Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Best Thing About New York City-- Happy Six Year Anniversary, Peyton!

Eleven Summers ago. The first time I hung out with my very best friend in the whole world. We danced together that night and it felt a little weird and risque because DUDE WAS SO OLD. But at the same time, in a purely platonic way, I was so very comfortable in his arms. I was as much myself as I had ever been.

That Summer was difficult for a variety of reasons and magical because of him. He would come over to my parents' house late at night after work (in some ways, we've always had this same routine) and we'd lay in the grass under the stars and talk about our biggest dreams. My most prominent one was to get married and have a few little children scurrying about around my feet. His were for a life of adventure- his most important one being to live at least one year of his adult life in his favorite place, New York City. Our dreams didn't seem very similar or even particularly conducive to one another, but that wasn't even a thought in our minds because we were just best friends. That Summer he was my constant companion, my closest confidant, and the one who told me he thought my dreams would be a reality one day in the moments when I felt lonely and afraid and hopeless (and there were a lot of those).

By the next June, we'd discover we loved each other differently than we had thought.

Five years after that we'd get married in the church I grew up in and that evening a checkerboard dance floor would be laid out across that same grass we'd flung a blanket over a sprawled out on so many Summers before.

By the time the next June rolled around, we'd have Annie with us. She had been ours for two months and I was watching my dream come true in a way I'd never expected. And then, of course, Graves. Another piece of the puzzle I had been wanting desperately for as long as I could remember.

Five more Junes and here we are, realizing another dream. I'm so thankful for the witnesses we've been able to be in watching each other's dreams come true. More thankful for the way we've been able to sacrifice for the reality of one another's dreams. More still for the way his dreams have become mine and mine have become his. Most of all for the way the Lord molded it all together into this beautiful life.

In my best and brightest dreams I couldn't have imagined it would be this good.

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Anonymous said...

You are both SOOOO beautiful! xoxo-Rosie