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Weekly Happenings Post #276 (July 7-13)-- Hard Workin' Papa

Graves was legit asleep (and had been sucking on his jon jon, I swear he's the most orally fixated three year old ever). Annie was pretending. And look at Peyton's farmer's tan. Ha! 

Last week was a little unusual because Peyton worked every single weekday. I know that's most people's normal, but he works thirteen hours shifts (and has an about forty five minute commute each way). So those are long days- for him and me. We decided it would be good for him to have the extra hours so we could have some extra money for our four plane tickets home for Cookie's wedding in October (we decided not to drive either way). Anyway, the week was longer and harder than I expected. I had told myself I did it for a month at home, but the fact is I had a HUGE support group for that. That in itself made the week harder- I just felt homesick a whole lot- for my parents, for Carrie, for an easier reality where I could make low key plans on all those days and nights by myself. 

But overall, it worked out well. We got in a good bit of school, we went to the playground four out of five days, and Graves got back on his nap routine (he'd been skipping a lot since Creative Arts Camp and I was about ready to concede that he was done, although I was still going to enforce "rest time"). I also blogged more than I have in a long time and wrote a couple of posts I've really been wanting to do. I feel like we used the time as best we could have! 

The kids slept super late on Monday. I heard them wake up around nine and then they called me about half an hour later. I went ahead and got up at that point and didn't snooze during their breakfast =) While they ate, I scooped liter and straightened and got on the computer a bit. I watched Sesame Street with them and then got my bath and folded up the bed. I had breakfast and did a couple of other things on the computer and finished doing my lesson plans for that day.

We did their devotion and catechism, read a little and played, and then cleaned up their room. I fixed them lunch and put Graves down to rest. Annie crafted and I ate lunch and uploaded pictures and read some blogs and got on Twitter. I did school with Annie after that and then we got Graves and headed to the playground.
Annie read her first book!

Graves's "collection"- lovely how it's like pulling teeth to get him to pick up a few toys in his own bedroom but he's perfectly happy to do a thorough sweep of all the trash at the city park.

We got home and I fixed them supper and then we read our Five in a Row book and did a little activity. I bathed them and read to them some more and then put them down. I worked on a post and Peyton got home. We ate and watched the news and I read some more blogs and made my list for the next day. I could NOT go to sleep. I tried, but I had the worst insomnia. I ended up finally going to sleep at like FOUR.

Tuesday was a little different. Peyton left for work and Graves got up and snuggled with me. Then I put him back in his room and he and AP ate breakfast while I got ready because Annie had dance camp. I got them ready and we hurried, but ended up missing the train. We made it and were a tiny bit late. I just read and played with Graves during the class.
We were hurrying and I was sweating so bad pulling Annie along with Graves in the carrier. I was actually in a pretty good mood, though. But Graves all of a sudden says "We all so fus-trated!" I asked him why and he said "Because Papa not here." He seemed less frustrated once we made it to the dance center and I let him air out his hot little feet.

We came home and the kids had lunch and I did dishes and then put Graves down. He fell right asleep and took a long nap. I got on the computer, ate lunch, took a nap, and did school with Annie. Graves got up and I started a post while they watched their show for the day. I started supper and we cleaned up their room and went through some of Annie's artwork in the kitchen. The kids ate and then we did our Five in a Row book, devotion and catechism, and Graves's critical thinking. I got them ready for bed and we read some more and then I got on the computer and worked on a post. Peyton got home and we ate dinner and I talked to my mom.

Peyton was, of course, working again on Wednesday. The kids got up early and I fixed them breakfast and then we watched a show.
He told Peyton the other day "I just need my high chair back, Papa. So I don't run around while I'm eating." Trying to help him learn a bit of self-control.

They played and I took a bath, finished my school plans for the day, ate breakfast and got on the computer, folded up the bed and scooped liter. I played with them for a bit and we did their devotion and catechism and the cleaned up their room.
I really love the fact that Graves is typically all boy. Because then we have moments like this.Haha! In the interest of full disclosure, he's not just wearing the beloved pink back pack just for the heck of it. He's MonkMonk's Papa and he's taking her to an art festival in her carrier. The pony tail? Just for the heck of it.

I fixed them lunch and then I put Graves down. He actually fell asleep and I got on the computer and ate lunch and read some.
Sometimes Annie likes to photograph the cat and then edit in hair and jewelry. Obviously. 

I did school with Annie and when Graves got up we headed to the playground. We played in the sprinkler and on the playground and then came home. I fixed them supper and we read our Five In a Row book and did Graves's critical thinking and then the guy who used to live in our apartment came by to pick up a package that came here. He's super nice and we talked a bit and then I bathed the kids and read to them.
We were reading and I told Annie that Jesus is with us during the "storms" of life and explained to her that that means the hard things. "What are some hard things, Momma?" "Well, when you had that parking garage incident and were so upset for several weeks. That was hard and I asked Jesus to help you with those feelings." "Anything else hard?" "Well, sometimes I really miss Mickey and Minnie a lot." "Oh....because they *your* momma and papa?" Yep.

 I put them to bed and read blogs a bit. Peyton got home and we ate and watched the news. I worked on a post for the next day and got on Facebook and went to bed.

Thursday was a nice day. The kids slept really late and we got off to a good start with breakfast. I ended up getting up and doing a few things and then I laid back down to watch the kids shows with them. After that, I put them in their room and did my morning chores and took my bath. They were having a hard time and it took me longer than usual to get anything done. I played with them for awhile and then we did the catechism and their devotion and picked up toys. It was late by the time we got to lunch and I did dishes and then put Graves down. I figured he wouldn't nap, but he fell asleep. I ate my lunch and got on the computer and did school with Annie.
It was "n" day so we emailed our favorite (n)urse. 

He got up and we got ready for the park. The sprinklers were turned off because it was six o'clock, but we enjoyed the playground.
I could get used to it. 

Cracks me up. I mean he only weighs like five pounds less than her.

We learned a few plurals today and Annie wanted to share her knowledge with the playground. (Dogs) 

During naptime, Annie had asked me to help her make a fan  then she made a little handle for it. No idea where she got this. She's a Mississippi girl!

Although here she looks Brooklyn born and bred.

We came home and read our Five in a Row book and I did critical thinking stuff with Graves. The kids ate supper and then we Facetimed with Mickey and Minnie. I read to them and put them to bed and then I started a little sewing project. I finished up and Peyton got home. We talked and I emailed a friend and then ate something and went to bed.

Friday was our last day without Peyton. The kids got up and I fixed them breakfast and we watched Sesame Street. I got my bath and did my morning chores and got on the computer for a bit and had my breakfast. We played in their room a good bit and did their devotion and catechism. We picked up toys and I fixed them lunch. After they ate, I put Graves down. Another good nap! I French braided Annie's hair and ate my lunch and read some blogs and then Annie and I did school (phonics, critical thinking, and some read aloud time) and I read some. Graves got up and we got ready and headed to the playground. We stayed until almost seven and then came home for dinner and baths. I put them to bed and got on the computer. Peyton got home and we talked and tried to finish a movie but I fell asleep.
I had to let my nose piercing grow back because of a keloid and Annie asked me "Momma, where your stud?". I told Minnie about it because I thought it was so funny and she literally started screaming into the phone. Anybody remember the scene in "A Christmas Story" where Ralphie's momma calls his friend's momma to report that he learned a dirty word from her son and she goes beserk and then beats the crap out of her kid? Similar sitch with Min on the other end of the line. "MY BABY! TALKING ABOUT YOUR STUD! OH, THANK GOD ITS GONE!". We are a people given to intense emotion.

We had a great day Saturday. I slept late and Peyton cooked pancakes with the kids. We were going to go to something at the Brooklyn Historical Society, but it turns out they don't have it in the Summer. We had a slow morning and I actually got frustrated as Peyton and I tried to figure out what to do. We ended up going to the library and dropping off books and then playing in Prospect Park. We had brought a kite (they wasn't much wind) and a beach ball (super fun times) and we played and had a snack lunch and then walked on a nature trail a bit.
our mini picnic!

We found some mint tea (sweetened with maple syrup) at the farmers' market. So good!

We ended up at the Lefferts Historic House- an old home/museum. We had a great time and learned a lot.
Wigwam at Lefferts House

Learning to spin yarn!

I was SO hungry after that. We headed home and stopped at The Smoke Joint in Fort Greene.
Nearly a year ago- last August- Peyton and I sat at these outdoor tables under the sign and looked out, a bit enchanted, at the area of sectioned off street with tables and trees; the gorgeous architecture; and the lively and charming people who passed by. That day, we had taken our first breaths in Kings County. We had been to the Brooklyn Flea and the Farmers' Market at Fort Greene Park. We tentatively said we very much loved it. And little did we know, it was the slow beginning of giving our hearts to a place. It was good to be back there, sitting in the street and eating BBQ, with the other two people I love most in the world.

 On the way home, we heard some music at Fort Greene Park and we stopped and listened to the band a bit and then came home. Peyton actually gave the kids showers- we've never done that before and I think he basically ended up in there with them. He got them to bed and I worked on laundry and cleaned up the kitchen and unpacked our junk from the day. I took a shower and ironed clothes and went to bed.

Sunday was fun and busy. Peyton got up and left early to help watch kids while people set up. He woke me up to help him get Graves ready at the last minute. I went back to sleep and then got ready (Annie was up and I let her eat breakfast in her room). We got to the bus stop a few minutes early and right before we got there we saw the bus leave. UGH. I fooled around trying to figure out a new bus route and got frustrated. We walked a block or so, waited about ten minutes, and then I fold Annie we were just going home because it started to rain. She cried and as we started home we saw the B69- the bus we had tried to catch. It had been about twenty minutes so it was time for it again! We made it to church and I was so glad it worked out because our friend Matt was preaching and he did a wonderful job.
Everybody's smilin'...sunshine day!

She said "I'm farmer Annie and he's my cow that got away".

We decided to walk home with the guys even though I didn't have my comfy shoes. We stopped at Lunitas and tried it for the first time. It was GREAT and really reasonable.

We came home and I did a few things while the kids played and Peyton booked my mom a flight to come visit. We took both kids' monthly pictures.

 I emailed a friend and messaged someone on FB and then we realized we really needed to get ready for church. The G was having work done and running super irregularly so we decided to walk about twenty minutes and take the Q. We had to wait for it a long time, but we made it to church two minutes late. Jacob was out of town so there was someone else preaching- I enjoyed it, though. After church, we came home. Graves fell asleep on the way and Annie and Peyton stopped in Mr. Coco's. We just put Graves to bed and fed Annie supper and got her to bed. I uploaded some pictures and ate supper and went to bed myself.

Today was a weird day. Mondays seem to be usually, I guess. I just always miss the conveniences of home. Our toilet flooded and of course, we only have the one. I'm anxious for Peyton to get home and us to enjoy another day with him tomorrow. We'll be on our own Wednesday and the weekend, but he also has Thursday and Friday off.

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