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Weekly Happenings Post #272 (June 9-15)-- Under the (Gross) Weather

I hate when the picture isn't from the week of the post. We took this yesterday (I forgot all weekend). Peyton had kept the kids while I did something and we were making our crazy faces because the apartment looked CRAZY!

It rained or was gross and gray almost all of last week. As a result of that and I think seasons changing and also possibly our window unit I was SO congested and had so much sinus pressure. I'm glad to be done with that!

I woke up feeling horrible on Monday after going to bed way early on Sunday. Peyton left early for work and I took some medicine and went back to sleep.

 It was pouring and we have no bread, no baby wipes, and no kid shampoo. And I had the worst sinus infection/headache I'd had in a long while. (I think because the seasons finally June, ha!)  let myself get all stressed because I didn't have my parents or in laws to help me if got worse.The good news, though, was that Peyton is off on Tuesdays so all I had to do was get through the next 15 hours. I could totally see another childbirth/NYC analogy forming.

The kids ended up waking up and playing in their room until almost NINE. I felt much better when I woke up the second time. I actually got up and did a few things- mainly I decided to switch over my Summer and Winter shoes- while the kids ate. After that, we snuggled and watched Sesame Street and I did fall back asleep. When that was over, I took my bath while they played and I also scooped the liter and made up the bed. I just played with the kids some (and rested on their cold wood floor!) and then we picked up their room and they ate lunch.

I put Graves down and he never fell asleep. I uploaded pictures and kind of rearranged my dresser with my shorts and stuff in it so the Summer stuff would be more accessible. I ate lunch and Annie and I did school (I was so proud of myself for pushing myself) and then she played with Graves a bit and I tried to take a quick nap because I was still feeling rotten. I got a Facebook message from a friend about how I posted something on a thread that was totally meant for someone else, so I fixed that and then went and played with the kids in their room. I fixed them supper and they ate and then I got them ready for bed and read to them. I was so tired.
Made it. The kids didn't bathe and I won't tell you how long it's been, we had quesadillas two meals in a row, and I wiped Graves's bum with the take-out napkins Peyton hoards. I parented a lot from the couch. And the floor. And a toddler bed. But I made it to bedtime. And I didn't yell once. And I (mostly) spoke kindly to them and was (mostly) patient. This was not through my own will or determination. Pentecost Sunday means that on the difficult Monday, the Spirit lives in me.

 I got on the computer and watched The West Wing until Peyton got home. We ate and talked and went to bed.

Peyton was off on Tuesday. I slept later than him and the kids and it was SO nice. We got a really slow start. I was getting ready and Graves said he was tired and wanted to take a nap. He never does that!

Peyton read and I straightened some and when Graves got up we all got ready to go to the Children's Museum. We walked there (two miles) and played for a couple of hours and then walked home.
Silly girl in these glasses she designed and constructed herself (with a little help for the intricate scissor work).

He got a little cork between his toes! 

Oh you know, just taking his best girl on a Vespa ride....

We stopped for a treat on the way and then I picked up groceries while Peyton took the kids home. He was bathing them when I got home and started spaghetti. I took the recycling and trash out and started laundry and also cleaned the fridge a little. We all ate supper and I got my laundry and started some more and called my mom while Peyton got the kids to bed. I cleaned up the kitchen and scrubbed a pan with steel wool. I also cleaned the cook top.
Peyton thinks it was this guy who made us all sick. We finally turned on our window unit and he said he was sure it was full of dust from the Winter. He cleaned it out and it was gross. Hopefully the problem is fixed because I don't allow open windows (even with bars) when the kids are up. (Sidenote: from what I can tell central air pretty much isn't even a thing here.)

I got my laundry and visited with a neighbor and then Peyton and I talked. I stayed up late folding laundry and then went to bed.

Wednesday was a slow day. Graves got up early, but he was so sweet and snuggled in bed with me. He and Annie ate when she got up and then we watched their shows. I scooped out the liter box and folded up the bed and took my bath. I straightened a bit and then we read the kids' devotion, did calendar time and the catechism, and did some in a new book. The kids and I cleaned up their room and they had lunch. I did a few dishes and wrote a quick post and then put Graves down. I ate lunch and got back on the computer for a bit. I read some and then took a quick nap and got up and did school with Annie. I love great nap days!
Baby Kitty's momma got crunchy over night. Annie was wearing a maxi skirt (my nightgown!) and put Baby Kitty in her "carrier" after her creative endeavor of the day included making Baby Kitty a cloth diaper with a baby wipe and tape.

I am SO excited. We're about twenty lessons in with our kindergarten curriculum and Annie finally got to start with real words. She read and matched all four!

When he got up, I played with the kids some with Little People in their room and then they colored and I read some more. I fixed supper and they ate and I put up dishes. I got them ready for bed and spent a long time reading to them. I got on the computer until Peyton got home and we talked and watched The West Wing. I read some blogs and did my Bible study and went to bed.

Thursday was another day at home, but a great one. Peyton and I got up and chatted before he left for work and I fell back asleep. The kids woke up a little before eight and ate breakfast and then we watched their shows. I actually woke up and stayed up-- most of the time. They've been getting up a bit earlier this week, but I'm kind of glad because then naptime comes earlier and so does bedtime. Anyway, I commented on some things on Facebook and fed the cats and actually watched their shows with them.

They played and I folded up the couch, scooped liter, and took my bath. I also talked to some friends on Facebook some. Then I played pretend with the kids for a bit before we worked on the catechism and read their devotion and did calendar time. I read some more to Annie and then we cleaned up their room. It was a good balance of playing with the kids, doing chores, and not wasting time on the Internet but engaging enough that I didn't feel isolated. They ate lunch and I did dishes and swept in the den.

I put Graves down, but he never fell asleep. I managed to eat lunch, get on the computer a bit, and do school stuff with Annie. He made it about two hours, but he wasn't too happy about it. Anyway, he got up and the kids played and I played with them a bit and then fixed them supper. I did some dishes and looked up some stuff about phonics for school with Annie. I got them ready for bed and read to them for about forty five minutes. I put them down and boiled some eggs and made egg salad. I read blogs until Peyton got home and we talked some and then I did my Bible study and got on the computer again for a bit and went to bed.

Peyton is off on Fridays, but someone needed him to switch and work this Friday and he got off an extra day next week. We had another uneventful day. The kids BOTH got up before Peyton left and I had a headache. I took some medicine and they played a bit with little wooden animals and then I fixed them breakfast and we watched Sesame Street after that. They played in their room and I did my morning chores (the liter box and folding up the couch and general picking up), got on the computer for a bit, and then took my bath. I read to them and we played a bit and then did the catechism and devotion and calendar time. We cleaned up their room and they ate lunch. I started cooking some chicken and got Graves down for his nap.

He fell asleep and I ate lunch, read blogs, and shredded chicken. Then I read some and did school with Annie. Graves got up and we got ready to run to Mr. Coco's for milk and some fruit. Right as we walked out the door it started raining. We ran over there and I realized I really should have put Graves in the carrier instead of the stroller. It's SO tight in there. Anyway, we got in and out quickly and came home and Facetimed with my parents. I fixed the kids supper and bathed them and got them to bed. I got on the computer for a bit and watched TV and then Peyton got home. We ate BBQ chicken sandwiches and talked and he fell asleep. I got back on the computer and then went to bed myself.

Saturday was SO much fun. We had a slow morning. Peyton let me sleep late and then I got ready. He tried to plunge the sink that was stopped up and he did fix the bed where it had a screw loose or something. The kids ate breakfast and we cleaned all that up and got going. We headed to Central Park a little after noon and spent the rest of the day at the Mississippi Picnic. The kids had so much fun playing. We brought a beach ball and chalk and after we ate they played with those for hours.
Mississippi Picnic in Central Park! 

I had such a blast catching up with this sweet chick from my days in the School of Ed. Our "classrooms" look very different, but she's on her own urban adventure in DC and it was SO great to talk to someone who relates to all this. We realized so much of what we love about our respective cities is the same!

Why didn't y'all tell me I was doing it wrong? I've been chopping it on my kitchen counter all these years. You're supposed to lay out cardboard and hack at it (I hate this picture doesn't really convey the true hacking that was going on).

Now this girl? DOING IT RIGHT.

Fun in the park with these fine folks. Such a good day to be a Missisippian/New Yorker.

The trains were crazy and it took us awhile to get home. Annie wanted a hot dog, so Peyton bought some and the kids ate those and then had a bath. We put them to bed and got take out for our anniversary. We watched SVU and then I got on the computer for a bit. I uploaded some pictures and wrote a post and then started watching old videos of the kids. I went to bed so late.

We got up SUPER late for Trinity Grace on Sunday morning and the kids slept late, too. We made it but only because it's a long service and we were majorly late. Anyway, after church we went to the playground with some friends and then came home and fed the kids lunch. I cleaned up a bunch- I cleaned up the cat's closet and straightened the kids' room and then did dishes and folded up the couch. I had my lunch and took a nap. Graves never fell asleep, but he played in his room for a couple of hours. We all got up and got ready for Calvary Saint George's. We left "on time", but the train was super behind and we forgot to allow for it. We were way late again and since it's a short service we got there toward the end. We passed the peace, had communion, sang the benediction and visited afterward. Still worthwhile!
An ordinary day of doing ordinary Papa things. But celebrating an extraordinary man. I say this often, but I fell in love with, and married him partly because I watched him interact with children and I knew the kind of father he'd be. Even so, he far exceeded my expectations. So thankful for this dude. Happy Father's Day, P! 

We got home late and fixed the kids supper and then brushed their teeth and read to them. They went right to bed. I had a bad headache so we watched a SVU and I fell asleep pretty early without the couch folded out. Peyton ended up just going to the spare room so he didn't have to wake me up.

Thankfully, Peyton has been off so much this week and we've enjoyed it a lot.

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