people. We got home super late and put the kids to bed. I blogged and Peyton and I went to bed, too.

We had a relaxing morning on Saturday. Annie and I slept late and then ate breakfast. We all just took awhile getting ready and we tidied the apartment a little. We left to go to a park in Manhattan and as soon as we got all the way down in the subway station, Annie had to teetee. We came home and took care of that and decided to just stick around BK. We went to a nearby park and it was actually perfect. We blew bubbles, "chalked", and had lollypops my mom had sent awhile back.

We strolled around and came home for dinner, baths, and an early bedtime. I did laundry and Peyton and I talked a bunch and ate our dinner. I read some blogs, we chatted, and I got the laundry.

Sunday was busy (of course!). We got up late so we hustled to get ready. We didn't take the bus because we had a bunch of cleaning tools to get rid off and it was easier to "pack" them in the stroller and walk two miles. Anyway, we sort of hustled and made it on time. Peyton had volunteered to help with Sunday school, so we needed to be there an hour early. It was a good service and afterwards we went to the Children's Museum for about an hour. We came home and had lunch and put Graves in their room even though he had taken a stroller nap.
I read something recently about how "not to look like a tourist" in NYC. It was mostly funny, a little condescending. The one I disagreed with most is that nobody wears sneakers- like running or tennis shoes- they wear "cute" sneakers like Converse or flats. First of all, I've seen it plenty. My gosh, you see EVERYTHING here. Second of all, I'm guessing the writer's spouse hailed a cab when they needed to go two miles to church IN A HURRY. Ain't the experience of this girl. No shame in my game. 

More real estate sherbet in BK. It's basically the urban version of Seaside cottages and Neshoba County Fair cabins.

We talked to Annie because she had drawn a picture at church with a frowny face and a smiley face and labeled them "Ann" and "Ann Peyton". She said Ann is the one who does bad things and then...she said Ann's momma didn't love her. I know she's still processing last week, but we needed to talk. She shut down and we finally got her talk using this "one for yes, two for no" thing we did when she was Graves's age. We ask her questions and she shows us her fingers to answer. It worked well and after that, I took a nap, too. We got ready (again in a hurry) to go to Calvary-Saint George's. It was a great service, but Graves acted a little rowdy and lost his cookie priviledge at the end. I thought he did okay and Peyton and I discussed that on the way home. When we got home, I did more laundry and we fed the kids and got them to bed.

We ordered take out and ate and I went to bed with a bad headache.

Whew. This week we have some fun stuff with new friends going on and I'm supper excited about that!

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