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Weekly Happenings #273 (June 16-22)-- A Week With Lots of Papa

[Family pic with the couch not folded up on Friday night because we didn't have time to do it on Friday morning.]

This was a different week. Peyton always has Tuesdays and Fridays off and if he's working the weekend he has Thursday off, too. Well, he worked an extra day last week so he got Wednesday off as well. That meant four straight days of him at home. We loved it!

I got up around six on Monday and decided to fold out the bed (I had fallen asleep on the couch). Ha! Peyton teased me when he got up, but I rolled back over and went to sleep and the kids didn't get up until nine. So it was well worth it! They ate breakfast and watched their shows and then I talked to my mom on the phone and folded up the couch and cleaned the kitchen floor. I swept liter and straightened a bit and then ate my breakfast and took a bath.

I fixed the kids lunch and did dishes and got Graves down for his nap. He never fell asleep, but I ate lunch and worked on a couple of posts and then did school with Annie. When he got up, we got ready and headed to the park. We had a fun time and I kind of eavesdropped on a conversation a guy and a girl were having about society and dads' roles and feminism. I was sitting close so it was hard not to!
Sweet girl!

She always insists that they match!

We came home and worked on a puzzle Minnie had sent and I cooked eggs and grits for supper.

The kids ate and then I read to them and got them to bed. I finished my post and read some blogs and watched The West Wing. Peyton got home and we talked and ate and watched some more. It was late and then I got back on the computer for a few things. I went to bed SUPER late.

The kids slept until nine again on Tuesday. Peyton was off and we all had a really lazy morning. We watched shows with the kids and had breakfast and by the time I got my bath it was after ten. We had lunch and I started getting together the recycling and folding up the couch. I got ready and left to go over to Calvary Church to help get ready for Creative Arts Camp. I ended up cutting up scraps of fabric in the rectory. I got to visit with some friends and had a little glass of wine before I left. I came home and ate something and played with the kids before it was time for bed. I uploaded pictures and got on Facebook and the computer started acting up. I fell asleep watching a movie with Peyton. I woke up and chatted with Peyton before he went to bed and then went back to sleep.

We had another slow morning on Wednesday. The sink was clogged and Peyton fixed that and also rehung our curtains which were in BAD shape (the pole was about to fall down). I washed dishes and we all got ready and headed to Brooklyn Bridge Park.
pirate ship playground! 

I swear he looks like he's running for an office. I need to teach him to shake hands when he says "I'm Baby Graves".

Annie LOVED the tire swing. Brings back so many memories of the EPIC tire swing Mick rigged up for me and Cookie. We'd swing higher than the top of our backyard fence! 

We got something to eat and played for a good while and then headed home. We got milkshakes and after that we passed a fruit stand and bought a bunch. We basically fed the kids fruit for supper. We stopped at another park with a sprinkler and then came home for baths and bedtime. I started laundry and did some things on the computer. I finished laundry around eleven and Peyton was already asleep. I ate something and took a shower and went to bed.

I got up Thursday and got ready pretty quickly to go help set up for camp again. I glued rope on columns, traced animals on decorations, and got my room set up. I came home and cleaned up where the cat had thrown up (ugh!) and got on the computer for a bit. I talked to my mom on the phone and Peyton and the kids got home from the museum they had been to. I visited with them and then started more laundry and did dishes. Peyton got ready to leave for a volunteer banquette and I fixed the kids dinner. I read to them and put them to bed.

Friday was another fun day. Peyton was off and we had got up and got ready and headed to our friend David's house for a play date (he's a freelance photographer and he stays at home with his little girl). We stopped by a convenience store on the way so I could get a snack since I hadn't had breakfast. We had SUCH a great time visiting and Annie and Graves had a blast playing with Ingrid.
 It doesn't even feel like the same place. Blows my mind that anyone owns this much green in Brooklyn.

We also got to play with a baby kitten! 

Another wonderful day exploring another wonderful neighborhood we used to be terrified of. I'll never be able to articulate how this place has grown and changed me. 


We headed home that afternoon and when we got to Clinton Hill we tried to decide on a restaurant. We kept going to Fort Greene and tried a new one- Madiba. It's South African and it was really good.

We stopped at a park on the way home and when we got back we bathed the kids and put them to bed.

When Papa is off and we've been going all day and we had a super late lunch and everyone is tired, we eat fruit in the tub for dinner.

I tried to work on the computer which had lots of pop ups and got frustrated and gave up.

I woke up Saturday in not the best mood. The kids were in awful moods, too. Peyton left for work and the kids had breakfast and watched their shows and then I got my bath and straightened a bit. I scooped the liter box and folded up the bed and had breakfast. I played with the kids for awhile and then helped them clean their room. I fixed them lunch and Graves took a nap. I ate my lunch and took a long nap myself.
[Annie's art]

When he got up, the kids played and I called my dad about the computer and sent an email about dance camp for Annie. I cooked some chicken and orzo for them and fixed their supper and I worked on the computer. I finally got it fixed. I read to the kids a good bit and got them ready for bed. I got on the computer and made a playlist for the month (way late!) and then Peyton got home. We talked and watched a movie and I fixed our supper (more orzo and Italian chicken). After the movie, I ironed and did dishes and put up a bunch of laundry I had folded. We went to bed SUPER late.

Sunday was a good, but full day. The kids got up and ate breakfast and then I hustled them back to their room so I could get a bath (Peyton had already left for work). We all got ready and headed to church around ten. We were going to the eleven o'clock service at Calvary-Saint George's because I needed to be at a meeting for Creative Arts Camp afterward. The church service was nice and it was a great break to not have the kids with me. They stayed in the nursery with some other kids and a sitter and the meeting/camp prep lasted from about twelve thirty to three. Apparently, they did great and I feel like we got a lot done.  I had planned to just power through and skip Graves's nap, but he fell asleep in the carrier.
Train nap.

I could not love him more. 

I put him down and he stirred and went right back to sleep. Annie crafted and I had a snack and took another nap myself. I had to wake Graves up at six and he was MAD about it. The kids played and I took his monthly picture and hung up clothes.

I let them watch a show while they ate supper and then I bathed them. It was nine and Peyton walked in while they were still in the bath.
Annie was SO excited about Creative Arts Camp at Calvary-Saint George's this week. The other day I told her we were going to be talking about Joseph and she had me clarify "Joseph, Jesus's papa or Joseph and the brothers". Last night she found him and said "This is the Joseph we're going to learn about tomorrow!".

He helped me get them to bed and we watched The Wonder Years and ate dinner after we put up the Trader Joe's stuff he had bought. I fell asleep on the couch and then woke up and we talked a good bit and I got on the computer. We got ready for bed and chatted and then went to sleep earlier than usual.

This week is camp and I can already tell it's going to be exhausting and amazing!

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