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Weekly Happenings #275 (June 30-July 6)-- Independence Day in the City (and Some Other Fun!)

The kids woke up around eight thirty and we had breakfast and watched their shows on Monday. Annie got some mad because Graves always picks the same thing (like the same episode, not the same show). I understand her annoyance, but I do like them each to pick one. She got really mad and I ended up putting her in her room for the first part of it. She finally calmed down and we finished the show and then I got on the computer and read a bit and then scooped liter and folded up the couch and had my bath. We did the kids' devotion and catechism and read some and then cleaned up their room. Graves would not cooperate and I got so frustrated. I fixed them lunch and then put him down. He didn't fall asleep, but I got on the computer a bit, ate my lunch and did school with Annie. He got up and I did his critical thinking book with him and we did a little activity and read our Five in a Row book. We got ready and headed to the park. I didn't realize it, but the sprinklers shut off at six and we got there right around then. They still had a great time. We came home and I fixed them supper and then bathed them and put them to bed. Peyton got home shortly after that and we talked and I worked on my new header and wrote a post. We went to sleep pretty late.

Peyton was off on Tuesday. The kids slept really late and then Peyton fixed eggs and toast. We HURRIED to get ready for Annie's dance camp and I was the one making us late. Peyton and the kids left and I took about ten more minutes to get ready and then started walking myself. We waited for Annie (her class is forty five minutes) and then strolled home. We ate lunch and the kids played while we piddled around. I put up dishes and got on Facebook. We got ready to go over to Jake and Melina's (the pastor at Calvary-Saint George's and his wife) house to watch The World Cup. We got there and had a great time. I visited with Melina a lot and the kids did well. We came home and fed the kids supper and got them ready for bed. Peyton and I started a movie and ate our dinner. We actually went to bed pretty early.

The kids slept late on Wednesday and that was nice. Peyton was working and we had our normal morning, but I got up and got going since they slept so late. I got on the computer and tidied things while they ate breakfast and then I scooped the liter box and did dishes and had my breakfast and planned a bit for homeschooling that day. I called Peyton and folded up the couch and took my bath.

We did our devotion and catechism and then we started a major clean up. We really needed to get rid of some toys and I decided it was the day for it. Annie and Graves helped me and Annie mostly made the decisions. It took awhile, but it was good to do it that way, I think. We really mostly hit dress up clothes and blankets/stuffed animals. And some stuff (like hot dress up clothes) we decided to put in storage. After that, the kids ate lunch and I got Graves to his room for rest time.

Annie did a few crafts I showed her how to do and I got on the computer and ate lunch. Then I did school with her.
"R day" was pretty eventful at the Schoolhouse in the City. The really cool thing is that Annie now instigates conversations and plans some of the activities herself. We used (r)ectangles to make a (r)eplica of the co-op and since I got the idea from a craft I saw yesterday at our friends' place, we talked about the (r)ectory and how it's sort of like the parsonage at home where Brodda Mitchell and Mrs. Catherine live. This provoked a conversation about how our friend Jake can be a (R)everand and a papa and I explained just like her papa can be a papa and a pharmacist. The we painted a (r)ainbow and wore (r)ed. We hopped like (r)abbits, (r)oared like lions, and (r)aced each other at the park. We (r)an from the (r)ain and ate (r)aisins, (r)ice cakes, and (r)avioli. So much of this was her. She inspires me to do better.

We got Graves up and got ready and headed to the park. We had a great time! When we got home, I fixed them supper and bathed them and put them to bed. I read some blogs and Peyton got home. We talked and I finished a post and went to bed.

Peyton was off and we all slept late on Thursday morning and then had a chill start of the day. We cleaned up the apartment a bit and took baths and got ready to go check out the mini pool in our neighborhood. We had a fun time- Peyton had to run home to get towels and I ended up getting in with the kids by myself-- there's a line and they let people in as people get out (they also rotate groups every half hour, I think?). Anyway, it was sort of nerve wracking, but it went well. There was one time I got scared because Graves just got up and ran around the pool deck to the other side of the pool. He will just jump in even if I'm not ready to catch him, so I had to just leave Annie and rush over to him. Peyton was actually back at that point, but couldn't get in because of the line. It was super fun, though, overall. After that, we played in the sprinkler at the park where the pool is and then we came home and regrouped. We went to the bank to pay our land lady and walked to Target after that. We got some groceries there and stopped at Mr. Coco's. We ate supper (frozen pizza) and bathed the kids and put them to bed. I got on the computer for a good bit and read blogs and then I made Kool Aid and put up groceries and we watched an SVU and I folded laundry. For some reason, it was a rough night. I just didn't sleep well. The cats kept bothering me and it was hot.

Friday was the Fourth and Peyton was off again! I slept late while Peyton and the kids cooked and then got up and had my bath and did a few things. I showed Peyton our morning routine (devotion, catechism, reading, and calendar) and we all cleaned up their room together because he had mentioned wanting to see what we did on the days he works. The kids ate lunch and I started making a salad for something that night. I showed Peyton how to do AP's school stuff and we put Graves down for rest time. I finished the salad and they worked on school and I did some dishes and started getting ready. We left for a roof top cook out at the Smiths. It was so much fun. We got there around five and stayed past eight and then we all walked down to the East River to see fireworks.

Sadly we (and at least a hundred other people) were in a bad spot and couldn't really see them at all. Annie was distraught, as was her friend Sophia. We walked back home and discussed how they do fireworks every Friday at Coney Island and we needed an excuse to go anyway. I also told her that she will be able to see fireworks every Fourth of July for the rest of her life, but this may be the only Fourth of July she spends with Sophia when she asked me why we didn't go to the spot we originally planned (we had been planning to go back to Brooklyn to watch from the piers but she was having such a good time playing with her friend). Graves fell asleep on the train on the way home and Annie ate a sandwich at eleven thirty and went to bed.
Such a sleepy little patriot!

 I got on the computer and went to bed shortly after that.

We had a nice chill day at home on Saturday. Peyton was working and the kids got up sort of early. They had breakfast and watched their shows and then I got my bath, folded up the couch, scooped liter, and swept in the kitchen and hallways. We did their devotion and catechism and I played with them a bit and then my mom Facetimed us. After we talked to her, we cleaned up and had lunch. I did dishes and put Graves down. I ate my lunch and got on the computer and took a short nap and read some. Graves got up and he and Annie cut up magazines and I hung up some clothes. I cooked supper while they did puzzles and then they ate and I bathed them and got them to bed.
Annie making Bud do the puzzle HER WAY. One piece at a time, taking turns. Compulsive like her momma.

I got on the computer and Peyton got home. I did a bunch of laundry and we ate (tacos) and talked some and read and then I ironed clothes and did dishes.

I got up before the kids and got ready and then let them eat cereal in their room on Sunday. There was only one service at Calvary-Saint George's so we were going to that. I got the kids ready and we left. The G train was all messed up and we were so late! I dropped the kids off in the nursery and went to the service. We were going to leave right after because I hadn't brought food for the potluck they were having (I just couldn't figure out how to manage it on the train), but Melina convinced us to stay. We got small plates and didn't stay too long, but got to visit some. We came home and I put Graves down for his nap. He played and I got on the computer and ate a snack and then laid down. The cat was bothering me AGAIN and I finally called that quits and got Graves up.
During rest time I sometimes let Annie take pictures with my phone. She loves photographing the cats, her food, Little People, and crafts she's been working in. And apparently sometimes she likes to take a selfie or six. 

The kids played and then I let them watch a show since they hadn't that morning. I fixed them supper and then got them ready for bed. I got on the computer until Peyton got home. We talked and I updated my Goodreads page and then we ate and watched the news.

Annie asleep under Graves's bed. I'm about ninety percent sure this was them pretending they have bunk beds. I'm about a hundred percent sure that if they actually did, she'd do everything in her power to get dibs on the bottom bunk.

This week is a busy one....for Peyton. He worked this weekend and he'll work every day (thirteen hour shifts plus transit time) this week. He had already picked up a day on Friday and someone called about him working tomorrow, too. Usually he's happy to do that for people when someone has a death in the family or a sick child but he gets the scheduler to find him another day to take off. In this case, we decided not to find another day. We had decided he'd work a couple of extra shifts sometime this month because we're driving home to Mississippi, but I think we're going to fly back so that the kids and I can stay longer and I can go to my high school reunion (he'll fly back a little earlier). Anyway, I'm sort of dreading it, but we've got one day down and only four to go and then we'll have the weekend all together! 

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