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Weekly Happenings #274 (June 23-29)-- Learning All About the Forgiving Prince

So, last week was Creative Arts Camp at Calvary-Saint George's. It was AMAZING. There is so much talent in the team that puts this thing on. It's all original- someone writes a play, someone plans crafts (which are really unique and creative), someone writes the curriculum, someone COMPOSES AN ORIGINAL SONG, someone comes up with the props and set design, and someone paints fabulous decorations. It seemed so special and so original, but more than that I loved the message my children got to hear last week-- as the song says "though you don't do all you should, God will work it all for good". It was such an incredible (and exhausting!) week.

On Monday, Graves woke up right after Peyton left but he fell back asleep in bed with me and didn't wake back up until nine. The kids ate breakfast and we watched their shows and then I got my bath and scooped liter and folded up the couch. I had breakfast and called a dance place in Brooklyn about camp this Summer. I registered Annie for it. I played with the kids for just a bit and then we cleaned up their room super quick. They ate lunch and I put up dishes and groceries from the night before. I put Graves down and uploaded pictures and got on Facebook and then I got myself and Annie ready for camp. Graves didn't fall asleep, so I got him up.
Ready for Creative Arts Camp!!!

We got ready and hustled. We JUST made the train. If we had waited for the next one we'd have been late.

It was a great first day. I loved my group and the kids had a blast.
getting registered! 

They had the best time at camp. "Baby Graves" as all his teachers called him had a hard time at first, but then apparently got super into painting.

Serious stuff at Calvary-Saint G's. So many things have blown Annie and Graves's tiny minds this year. I prayed this week was towards the top of that list. And I have a feeling it was.

My awesome class. They are the oldest and it was so much fun. Grown young people, y'all! I *love* toddlers and preschoolers, but this is a lovely something different.

We stayed after for a brief meeting and to clean up my room. I fixed supper as soon as we got home and read to them while they ate. I put them to bed and got on the computer for a bit until Peyton got home. We talked and watched the news and then I finished a post and went to bed.

Peyton was off on Tuesday and it was a big day. We got up and he got ready to take Annie to her first day of dance camp. Graves and I hung out and he played while I did my morning chores- the liter box and folding up the bed. I also swept and mopped in the halls and kitchen. I stopped and played with him a good bit and then I got my bath and got ready.
Peyton took Annie to the first day of dance camp and I was at home with Graves. I was trying to fold up the sofa and he grabbed the fitted she and said "wrap me up and hold me in your hands". Sweet little baby boy. 

I fixed him lunch and Peyton and Annie got home. We put him in his room for a short nap (which he, of course, did not take) and I started a post. We all got ready and left for Creative Arts Camp.
Annie wasn't wearing a bow because she desperately needed pigtails and we don't have two that match. Graves was wearing my nephew's 24 mo. shorts that barely match because they have a thin aqua stripe and he desperately needed to wear Babar. And I was wearing running shoes with street clothes because my feet desperately needed a break. Makes the tide turning on the mandatory Sunday smocking seem sort of minor.

 It was another good day. Peyton and I got our signals crossed and at first I ended up having to take Graves with my to my class. My girls LOVED him, but it was sort of a stressful start. Like when he RAN OUT THE DOOR and down the hall. Peyton took the kids home afterward and I stayed for a meeting and to clean up my room. Turned out I had the keys so I met him at the park. We came home and fed the kids pizza and bathed them and I read to them and started laundry. Peyton fell asleep early and I finished a blog post and stayed on FB way too late.

The kids slept really late (nine-ish) on Wednesday. It was super nice but kind of through off my schedule. Worth it, though! They got up and had breakfast and watched their shows and then I did my morning stuff and texted with my friend Mallory. I ate breakfast and checked my email and took a quick bath. I wanted to give Graves a little rest time (and mostly myself a little time to regroup before heading to camp), so we skipped cleaning up their room. I fixed lunch and did dishes quickly and then picked up a bit in their room myself. I got Graves settled and AP and I had about forty five minutes. She crafted and I ate lunch and got my stuff together and got on the computer for a few minutes. We headed out the door a little late and once again barely made the 2:24 train. We got to the church and got ready.

Graves had a hard time and I just kept him with me until it was time for me to take my class and then he said he wanted to go with Annie, so I quickly left him with her class. It was another great day and it went by so fast. The kids were all getting progressively more hyper as the week went on and the adults were getting more tired. We didn't have a meeting that day and I cleaned up my room quickly while the kids had a snack.
In the carrier, on a crowded train, trying to use a magma doodle. Because nobody wants to be on a crowded train with a tired, cranky kid. And certainly nobody wants one strapped to their body.

We got home and I fixed supper and got them ready for bed and then read to them. I got on the computer until Peyton got home. We chatted and watched the news and I read some blogs and then went to bed.

The kids were up EARLY on Thursday. I went ahead and checked my email and responded to some stuff on Facebook and they ate breakfast and then we watched their shows. I got my bath and got ready and then we picked up their room and I fixed lunch. I put Graves down and did a few things and then we got ready got Graves up and got ready and left for camp. We had a great time, but I was so tired on the way home.
Home. The 6 to the L to the G and then about a quarter of a mile walk home. We'd be at Calvary-Saint George's two more times in the next three days, but I was so relieved those trips both involved a papa!

P challenged me (and himself) the other day to think of ways our lives would be different if we weren't believers. I thought of some, but sadly not a whole lot. I thought about our conversation on Thursday night. If I wasn't a Christian, I doubt anything would have been a strong enough incentive for me to force myself to take public transit with the children by myself. I still get off the train shaking sometimes when it's super crowded and I have both of them with me. I think to myself that this seems small and silly, but it really is one of the most physically and mentally depleting things I've ever done. And that seems absurd. Then I remind myself about the time I gave birth to Graves with no medicine and how when I was sixteen they made me get the biggest firefighter from the bottom of the pool in my lifeguarding class. And I know I don't have a lot of perspective, but I have some.

One more train selfie with this grabby, pokey person who was attached to my body for fortyish minutes. The hysterical part is that when he's in the carrier and I start rubbing his back he likes it about half the time and half the time he says "Keep your hands to yourself, Momma!"

We got home and I fixed eggs and grits for the kids. They ate and then I got them ready for bed. I got on the computer and Peyton got home. We talked some and went to bed.

Peyton was off on Friday and we had a nice day. We got a slow start and then headed to Target. We got cat food and two box fans for the apartment. We stopped at McDonald's and I enjoyed a burger which is rare these days. My mom called me on the way home and I started talking to her. Peyton told me when we got home that he didn't think I had been focused enough on Annie. We fixed them lunch and gave them baths (they desperatly needed one) and then headed back to camp for the last day. It was great and I was sort of sad it was over.
It's been a truly wonderful week. Grateful for our friends at Calvary-Saint George's and that my children are learning "though you don't do all you should, God will work if all for good".

My little camel!

Little pinto horse that was so worn out and accidentally ended up busting my lip. It looked like I got in a fight with a pit bull.

It was so good to be a part of this thing! 

At the end, though, Peyton was doing something and I was trying to get the kids to come with me to clean up my room. Graves laid down in a doorway and ended up getting stepped on by a bigger kid. He was fine, but I was irritated (with him for laying in the floor). Later I sort of grabbed him quickly when he did it again and he leaned back and busted my lip BAD. I was supposed to go to a cookout for the teachers afterward and Peyton was going to take the kids home. I was so tired and could not stop crying and my lip looked AWFUL. Well, Peyton convinced me to go. And I had a wonderful time visiting with friends. I got home around ten and we talked and then went to bed after I finished a post.

We had a nice Saturday. We took our time in the morning and Peyton made pancakes. After that, we cleaned up the disaster apartment for a bit and then got ready to go to the Harlem Arts Festival.

Her little hand- she adores him so! 

Annie is such a fan of crafts. She had a blast making her own little animal! 

Graves tried to put his fingers in the glue one too many times and was relegated to the puddles to play!

This was during a presentation by a group who teaches school kids to dance (like ballroom) and about etiquette. So cool! 

We played on the playground a bit before catching the train home!

We had a wonderful time and stopped at Target again on the way home for diapers. We got home and I fixed supper for us and the kids. We ate and Peyton got the kids to bed while I started laundry. I got on the computer some and then got my laundry. One load didn't completely dry. Anyway, I got out our church clothes and read a good bit. And went to bed late.

Sundays are always kind of crazy. Peyton and I chatted and then he got ready because he had to be at church early to watch kids while their parents set up. I fell back asleep and then at the last minute we woke up Graves and got him ready so he could go with Peyton. We knew he'd have fun and I'd be able to only have to manage Annie on the bus. I laid down for a few more minutes and then started getting ready. I fixed Annie breakfast and got her dressed and we hustled to catch the bus. We made it and I really enjoyed my time with just her.
Sweet, sweet company!

such a treasure- just a bit of time, just me and her

Peyton and I both helped with childcare at church. The kids were WILD, but we took them outside and that seemed to help. There was a barbecue at someone's house after church and we went to that and then came home.

THIS. On the way to the BBQ. It's a group called Brooklyn United. So cool, yeah?

 Annie was so mad about leaving and then my nose started bleeding. Peyton helped me get Annie setled and then he and Graves started walking home and we sat on a bench until my nose stopped bleeding and then waited for the bus. By the time my nose cleared up and we waited on the two buses you have to take (and we visited with a lady with turtles), Peyton and Graves beat us home (and it's a two mile walk). Graves was asleep and we let him sleep in his stroller and I started washing my clothes that had gotten blood on them.

I cleaned up a bit more and had a snack and then we got ready for Calvary-Saint George's. We were running a little late and missed the train and Peyton was feeling sort of under the weather. By the time we got to the L connection, he said he was feeling horrible and decided to go back home. He took Graves because we had a stroller and I can't manage that well by myself at all. Annie got super upset again because she wanted Graves to go with us. We missed the first L train and I decided we'd all just go home. She decided then that she still wanted to go and when I asked her why after she calmed down she said "I thought all of people at Calvary-Saint George's would miss us if we didn't go".

We got there, but we were super late. And then a few minutes later, Peyton and Graves arrived. I had had the keys again! We sat through the rest of the service and the kids really did pretty good. Peyton got to feeling better. We visited with a few people afterwards and then headed home. Peyton was feeling a lot better and we took the Q train, which goes outside but requires a lot longer walk home. We fixed the kids supper when we got home and put them to bed. Peyton helped me clean up in the kitchen and we talked. I spent a lot of time uploading pictures and writing a post. I went to bed late again.

This week has been a lot more chill so far. We've had a fun week and have a fun 4th planned, but we're keeping it low-key!

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