Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Letter to (Three Year and Two Month Old) Graves

Dear Graves, 

You are such a spit fire. You keep me laughing throughout the day. I'm not always as patient with you as I should be and that's something I'm really trying to work on. 

You are a mess and keeping up with you is a FULL TIME JOB. For my birthday, I asked for a toddler carrier for you. It's been so helpful. To give you a bit of reference, the day that it arrived we had ridden across the East River on a ferry. We were safely inside the boat, but you told me "next time, I wear my bathing suit and jump out and go for a swim". 

There are child bars on the window of your but it still makes me so nervous. Papa said he thought it was  fine, but I made a rule not to climb in the window. (Which, I think long and hard about the rules I make for you. I've always been against arbitrary rules, but everything is so damn hard to enforce with you, so I choose my hills CAREFULLY.) Anyway, you were doing it a good bit regardless and now that it's warm and people are sitting in the courtyard, they've gotten all concerned. Security called me once and a man stopped us another day and had stern (but kind) words for us. I hate it when people question my parenting. I REALLY hate it when people question my parenting with regards to y'alls safety. The guy told me not to take my eyes off of you during the day. Sorry, I'll move if I can't let my three year old be unsupervised in his own bedroom for a few minutes. Papa got to work on getting another thing installed so the window can't be pulled open (the bars prevent it from being pushed up) even though there's no way I think you could do it. And we had a serious talk about the why of not playing there. After which you told us he could fly. So that was that. 

The other night I decided signs were pointing toward an early bedtime for you- you were throwing carrots across the room and I ended up holding you and singing "calm, down, Cugu". [In case your forgot, Cugu is your monkey persona you put on when you acts completely nuts.]

You busted your lip (bleeding) two different times (two different places) the other day. I also found two week old poop on the heater (which had been hidden behind the pooped on curtains I washed two weeks ago), and last week when the sprinklers came on at the park you told me you were going to "crash" and before I could process what that meant you RAN and skidded (purposefully) on both knees on the concrete. You are an adventure.

As I said, you make me laugh so hard. A few weeks ago, you and Annie woke up and were playing in your room. After a bit, I heard you announce "Ladies and Gentlemen...I poo-pooed in my diaper!". 

You are such a snuggler. Every so often, you come join me and Papa in our bed. You don't join us every night- or even most nights these days- but I'm not turning down any requests. 

You and Annie are having such fun together, as always. She discovered she can pick you up and now she does it constantly (even though you're almost her size).

I cautioned you again about not standing in the window a few days after we had talked to you and you said "I not stand in the window and fall out and die". Then Annie told me that she's been repeating this to you a lot and explained to you what dying is (you lay on the ground and don't get up). Glad she was able to drive the point home for us. Y'all balance each other well- her intensity and your impulsiveness seem to work well together.

Mostly y'all are best friends. But I got so tickled earlier when Annie said "y'all shouldn't have made that other baby". It's been three years!

You are such a silly guy. I had you in the carrier the other day and since you couldn't get to the subway pole to lick it, you(literally) licked my face. And told me you were my puppy. Guess it's better than the pole.

Another day in the subway you saw a lady and told me "Her tummy peeking out. I just touch it". And then we had our first "You are solely responsible for your actions, Son, and it matters exactly zero what "she" is wearing" conversation.

And another day you asked Papa "Why that lady's tummy so full? She just eat a lot???" Clearly, we need to work on discretion, too. 

I got you some new pjs awhile back and you are SO cute in them. You love the super man ones and ones with little mustaches especially. 

This is your last Summer for bubbles which has me a little sad. Someone at the playground asked you if you were a year old last time you had one on. Haha. You didn't seem to mind and you looked so adorable. 

I finally found you something to wear to be the ring bearer in Cookie's wedding. It's a little set where the shorts button onto the top. I was NOT letting you wear a suit and tie!
  • I had a special moment a few weeks ago in Central Park. Papa threw you over his shoulder and you waved and said "I love you, Momma". My sweet, sweet boy.
I love you so much- everything you are and all that you are becoming. It goes so fast and I'm so thankful you are still sweet and snuggly and even a little rowdy and rough. You are amazing and wonderful and I could not love you more. 

Momma (and Papa)

P.S. Your outfit is a 2T and I'm so glad I caught your mad/pouty face this month. 

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