Thursday, May 29, 2014

What I'm Into: May

I feel inconsistent and it irks me to not write these, but I have a feeling this is going to end up being a whole lotta nothing new. I kinda hate months like that and I felt like I had gotten into a good swing of accomplishing goals and such after moving here. This month was not that, though, and it seems that's reflected here, too. 

On the Nightstand:
Honestly, I did a piss poor job in the reading department this month. It's been a different sort of month- we've had/are having friends in town and we've been doing more connecting with people here. I'm not beating myself up or anything, and that's all IMPORTANT, but I'd like to do better next month. 

Reflections for Ragamuffins: Daily Devotions by Brennan Manning 

I love it every time I read it. It may be my devo for life. 

Immersion Bible Study: Psalms- J. Clinton McCann
If I don't finish it this month, I am going to be upset with myself. I don't have much more to go and I've been "working through" this study for like six(?) months, I think. Which is absurd. It should take six weeks. 

Real Sex- Lauren Winner
So, I read a bit more and I like it a lot. My goal is to finish it next month, and I'll report more then. 

Mockingbird Magazine
This is something I'm not going to rush. It's not the kind of thing that needs to be read in a certain amount of time. While I'd like to plow through books more at the speed I used to (or something even close to that), this is something I feel good about savoring and picking up here and there an essay once a week or so. 

On Their Nightstand: 
Annie's been learning about ocean life and it's amazing how much she picks up. We learned that papa penguins are the ones that keep their eggs warm while the mommas look for food. The other day she had Graves sitting on a "nest" she made and she was pretending to look for food! We mixed in some fiction with the informational books.

On the Shelf:
Finding My Way Home: Pathways to Life and the Spirit- Henri Nouwen 
Still need to start this one recommended by Peyton. Actually, he and now another friend have recommended him recently! 

At the Theater (or from the couch):
Zero movies this month. I have a plan for at least one docu I want to watch in June. 

On the Small Screen:
Same old, same old, The West Wing, SVU, and How I Met Your Mother- all on Netflix.

I  meant to share last month, but I forgot. We watch a lot of PBS Kids in our house and honestly, not much else. The kids got obsessed with Barney for a bit (WHO let them see that in the first place? Side-eye at you, Peyton). I'm so thankful that's been tempered a bit. Their current favorites are:

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood- It's not Mr. Rogers, but what is? I think it's a good spin-off for what it is. Cute and sweet and innocent and all that. And with good lessons. I'll take it.

Sesame Street- I know some people think there's a hidden liberal bias these days. I don't think so, unless your liberal bias is taking care of the planet and depicting boys playing with baby dolls. In which case, I say BRING ON THE LIBERAL BIAS.

Clifford's Puppy Days- Again, they're just cute stories often with a good lesson. I love how sweet and babyish they are and this sort of stuff still interests my kids.

and our recent FAVORITES:
Dinosaur Train-
For some reason some moms hate this one? I know, we all have our shows we dislike (hello, Barney!). Anyway, I love this one myself. It's clever and silly and filled up with facts. Annie's absorbed a lot about dinosaurs and it actually holds Graves's attention, which is not the case with a ton of stuff.

Super Why!- This and the next one are my favorites because I feel like they're really learning a TON. Super Why teaches very basic reading skills by using classic stories to do it.

Busytown Mysteries- So, I love Richard Scary and Graves does, too. The cool think about this show is that Huckle and his friends are solving mysteries. While it's not educational in the way Super Why is, I think it really promotes critical thinking and it's fun to see Annie try to solve the mysteries along with the characters.

The kids are allowed about an hour a day in the mornings right after breakfast. I almost always use that time to catch a little more sleep. I really should start watching, though, so I can discuss with Annie (and Graves, but I know she'd appreciate it more).

In My Ears:
My May playlist is amazing!

And I'm still enjoying this. Graves is, too. He told me the other day "I dance to this awesome music". My three year old is so cool. 

Around the House:
I finally got took pictures and posted them.

Part of on the apartment tour is here:

and part two is here:

In the Kitchen:
No new recipes. Lots of the same- BBQ chicken, Italian chicken, chicken spaghetti. As much as I despise handling raw poultry (and I'm spoiled- I get it only in it's least disgusting forms), we love to eat chicken! I did make some homemade guacamole the other night. 
Say you prepare fresh pineapples, homemade guacamole, and frozen cheese sticks for the late night, adults only dinner? You'd call it a win, yes? Because I sure would.

Can't beat that. The little place right across the street has produce for so much cheaper than in Mississippi.

In My Closet:

I can't tell you how nice it feels to be without jackets. Finally! This week it's actually really warm! 

So happy for no coats and boots. I could sing!

If you have the exact same body shape as a twelve year old boy, you maybe shouldn't dress like a twelve year old boy. So comfy, though. No shame in my game. Chucks, baseball tee, and ripped jeans. Feels like Spring. 

In Their Closets:
I busted out Springy Sunday clothes for them, too. Made my heart happy!

She so grown; he so goofy. Also: I LOVE a romper and we have quite a handful this year. If I can't put her in bubbles, this is the next best thing! 

Again, romper love! 

One of these days, I'll have to stop putting her in this kind of thing. Thankful that today is not that day. Related: in her prayers she told the Lord "Thank you for food, water, and my SMOCKED dresses".

Graves has plenty of sweet stuff, too, but here's a new find I've surprisingly loved. 
I found these little striped t-shirts with the pocket on them at Target. They are SO soft and sort of look a little vintage. He's worn them a ton with jeans and I think he'll wear them with shorts a good bit this Summer. I bought three different colors. It seems classic, but casual. 

In My Mailbox:
We were three months in and I was still struggling to manage public transit with the kids. We discussed and decided to get a carrier for Graves. I never thought that for my birthday, the year before I turned thirty, I'd be asking for a carrier for my three year old. But I never thought I'd be having this adventure with a wild three year old boy, either. (He told us on a ferry that "Next time, I wear my bathing suit and I jump out and go for a swim". Just so you have a point of reference as to why we needed to drop a signifigant chunk of change on this thing.)

It's been amazing and both kids can actually fit in it. We may just put up the double stroller :)_

In My Cart:
I treated myself to a haircut. One of our friends from church here is in school to cut hair and so I was able to get it done up here without breaking the bank! 

On My Heart:
We've been wrestling lately with how long we're supposed to be here for. It's been four months out of the year we're committed to. At this point, I think we'll try to extend our lease through next Spring. Beyond that, I'm really not sure. It's a post unto itself and one I'm sort of terrified to write, for several reasons.

In My Prayers:
- I've been trying to pray more consistently for Peyton and for the children. It's interesting to think about their specific needs. Annie's had a hard month and I've been praying for her particularly just that I will know how to help her work through hard things and ultimately give them to the Lord.
- I'm praying for relationships- the new ones we're forming here and the ones at home that we're trying to sustain long distance.

On the Calendar: 
- After two friend visits in May and one coming in July, June looks pretty low key. We do have creative arts camp at Calvary-Saint George's one week and I know that will be fun, albeit exhausting. 

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Tacy said...

Love seeing what you're into! Your mention of the hipster mindset reminded me of my hipster streak back in my twenties... Garden State for one. Great movie and great soundtrack. Hope you have a nice June. :)

Krystle said...

I'm loving your haircut! I just chopped mine off to about that length & it's so much easier to manage! Also, your little girl is dressed ADORABLE! I love her outfits!

Leigh Kramer said...

That is a great deal on blackberries! I'm impressed. Super cute dress!