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Weekly Happenings Post #270 (May 26-June 1)-- Sharing the City with More Friends

Last week Ellis and Minda came to visit and we had such a blast. We walked a LOT, but it was pretty low key overall. Also, they got out and did their own thing some in the mornings and later at night. It was nice for us (read: me) because trips (I felt like I was on a trip) and people (again, making peace with the introvert within) both wear me out!

Monday was a fun day. The kids slept in a bit and then we had a slow morning. We had breakfast and watched their shows and then I did chores, got my bath, and emailed Darlene. I talked to my mom and read to the kids and we did their devotional and calendar time. I also started back doing some memory work. After that, we cleaned up their room and had lunch. I put Graves down for a nap and I ate lunch and worked on some blogs posts, read my Bible, and then got ready for a cookout that evening.
Annie drew this picture and told me it's about Abraham. "See," she said, "there are six stars and six children....because God told him he'd have as many children as the stars". I love seeing things through her eyes. 

I got Graves up and we got ready and headed over to the Smiths' (the priest at Calvary-Saint George's) for the cookout.
Feels like Summer!

Annie and her new friend, Sophia, in the "girls' tent" at a rooftop cookout in Gramercy. SO thankful for new friends and sweet communities.

Peyton met us there and we had the best time. We stayed pretty late. The kids REALLY needed baths, so we bathed them and put them to bed. We watched the news and I worked on a post and went to bed.

Peyton had Tuesday off. We were getting a slow start and then some maintenance guys knocked on the door. There was a leak in the building and they needed to work in our bathroom. I got ready and snuggled with the kids a bit and then left to go get my nose checked again because it still didn't look totally normal. It was a nice little errand by myself. I met the kids and Peyton at home and they ran to the bank while I mailed something and then we met back up. We dropped off books at the library and one the way stopped and had a snack and drinks.
Gravesy fell asleep running errands, so we went to the bar with Annie at three in the afternoon.

We mailed another package (UPS instead of USPS) and then went to Target for diapers and such. We got ice cream sandwiches and ate them on a bench. We stopped at the playground on the way home. When we got home, the kids ate supper and we put them to bed. I started laundry and cleaned up a bit and we made plans for the weekend when Ellis and Minda would be here.

Peyton worked on Wednesday and we just had a low key day at home. I fed the kids breakfast and we watched their shows. I took my bath and folded up the couch and picked up a bit and then we did the kids' devotional, memory work, calendar time, and read some. I fed the kids lunch and did dishes and swept the kitchen. I put Graves down for a nap, but he never fell asleep. The kids were both so needy and kept calling me. I tried to do a few things and I ended up putting Annie in the room with Graves after I did a little school with her. When they got up, they did a little obstacle course I had set up.
Another dreary day in BK, so we had a phonogram obstacle course this evening. Annie had to tell me the sound(s) of a phonogram before she could do each obstacle. They dressed up, walked a "tight rope", did jumping jacks and bounced on a pillow, crawled under and through tables and climbed over chairs and ottomans, took a wagon ride and hopped back to the starting point in a sleeping bag. All in our little apartment!

They played and ate super and then I bathed them. We read a ton and I put them to bed. I got on the computer until Peyton got home and when he got home, we talked and ate. I got back on the computer and got sucked down a rabbit hole reading about Tullian Tchividian leaving The Gospel Coalition. I started reading him a bit after Mockingbird and so I was interested in all that. Well, I stayed up WAY too late.

We had our normal breakfast and shows routine on Thursday. I was doing a few things and about to hop in the tub and I realized the water was turned off. We had gotten a notice but I had forgotten. Anyway, I straightened and folded up the sofa and got on the computer for a bit and it came back on. I took my bath and then helped the kids clean up their room. They  had lunch and I did dishes. I put Graves down and did a few things on the computer, swept, and ate my lunch. I folded some clothes and Annie played with Graves a bit (he skipped the nap again) and then Ellis and Minda got here.

We got them settled and headed for pizza.
My best friend of fifteen years and his amazing wife in the city I've learned scared to love. If my eyes looked extra glisteny last weekend it wasn't my allergies. Especially moments like this- watching them love their god daughter so beautifully.

After that, we went to the big park near us and a bookstore in Fort Greene. We came home and I got the kids to bed. Peyton got home and we all visited and went to bed.

Friday was so much fun. We got up and got ready and Peyton cooked breakfast. We rode the subway up to Harlem and walked around some and headed toward Union Seminary because Minda wanted to visit it.
Another day, another double ride in the single stroller.

Walking around and we stumbled into City College's graduation.


We also walked to Jack Keorac's old home and then we stopped and got lunch and ate in the park.
The Cathedral of Saint John the Divine in Manhattan.


We strolled through Central Park a good bit and then we were so tired we headed home.
Exploring the oasis that is Central Park in the Summertime. 

Peyton threw him over his shoulder and he waved and said "I love you, Momma". My sweet boy.

We let the kids play and just relaxed some and then Peyton ran to the store to get fish and veggies for dinner. He went to a thing at church and the kids and I ran to the drug store for a few things. We got back and I cooked dinner and visited with Ellis and Minda while the kids played. We all ate and then I put the children to bed and El and Minda left to go to a bookstore. I got on the computer and did dishes until Peyton got home. Ellis and Minda got back after that and we talked a bunch and went to bed.

We got up and all got ready on Saturday and headed to the Brooklyn Flea. Annie had a minor melt down and we visited with a neighbor in the courtyard. That was fun. We just walked around at the Flea and then ate lunch there.
Brooklyn was even better with my best friend. Every hard thing I've done and every great joy I've experienced since I was thirteen years old, he's been there for. Every dream realized and fear conquered, this guy has been watching and praying over. If this city is anything, it is a fear conquered, a dream realized. A great, great joy and one of the hardest things I've ever done. And I loved getting to share it with him and the only girl I know who is good enough for (and can also put up with) him.

Shoes off at the Brooklyn Flea. Mississippi boy!

And Mississippi girl! 

After that we went to another bookstore and then headed to the library. We played in a fountain on the way there and spent about an hour at the library.
Playing in the water at Grand Army Plaza.

These are the sweetest boys ever.

It started raining on the way back and we popped into our favorite Mexican place for a snack. We headed home and the kids played while we relaxed a bit. Ellis and Minda went to a movie and we fed the kids and got them to bed. Peyton and I chatted and watched some TV until Ellis and Minda got home. We talked a little and they went to bed. I wrote a blog post.

Sunday was another great day with our friends. Ellis and Minda got up early and went to get coffee and go to a bookstore. We had already decided not to go to our morning church service, so we took our time getting ready and then when they got back we headed to a street fair in Manhattan that's done by a big bookstore.
First street fair of the day! 

Love her lots! 

After that, we ate lunch at an AMAZING Italian place and went to another street fair.
And the second street fair of the day! Apparently, there are tons during the Summer. I wish we could live here all Summer and MS all Winter!

El decided to break for a massage. HAHA! 

We headed to church and then walked home across the Brooklyn Bridge.
Such a beautiful end to a great day! 

The kids went right to bed and so did Ellis and Minda. Peyton and I stayed up a bit and then went to sleep.

Whew, what a week. We've spent the first part of this week in recovery mode. I feel like we walk a good bit, but not compared to when our friends were here. Anyway, it was SO much fun, but it's nice to be back in a routine.

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