Monday, June 16, 2014

Letter to (Five Year and Two Month Old) Ann Peyton

Dear Ann Peyton,

Another great month with my darling girl! You've been sweet and silly and pensive and deep! 

It's so interesting to see your processing mechanisms develop. You may remember from the last letter that we had a scary incident where you almost got hit by a car. It was pretty overwhelming for you. A week later in Sunday school (Papa was helping with your class, which was totally God's provision) you drew a picture of "Ann" and "Ann Peyton" with frowny faces and smiley faces, respectively. "Ann", you said, did a bad thing and...her momma doesn't love her. It devastated me to hear that. Anyway, you  froze when we tried to talk to you about it and even tried to hide the picture. Well, I remembered this "one for yes, two for no" thing we used to do with you when you were Graves's age and couldn't talk you were so upset. We ask you questions and she use your fingers to answer. Amazingly, it was the magic key once again! It's so hard to watch you struggle through things and I pray I can be a gentle and patient constant for her when everything else seems unsure.

I found you again later with her drawing from church. You were cutting off "Ann". I asked you why and you tried to hide it at first, but then told me "Momma and Papa said they'll never not love me". So glad it sunk in.

Moving on to lighter things. You love art! You drew a picture and told me it was about Abraham. "See," you said, "there are six stars and six children....because God told him he'd have as many children as the stars". I love seeing things through your eyes.

You also love dressing up. I let you wear your crown to run an errand. Right when we hit the sidewalk you pulled up your dress to show your ballet skirt and said "I sneaked it" and then started singing "wearing my dress up clothes to the hardware store!!!!". You're hysterical.

I've been putting you in rompers so much this Summer. If you are too big for bubbles, that's the next best thing! Also, in your  prayers you told the Lord "Thank you for food, water, and my SMOCKED dresses".

You're so pretty- in a very unique way. I love your dark hair and strong features. A couple of weeks ago, this beautiful Guyanese girl who worked at Walgreens told you "You have a unibrow...I had a unibrow when I was little". It made me laugh.

We've been doing lots of fun stuff in the city- playgrounds and museums and last month we had two sets of visitors in town. Two of my friends with babies yours and Graves's age came to visit. They hadn't seen you in a long time and it was so fun for you and Graves to interact with them a bit. Also, Ellis and Minda came. It was wonderful for you to have some special time with your god parents. 

We've been working on school, too! The other day we had a phonogram obstacle course since it was rainy out. You had to tell me the sound(s) of a phonogram before you could do each obstacle. You and Graves dressed up, walked a "tight rope", did jumping jacks and bounced on a pillow, crawled under and through tables and climbed over chairs and ottomans, took a wagon ride and hopped back to the starting point in a sleeping bag. All in our little apartment! 

Another day, Graves fell asleep running errands, so we went to the bar with you at three in the afternoon. It was fun. And hilarious a few days later when you were telling me that the way you liked onions best was in onion rings "like at that little bar we went to". 

You are such a sweet sister. Awhile back, you  made up a song for Graves..."You're my present. You're my present. You're so special to me. Anytime you want to, you can play with me. You're the best present to me." It was so beautiful and made me cry.

You also discovered you can pick him up and now you do it constantly (even though he's almost your size).

Awhile back you had been talking all day about taking MonkMonk  to the "monkey park". You explained to me that it's similar to a dog park- something we've never discussed to my recollection. That night you  told me that there's a monkey there named "Wild-Monka", but that Monk Monk tries to stay away from him and Cugo (Graves) because they bother her.

Mostly, you guys are best friends but I got so tickled a couple of weeks ago when you told me "y'all shouldn't have made that other baby". It's been three years!
  • Another morning you told me "Graves did all this". I asked you, "All what?" Very dramatically, you told me, "THIS MADNESS."

  • You make me laugh so hard, sweet girl. You are so intense and you teach me a lot about myself and about life. I'm thankful for you, Annie Banani. 

Momma (and Papa)

P.S. Your swimsuit is a 5T and I chose this picture specifically because of the expression on your face. It's your sassy face and I wanted to document it. 

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