Friday, July 11, 2014

Serious and Silly and the Recent Thoughts About the Blog

Awhile back I was skimming some old posts and I read back over a post I had written nearly five years ago, and while it was fun and I delighted in reading it back to myself, I knew it wouldn't have fit at all with the way I write now. It would seem weirdly out of place and random. And that sort of bothered me.

I want to feel the freedom to write my soul on these pages and for a time that was hard and felt unnatural. And then one day it just became me in this space, a good bit of the time. And I was happy about it. But there's a part of me that also wants to continue to enjoy the freedom of posting something humorous and quirky and weird because that's every bit as much a part of my personality as the other is.

I also realized the other night that I've blogged so much less this year so far than in years past. I think part of it is trying to indulge in live in the city as much as possible, some of it is writing more on the sideblogs, but some of it is me just not being as organized as I'd like to be.

One final thing I realized just this week is that I have a TON of drafts. I always do. That's part of it for me. But it's gotten more out of control than ever. I'm thinking I may take one day each week and devote it to tackling a post in drafts and making it into something.

This blog is an ever-evolving thing and I always enjoy looking back on it at the end of each year and reading through my own thoughts and feelings. It's even more interesting now that I have year(s) on the books to look back two or four years ago and see what I was experiencing and the way this space was used to help me process. And it's a little fun to wonder what I'll be blogging about in two or four more years!

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