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Weekly Happenings Post #271 (June 2-8)-- Playgrounds and Sprinklers

We all have sinus infections/allergies/bad colds. Last week, we were all exhausted from all the fun we had with Ellis and Minda and it seemed ridiculous how tired we were even though we did go hard. I think we were all trying to get sick. This week we're trying to get over it! For what it's worth, it was a beautiful week and we hit the playground (which now all have their sprinklers on) FIVE out of seven days. Whew!

Monday was actually great. Graves woke up right after Peyton left, but I put him in bed with me and he slept until almost nine. Ellis and Minda got up and going around that time and went to get coffee. I straightened and unpacked the stroller from the night before and then got in the tub. They got back and I washed dishes and we visited and I got on FB a bit and texted some friends. I helped the kids clean up their room and Minda and Ellis helped, too. I went REALLY fast. We called a car service to come get them and then said our goodbyes at the street. I fed the kids lunch and got Graves down for a nap. He never fell asleep, but he did great staying out of trouble. I got on the computer and ate my lunch and took a short nap myself. When the kids got up, we headed to the playground.
The park had the sprinklers on for Summer! 

He told me "I'm a little drippy!"

Right after that he told me he was going to "crash" and before I could process what that would even entail he started RUNNING and (purposely!) skid on his kness, as if he thought it was a slip n' slide or something. It was AWFUL to watch and his little knees were in bad shape! 

We came home and I fed and bathed them and got them to bed. I got on the computer for a bit and backed up all my blogs and uploaded pictures. Peyton got home and I fell asleep pretty early.

Peyton was off on Tuesday and we had a nice laid back day for the most part. We got a slow start and then headed out to cast our absentee ballots for an election in MS. They were going to be postmarked too late, though, so we didn't get to. Too bad we didn't realize that until after we'd payed a notary to sign them. Ugh. After that, we headed to the park for awhile.
Showing off how strong he is! 

Love when they do this unprompted. He just wanted to love on his sister girl. 

We came home and let the kids play in their room together. I took another nap (it was raining- so perfect) and Peyton read. When they got up, I started laundry and worked on my closet change-over. Peyton fed the kids and got them to bed and I spent a few hours doing the change-over and laundry. I talked to my mom and Cookie and then we watched a movie. We chatted and went to be super late.

The kids and I had our normal morning on Wednesday- they got up and had breakfast and we watched their shows. I cleaned out the liter box, finished hanging a few more change-over things, folded up the bed, and got on the computer.
monthly picture with PigPig! 

 I took my bath and then fixed the kids lunch and got Graves down for his nap. I ate my lunch and got on the computer and read some. Annie and I did school and when Graves woke up, we all went to the playground.
It wasn't sunny or even particularly hot, but there we were again. I have a feeling this is going to become a pretty routine post-nap, pre-supper activity when Peyton's working. 

She's still my Annie Baby. Love when I get a glimpse of that, because I know it's very quickly fading. 

Because, see here she totally looks like some teenage surfer chick.

We came home and I fixed supper and bathed them and put them to bed. Peyton got home and we talked and watched the news and went to bed.

Peyton was off on Thursday and we had a nice day. We got up and got ready and headed to Central Park to meet our friends from the Bronx for a little field trip. We were going to see a puppet show at the marionette theater. It was rainy and gross, but the show was so much fun! Someone had brought turkey and ham and stuff for sandwiches, so we ate and then came home.
Remember this picture from several weeks ago? There are child bars on the window but it still makes me so nervous. Peyton thinks it's fine, but I made a rule not to climb in the window. (Which, I think long and hard about the rules I make for him. I've always been against arbitrary rules, but everything is so damn hard to enforce with him, so I choose my hills CAREFULLY.) Anyway, he does it a good bit regardless and now that people are sitting in the courtyard, they're all concerned. Security called me two days ago and a man stopped us today and had stern (but kind) words for us. I hate it when people question my parenting. I REALLY hate it when people question my parenting with regards to my kids' safety. The guy told me not to take my eyes off of him during the day. Sorry, I'll move if I can't let my three year old be unsupervised in his own bedroom for a few minutes. Peyton's working on getting another thing installed so the window can't be pulled open (the bars prevent it from being pushed up) even though there's no way I think he could do it. And we had a serious talk about the why of not playing there. After which he told us he could fly. Face palm. 

Graves took a nap and I worked on a blog post. Peyton and Annie left to go to Trader Joe's and I took my own nap. When they got home, we all went to Mr. Coco's and Walgreens. We came home and I fixed dinner and Peyton made construction paper crowns with the kiddos. We ate and put the kids to bed. I read for a good while and then got on the computer and talked to my mom before I went to bed.

Peyton was off again on Friday and it was a great day. We got up and headed to the Bronx for a little end of the year celebration for Mommy and Me. After that, we stuck around and had a picnic at the park with our friends.
This was our last Friday in the South Bronx for a bit (Summer break). This baby adores Peyton and he adores her. As I've said, one of the worst things I could do is tell too much of our friends' stories. But it's no secret that for a lot of these tiny people, one thing they really need is attention and affection from an adult man. Several of them so cherish Peyton. They cling to him, want to be held by him, and want to rub his cheeks. Watching him love them has been one of the great joys of our marriage, not terribly far behind watching him love our own small people. It's been such a sweet community to be welcomed into and we are so thankful for our sisters and brothers from anotha borough.

We got home mid afternoon and stopped at the park for a couple of hours. We got ice cream and sno cones on the way home.
Found me a sno cone in Brooklyn. The dude shaved the ice in front of me, right there on Myrtle Ave.

When we got home, I cooked supper and then we ate. Peyton bathed the kids while I cleaned up the kitchen. I worked on getting the apartment in order a bit more and then got on the computer and wrote a post and read some and went to bed.

Peyton got up early on Saturday and we chatted and then I went back to sleep. The kids and I had our normal morning with breakfast and shows and then I got up and changed liter, folded up the bed, and straightened a bit. I got out the gingerbread play house for the kids to play in while I worked on the last bit of their closet- I needed to put up snow boots and stuff. Well, Graves QUICKLY lost interest in the house and wanted to stand on the stool, wear the boots, ect. I got so frustrated with him. After that, we put it up and started to clean up. Both the kids were sort of grumpy and not helpful. It was not a great morning. I fixed lunch and put Graves down.

I updated my Goodreads account and ate lunch and took a nap myself.
Playing circus is one of the kids' favorite activities. Annie created these signs during nap time (the first one alerts you to where the acrobats get dressed). She also created signage for their room to remind Graves not to climb on the toy cabinet or get in his window. 

When the kids got up we Facetimed with my parents and played and then had supper. I got them ready for bed and put them down. Peyton got home and I started washing Graves's bedspread and a bathing suit of Annie's and we started a movie. The laundry was uneven and I had to carry them upstairs SOPPING wet. I finished rinsing the soap out and hung them in the bathroom. I got on the computer and did dishes and ironed clothes and tried to figure out what time we needed to leave for church.

I got up on Sunday feeling not great. My stomach hurt from drainage and I just felt gross. We were going to Calvary-Saint George's that morning instead of Trinity Grace Church and then skipping C-SG's that night because the Smiths had invited us to brunch after the morning service. I got ready and got the kids dressed after Peyton left for work. We made it and I realized they don't have Sunday school in the Summer. It's a longer, more somber service than the 6:00, but it is more crowded. The worst was that I hadn't packed any toys or things for the kids to play with. They actually did GREAT. Maybe the best yet. Graves whispered the whole time and sort of hung on the pew, but wasn't too out of control. He did run up the aisle one time and I had to go catch him =)

Brunch was so much fun and we got to meet some new friends. I hated Peyton had to miss it. On the way home, I started feeling AWFUL. I had Graves in the carrier and it's so hot in the subway terminals. We got home and I put him down.
Subway maps are her favorite. And I can't wait to tell her later that she learned to read this complex little grid before she learned to read English. Also, I didn't put a filter because look how brown she is. The pools here aren't even open yet. Not having a car to get you places and spending most afternoons at the park work too, I guess.

Thankfully, he fell asleep and I took a nap, too.
This is her happy face. I've been about to bust keeping a secret from her, but I wanted to make sure it was official. Our favorite non grandparent babysitter. Claire, is coming to visit later this Summer. She was the first person not related to us that I left her and her brother with and she's still one of only a few I trust inexplicably. To say Annie loves her is an understatement and she's already in planning mode. We can't wait to share the city with our sweet Claire and get in a few outings sans kiddos. Can you tell I'm excited, too?

 I had planned to just let them watch their little shows since we had skipped that morning, but it's so routine now that when they got up, we headed to the playground. Ha! We came home and I fixed them supper and then put them to bed. I had felt better at the park, but I started feeling awful again. I sort of rushed the bedtime routine and folded out the couch as soon as I finished it. Peyton got home and we talked some. I couldn't go to sleep, but I never got out of bed after that.

Whew, everyone has runny noses and I'm hoping we can kick this quickly!

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