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Weekly Happenings Post #269 (May 19-25)-- Resting Between Friends

Last week was pretty laid back. We had company the weekend before and we're having more visitors this week, so it was nice to have a week in between to relax. Ashley and Carrie and I stayed up so late several nights, and I never did do the smart thing and go to bed early a few nights so I took quite a few naps. Ha!

Ashley and Carrie left on Monday. The kids played in their room and I got up a little before nine and got ready and then Ashley and Carrie got up and got ready. I ran to the bank to get cash in case they needed it for the car service and we talked a little and then walked them down to wait for the car to take them to the airport.

I straightened some and played with the kids and then we picked up their toys and had lunch. Graves took a nap and I ate lunch and got on the computer for a minute and then took a good nap myself. They got up and we played and then I cooked them supper and cleaned up the kitchen. I read to them for a long time and put them to bed. I watched TV and blogged until Peyton got home. We talked and I finished my post and went to bed.

Peyton was off Tuesday and we got a slow start and then headed to Ikea to try to find things to hold the curtain rod. They didn't have them but we had lunch and then headed home after looking at "apartments" (the fake ones they set up in the store). Graves fell asleep in the stroller and we transferred him and Peyton got ready to go meet Jacob, the pastor at Calvary-Saint George's, to talk and have coffee. Annie and I visited, and I had a snack and got on the computer and then took a short nap. I got up when Graves did and fixed them a snack which turned into supper. I wrote out my kitchen quote and Peyton got home. I started laundry and picked up a bit and got on the computer. I changed over the wash and finished cleaning up and then got the clean wash and put up some of it and went to bed. Oh, I woke up Peyton because I had taken the recycling to the basement and there was a kid down there. He was like twelve, but it weirded me out, so we locked our kids in and went down. There wasn't really anything to say and Peyton said he figured he had just gotten in a fight with his parents.

Some of our friends from Pennsylvania were in town for the week and the kids and I had Marley and her little boy Jack over to play on Wednesday. So much fun! I got up and fed the kids breakfast and let them watch a bit of their shows and then I got my bath and washed dishes. I folded up the bed and cleaned up the den and was in the middle of picking up toys when they arrived. We had the best time playing while the kids (mostly Graves and Jack) went wild. Annie and Graves loved having a friend over.

I fed the kids lunch and picked up toys and then I had to give Graves (and by default, Annie) a bath because he put Ranch in his hair. I put him down for a nap and he took awhile to go to sleep- I realized the Ranch was still in his hair and washed it in the sink and I had to change a diaper. Anyway, he finally did and took a great nap. I ate my lunch and tried to get on the computer. It wasn't connecting so I laid down by the window in the guest room and ended up taking ANOTHER nap. When I got up, I felt GREAT. I did school with Annie and had a snack and then we started some laundry and headed to the park. We played for a bit and came home and put the laundry in the dryer and then I started cooking chicken and sweet potatoes supper. We got the laundry and I realized one of the loads from the day before was still damp so we took it down to dry. The kids ate and then we got the laundry and I read to them for a long time. I put them to bed and got on the computer until Peyton got home. We talked and ate supper and then I blogged some and went to bed.

Thursday was fun. Peyton was off and a friend from church who is training to be a hair stylist cut my hair. I got up and got ready and went to Manhattan for that. It was fun visiting and SO nice to get a cut without paying a ton of money. I got home and had lunch and then we got ready and headed back to the city to the Museum of Natural History.

Back with her besties- she LOVES the Native American stuff

We found some treasures in the Discovery Room. 

On off days, most of the time, my job is just to get myself places. What a dad. What a guy! 

We had a great time and by the time we got home everyone was exhausted. Peyton helped me get the kids fed and in bed. I had a headache so I took some medicine and laid down. Peyton went to Ikea and I texted Minda and called my dad and then worked on my playlist for May. Peyton got home and we talked and ate supper and then I wrote a post.

Peyton and I got up and got ready on Friday for our last regular day helping in the South Bronx.
Why so serious, small girl? She looks very New York to me. And she's like a mini SD. Glad we have the boys to balance us. 

We had a great morning there and after we left we walked around a bit and had some AMAZING Mexican for lunch.
Amazing, authentic lunch at a Mexican place in the South Bronx today. Friday has been yet another big adventure. We loved on babies for our last regular time (there's a "graduation" in two weeks) and walked around a bit in the South Bronx and even right past the public housing, which would have terrified me just a few months ago. We also had our first accident in months and months. But that's what happens when you're five and you can't just pee in somebody's field redneck style or swing into a service station. Trains don't work that way. You'll excuse me if I'm still trying to muster the motivation to truly potty train my three year old.

We took the train back to Manhattan and were going to do stuff there, but Annie had an accident. She was literally next to the potty and I was trying to help her get her leggings down and she teeteed everywhere. We rinsed off her leggings and put them back on sans panties and it was raining. We decided to skip what we had planned, but when we got to BK the rain had cleared up for a bit.
Of course I'm biased. And I may even have drank the hipster Kool Aid a bit. But, yeah. 

This beautiful Guyanese girl that worked at Walgreens said to Annie "You have a unibrow. I used to have a unibrow!". Hahaha. Love this city. Love these people. 

We stopped at a playground and got a shake and enjoyed it while the kids played. We came home and they ate most of their supper in the co-op courtyard. Peyton bathed them and I cleaned up the apartment and then we got them to bed. I wrote a post and did dishes and went to bed early myself.

The kids slept a little late on Saturday. So nice! I fixed them breakfast and then we watched cartoons. I scooped the cat liter, folded up the couch, and called Minnie. The kids talked to her a little and then I ate breakfast and took a bath. We started cleaning up the kids' room and Annie had a big meltdown. At first, I got frustrated with her and then I just held her in my lap and talked to her. After they, they cleaned up better than they have in ages. The kids had lunch and I did dishes and then put Graves down. He never fell asleep- I read a little and ate my lunch and started a couple of posts. Annie played with him a bit and then I got them up. We Facetimed with my parents and I fixed them supper. I got them ready for bed and we read a good bit. I put them down and watched The West Wing and then Peyton got home. I blogged some and we talked and went to bed.

Sunday was a good, tiring, day.
When you wake up and there's a super hairy half naked man, a black cat, and an upside down baby in your sofa bed. Stranger things have happened, I guess.

He doesn't join us every night- or even most nights these days- but I'm not turning down any requests. 

I got up and got a quick shower and then got ready and got the kids fed and ready and we headed to church. It was family Sunday so we all worshiped together, then there was a kids' message, and then the children were dismissed. I helped with childcare after they left the service. It went well and we headed home.
Bus transfers were SO much less stressful sans stroller. Also, he might be the only three year old you know in a carrier, but I bet he's the only three year old in Brooklyn in a carrier AND white Willits oxfords.

I fed the kids lunch and got Graves down for a nap. I uploaded some pictures and did  a few things and then took a nap. I got up and got ready and woke up Graves and we left for church at Calvary-Saint George's.
Another exhibit in how the Toddler Tula makes urban life doable. Ain't no way I could carry Graves and a stroller up those. Actually, this is the station that convinced me to get it. 

Annie discovered she can pick him up and now she does it constantly (even though he's almost her size).

Since he couldn't get to the subway pole to lick it, he (literally) licked my face. And told me he was my puppy. Guess it's better than the pole. Last time he licked the pole, Peyton told him he'd get diarrhea. Then he talked about diarrhea for days.

The kids weren't the best they've ever been, but it was okay. Peyton met us there after the service and road the train home with us and we ate at Smash Burger.

We got home and put the kids to bed and I did laundry and we talked. I blogged some and we chatted and went to bed.

Whew. Ellis and Minda will be here Thursday and I'm SO, SO excited!

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