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Weekly Happenings Post #267 (May 5-11)-- Spring Comes to Brooklyn

[We decided to sport our rain gear for the picture!]

I feel like this was the week that Spring came. There were quite a few showers, but the temperatures were wonderful. The day we went to the botanical garden I was slightly warm in my boots and by the end of the week I was wearing SHORTS!

Monday was rough. I don't think I've started one of these week since we got here where we had a fabulous Monday. I used to not think it mattered; Peyton worked half the weekends anyway. But for some reason, here it has seemed to.

Anyway, we had breakfast and the kids watched their shows and then I practiced French braiding. I took my bath and swept and folded up the couch. AP kept getting upset about everything. I didn't let her watch the right show, I made her go in their room while I took a bath, and when they wouldn't clean up, I told her we weren't going to the playground. She was just in a bad state. I also pulled something out of Graves's mouth pretty hard- I was frustrated- and she got onto me for that. She told me "When I grow up, I'll just take care of Graves myself. Good mommas take care of their babies". She said told me to just "go be with my friends". She told me that I wasn't doing the right thing and giving her what she wanted. We had a big talk about how the right thing wasn't always the thing she wanted and she finally said "You wouldn't have picked me and Bud if you didn't want to do the right thing". I asked her what she meant and she said mommas do the right thing and I wouldn't have decided to have them if I didn't want to do the right thing. WHEW. Philosophical Annie. I braided her hair again, we cleaned up and then had a very late lunch and I cleaned up the kitchen some.

I put Graves down late and ate lunch, did my Bible study, read, got on the computer and did school with Annie. We had to wake him up! They played and I folded laundry and then I fixed them supper and bathed them and it was bedtime. I read some blogs until Peyton got home and we ate and then I finished a post and went to bed.

Peyton was off on Tuesday and it was great. I had put Graves in bed with me the night before and I so enjoyed snuggling with him. Peyton cooked breakfast and we ate and got ready for the day. We headed to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and got there a little after noon.
It was the PERFECT day! 

Exploring the Sandy Remix treehouse made entirely of wood salvaged after the super storm

Annie loved the rock garden! 

Gravesy loved the touch and smell garden!

Beautiful day in BK!

We stayed most of the afternoon and came home and I put Graves down and Annie and Peyton ran a couple of errands. We straightened the apartment and Graves woke up. Around seven our friend Jason came over. We had the BEST time and he stayed pretty late.
Graves got to wear a legit motorcycle helmet. He was over the moon. And so was I. First time to have a friend over for supper at the apartment. Our new friend Jason is SO thoughtful. He told Peyton that he recognized that one of the biggest barriers between singles and families in the church was the burden of trying to get out/go to a restaurant with young children. So he brought groceries and cooked dinner in our kitchen. I cannot begin to explain how blessed I was by that.

We put the kids right to bed and I did dishes and then got on the computer for a bit.

I got up before the kids on Wednesday and got ready because we had our first play date here. I waited until the last minute and woke the kids up. I had a bit of a headache, but we got moving. We took two buses and met our friends at a park in Crown Heights. We played for about an hour and then had lunch at their house and played some more. I had such a great time getting to know the momma, Anna, better and Graves and Annie had a blast playing with Trinity, her little girl who is AP's age. We came home and this time we only took one bus and subsequently did more walking. Poor Annie's was tired and actually sat at every crosswalk when the light said stop. We got home and I put Graves down and ate a snack and did a few things. My head was hurting again- it wasn't weather related and I honestly think I was dehydrated because I was super thirsty, too. I took a little nap and then we got Graves up. I played with them and folded clothes and then fixed them supper. We played some more and I got them to bed.
We'll call this The Great Pajama Swap of 2014.

 I got on the computer and Peyton got home. We ate and went to bed.

Peyton was off on Thursday. We had a relaxing morning. It was raining and we had a good breakfast and laid around a bit. Then I ran to Target by myself. I really didn't want to go in the rain and I had a headache. I went ahead and went, though, because I needed to get a few things. While I was there, I saw a street fight inside Target. A security guard punched a teenage girl in the face. Whew.

I got home and cleaned up the kids' room super quickly so Graves could take a nap.

I ate lunch and got on the computer and played with Annie a little. Graves got up and they played and cooked them supper. I still had a headache. I bathed them and got them to bed. I got on the computer and when Peyton got home, I fell asleep quickly after eating supper.

Friday was BUSY. We got up and got ready to go to the South Bronx to volunteer. We actually ended up getting there late. After the group was over, we went over to Harlem to try a place someone had recommended that was opposed to have good Southern food.
We weren't super impressed (they did have good cornbread, though). But it was really fun walking through Harlem again and taking it all in- the market and the plant place under the overpass were favorites. Such a neat cultural center. And what a history! 

After that, we headed to the American Museum of Natural History.
Not the best picture because it was so dark at the Natural History Museum, but I feel like I always share Annie's perception of things like this and I wanted to share Graves's. The animal in the lower left is called a fisher, but Graves kept calling him a "swimmer". He said "that swimmer not get the porcupine- he swat him with his tail prickles" after I read to him on a sign that that could happen. Then he said "Wait! The porcupine put on his cage (when pressed he clarified by saying "like a super hero"- so, cape) and fly down and get the swimmer." Then he said that the swimmer "protects" birds. Well, no, but props for sitting still and telling back to me a little of what I told you. And also for being excited about learning. He and his sister are so very different, but I couldn't treasure these moments with either of them more.

We had a great time, but it rained on the way home!
Who's hiding under that umbrella?


When we got home and fed the kids supper and put them to bed.
A few selfies before the weekly family picture! 

Peyton and I talked some and I washed a bunch of bedding and the shower curtain because we were having visitors the next week =)

I ate supper and remade the guest bed and we watched TV and then went to bed.

Saturday started out great. The kids both slept late and then we had a relaxing morning. I actually got on up and did a few things while they watched their shows. I watched some and snuggled and then ate breakfast and checked the weather. I took my bath and changed the cat liter and made up the bed and then we cleaned up their room. We ate lunch and headed to the park. Graves wasn't minding very well and the playground was a nice change of scenery.

It started raining and everyone left. Graves ran away from me for a good five minutes. I was so frustrated.
So good for my soul, even if we did get rained out! 

We came home and I put him down. He never fell asleep, but I ate lunch and got on Twitter and Facebook and then read and did my Bible study.
Annie was hanging out with me in the spare room while Graves tried (not) to nap. She noticed she could see him in his window and ran to see if we could see in the kitchen window next to it. Also, he's not allowed to do that. It's got child bars, but I've got anxiety, so....

Little People photo-op!

Annie played with him a bit and then I fixed them supper and took some pictures of the apartment now that it's all set up. I bathed them and got them to bed and Peyton got home. We talked and ate dinner and I called my mom. I ironed and made sure to map my route to church and got ready for bed.
Late night ironing on the counter. Dorm style, y'all.

Sunday morning came early. I got up and got my bath super fast so Peyton could take his. After he left, I got the kids ready. They did great on the buses on the way to church and it was a nice service and good to see friends. I also thought it was so special how many strangers wished me Happy Mother's Day.
Waiting on the bus. That day, and every day, it's good to be their momma. 

On the way home, though, we got mixed up. We got on the bus going the wrong way. We got off and got on another bus that did something different than what it said on my phone and ended up going through a neigborhood I've been terrified of. I was going to just ride it until I we got to a street I knew and then get on another bus. Well, the route ended before that. We got off and the area wasn't that bad after all. I figured out the next bus we needed to get on and finally made it home. I fixed the kids lunch and then got Graves down. Annie wanted to play with him again, so after half an hour, I let her. I talked to my mom and ate lunch and got on the computer. When the kids got up, we Facetimed with Minnie and Cookie and then I fixed them supper. I put them to bed and Peyton got home. We ate dinner and talked and went to bed ourselves.

I'm SO excited about this week. Two of my closest friends are coming to visit for a long weekend and I cannot wait. The fun starts tomorrow!

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