Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July Happenings

I'm not crazy about the background, but I wanted it Fourth of July-ish. It's the same one I use over at Belles and Beaux and I like it for that, but the black ribbon thing seems to negate the patriotic vibe a bit. But I couldn't find anything else I loved. I do really like how the header turned out, though. The quote is by one of my new favorites and I think the pictures are some of the best lately.

June was fun and not busy at all with the exception of last week when we had Creative Arts Camp. No exception on the fun, of course, but on the lack of busyness. I'm still loving Summer so much, even as the temperatures climb. Here's what's on the agenda this month:

- Annie's doing a little dance camp every Tuesday. It worked out so perfectly because that's one of Peyton's days off every week, so I'm not trying to get her there by myself. 

- Our sweet babysitter from home is coming at the very end of the month. It will be fun to show her around and also to sneak off with Peyton a bit. 

- We're really focusing on relationships more and it seems like we've been seeing new friends a good bit. That's something I definitely want to keep up! 

Here's an update on last month's goals:
1. Have some sort of prayer/Bible study time with Peyton. I'm not taking this off the list until it happens. We didn't do great with it. However, we're going to start a study together and another book. 

2. Start reading a book together with Peyton. I have on my big goals list to read five books together this year. We were going to start On Being a Theologian of the Cross: Reflections on Heidelburg Disputation, 1518. Didn't happen. And it was totally my fault. I actually just ordered it and it came this past weekend. 

3. Eat fresh produce daily. I did this pretty well I think. It's something I have to be intentional about because I of course want to reach for a sweet or salty snack, but I am loving all the fresh fruit and veggies. 

4. Pick back up memory work with Ann Peyton. We started going back through the catechism and Annie's doing great with that. 

5. Start to potty train Graves. We're doing it! Not as hardcore as we probably should, but he's wearing underwear a lot at home and not having tons of accidents. It'll be AWHILE before I get brave enough to try this one the train and stuff. 

6. Have people over. We've meet up with people and been to different things, but we haven't had anyone over. Our apartment is pretty hot, though (our window unit goes in and out and we have fans now and it's fine, but I hate to subject other people to the heat). 

7. Make music a part of our home more. We did this and it felt great. Noticeable change in energy and attitude! 

7. Do my closet change-over. I finished it quickly early in the month. That felt AWESOME. 

Here are this month's goals:

1. Start the new Bible study with Peyton. Whew, trying this again. 

2. Start reading a book together with Peyton. And this. 

3. Drink four glasses of water daily. I probably do close to this and I know it's half the recommended amount, but I needed to start somewhere. I've cut back on Cokes and since I have I've been fixing Kool Aid for myself. So delicious but I don't want to over indulge. 

4. Take the kids swimming at least once a week. The pools are finally open (they wait until school is out so kids don't skip) and it's free, so I feel like we should definitely take advantage. I have no delusions about teaching the kids to swim this year as I previously had (I just know the public pools will be too crowded and we won't go consistently enough). But I do want to the kids to be comfortable around water and enjoy the experience. [This is a bigger deal with Annie. Graves is probably TOO comfortable but I could tell when I mentioned the pool there was a little bit of fear.]

5. Get together with friends weekly. There are so many opportunities for things to do and places to meet up so we really have no excuse! 

6. Get a rough plan of things Peyton and I want to do while Claire is here. Just so we don't waste the oppurtunity (something we are, at times, prone to do). 

7. Clean up my blog. I have these random tickers and badges and stuff floating around and I keep meaning to clean it up and make it look decent. 

Here's to July, a month of freedom. May we hold in hearts the gratefulness for the freedom from oppressive government that we've found in this nation, the freedom from being overburdened that we've found in this season, and the freedom from sin and death that we've found in our Savior. 

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