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Weekly Happenings Post #268 (May 12-18)-- City Time with Some Great Gals

Last week was busy and FUN. Two of my closest friends, Ashley and Carrie, came for a long weekend to visit and we had a wonderful time! It was nice to catch up and visit and also show them this place that we call home for right now. And it was fun to "get away" to the city and explore Manhattan while Peyton kept the kids all weekend.

Monday was actually a really good day (rare for Mondays, ha!). The kids got up pretty early but took awhile to eat breakfast and then we watched their shows. I checked my email, got a bath, had breakfast, and folded up the couch and scooped liter. I also talked to my mom. The kids and I cleaned up their room and did their devotional. I did a few dishes and packed lunches and we headed to the playground. We had a great time and came back for naps.
She is so grown. And he is so goofy. 

Graves took a good nap and Annie and I talked and I had lunch. I got on the computer and read a bit, but I fell asleep reading. I got up and was about to do some school with Annie and Graves got up. We all did it together. It was a review day so there were a few little games and Graves played, too, as much as he could. We did Critical Thinking and I fixed their supper. They ate and then played a little.

 I left the stroller out earlier and Graves put Annie in it and said "This my brand new baby". Even better? I've been telling them about my friends coming to visit this week and he said "Her name Baby Ashley".

I got them ready for bed and put them down. I got on the computer and watched some of The West Wing. Peyton got home and I made guacamole and we ate and watched TV. I finished a post and went to bed.

Tuesday was Peyton's day off and we were BUSY. He said he thought it was about eighty percent productivity- which is his goal for most days.

Anyway, we got up and got ready and walked about a mile to catch the shuttle to Ikea. We ate lunch and and shopped and got several things we needed- a curtain rod and cups. After that, we rode the ferry across to Manhattan.
Taking a water taxi across to Manhattan (and Graves got to catch a glimpse of the love of his life, the Statue of Liberty who he seems to have moved on a bit from actually- can't time it all right), and strolling by the Brooklyn Bridge...

randomly spotting some fabulous ships...

and strolling through Chinatown, where Confucius is honored in stone and even the street sights and McDonalds storefront have Chinese writing. 

We walked about two miles, through Chinatown, to the place in the East Village where I got my nose pierced. A weird thing had happened and it came out the wrong side. I got it back in, but it wasn't back to normal yet. Anyway, they set it was just inflamed, not infected and told me to put hot bags on chamomile tea on it each night. After that we came back to Brooklyn. We took a different train that usual and Peyton walked halfway back with me and then took the kids to a playground while I went home to start laundry. I got the laundry going and called my mom and they got home.
Happy Birthday to me! NEVER thought what I'd be asking for the year before I turned thirty would be a carrier for my three year old. But I never thought I'd be having this adventure with a wild three year old boy, either. (Earlier that day, he told us on a ferry that "Next time, I wear my bathing suit and I jump out and go for a swim". Just so you have a point of reference.)

He worked on the curtain rod and the things that hold it pulled out of the wall. Peyton bathed the kids and I changed over laundry and then he got ready to go meet some friends from church for drinks. He left and I put the kids to bed. They were both super cranky, but both fell asleep really fast. I did dishes, tidied, and swept. I laid out a load of laundry that didn't quite get dry and then I Instagrammed some pictures from the day. I watched The West Wing and folded laundry until Peyton got home. We talked and I put up the laundry and we went to bed (relatively) early.

The kids slept late on Wednesday and it was so nice. It was my birthday and with Peyton working, I felt a little homesick all day. It was still a nice day, though! I fixed them breakfast and did a little straightening and some stuff on the computer during their first show. I laid back down and snuggled with them during the second and then I folded up the couch and swept and cleaned up a bit and took my bath. We cleaned up the kids' room and then they had lunch and we ran to the hardware store for the things we needed for the curtain rod.
I let her wear her crown to run an errand. Right when we hit the sidewalk she pulls up her dress and say "I sneaked it" and then starts singing "wearing my dress up clothes to the hardware store!!!!". Love her so much.

They didn't have them so we strolled a bit and came home for rest time. Graves took a good nap and I ate lunch and got on the computer and read some. I did school with Annie and we had to wake him up. The clothes I had laid out never did fully dry, so we took them downstairs to dry. The kids played and after I got the laundry, I fixed them supper.

They ate and then I got them ready for bed and put them down. I got on the computer until Peyton got home. We talked and ate and then I did dishes and bought tickets to the home tour Ashley and Carrie and I were going to on Sunday. I did a little chamomile tea treatment on my nose and went to bed.

The kids woke up and played in their room for a bit on Thursday and then ate breakfast. I got up and actually did things while they ate- I vacuumed the liter where Peyton had changed it early that morning and straightened a bit and checked the weather. We watched their shows together and then I got my bath and straightened some more, folded up the sofa and did a few dishes. I played with the kids and called Peyton and my mom and then we picked up toys and had lunch. I swept and mopped all the floors and put Graves down. He took forever to go to sleep and kept calling me more than usual. I ate my lunch and did a few things and then folded laundry. I ended up waking Graves up and the kids played and I just played with them and waited for Ashley and Carrie to get here.

They finally made and it and I was so excited to see them! We got their luggage up and then left to buy MetrroCards and get pizza. By the time we got back, it was past eight. I let the kids stay up a bit while we all talked and then got them settled right before Peyton got home. He got home and ate and played with them and then visited with us. We stayed up pretty late talking.

We got up on Friday and got ready and left. We ate breakfast at Connecticut Muffin and headed into Manhattan. Our first stop was dropping off our luggage at the hotel. After that, we walked around a bit and then had lunch at Alice's Tea Cup. It was so cute and sort of whimsical. After that, we toured the Frick Collection- which is an old home that was made into an art museum- it was beautiful and not overbearing like some museums here.

Then we headed to the Plaza Hotel and FAO Scwarz.
Plaza! Can't wait to take Annie back.

We came back to our hotel (it was raining pretty hard) and got ready for dinner and a show. We ate at Bryant Park Grill and then saw Cinderella on Broadway. So a special, fun filled night!

We had a TIME getting back to the hotel. All our cellphones ended up completely dead by the time Cinderella was over and it was POURING. It was Friday night on Broadway and as hard as we tried, we couldn't get a cab (I had no idea the route back to the hotel without my phone). Seriously, NO cabs. We tried to call Peyton really quick to get him to call us one (and he has a pretty big aversion to cabs- as in, he's cheap) but he didn't answer. We finally realized there was a subway station across the way and I was able to figure out how to get home just using the big map in the terminal. I was really proud of myself! We got back to the hotel and talked and went to sleep.

We got up on Saturday and our first stop was the World Trade Center site. We couldn't get tickets to get into the memorial (it JUST opened), but we got to see the area, then we stopped in at Century 21, and had brunch on a beautiful patio at a Bar and Grill in the Bowery.
Pretty sure this chick was the only one having brunch at the wonderful little garden bar and grill in the Bowery that was discussing homeschooling with her table mates. She looked posh enough for the place, though.

We left there and went to the Merchant House Museum (which is the only fully preserved home from the 19th century in NYC). That was probably my favorite thing we did.

We walked around SoHo and got cheesecake and stopped in Forever 21 and H&M and then came back to the hotel to change for dinner. We went to Patsy's Italian Restaurant (which was a favorite of Frank Sinatra's) and then walked around Times Square.

Y'all know Times Square makes me want to jump out of my skin, but I had so much fun putting on my tourist glasses and enjoying it (minus the illicit offers we got at one point).

We went to bed SUPER late.

I got up on Sunday and rode the train back to Brooklyn by myself so I could meet Peyton to get the keys from him (we lost our second set). I took my bath, straightened a little and laid back down. The girls met me over here and we went to Putnam's, a restaurant in the neighborhood that Peyton and I get take out from, for brunch.

We went to Brooklyn Tabernacle for church and it was mind blowing and amazing once again. After that, we met Peyton in Park Slope to switch the keys back and then we started the annual home tour in Park Slope. It was FASCINATING. I think we saw six homes. We ate at a Greek restaurant in Park Slope and then went to Target of all places and came back to the apartment pretty early. We stayed up SUPER late talking with Peyton.

Whew! I'm still recovering from the late night visiting. It was so great, but I missed the kids way more than I thought I would. It's nice to have a "normal" week (whatever that means here!) and then a week from this Thursday Ellis and Minda are coming to visit!

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