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Weekly Happenings Post #277 (June 14-20)-- Slow, Dreary Summer Days

We had a good normal week last week. Very welcomed after Peyton's full work week the week before. For some reason I was super tired, though, last week. Maybe it was because it was overcast a ton during the week. I'm not sure because I didn't stay up later than usual really. But I did end up taking a nap every single day that Peyton worked. Ha!

Graves was up early on Monday- around the time Peyton left. Annie slept super late. He had fallen asleep on the way home from church and not eaten and she had stayed up late into the night visiting with Peyton, so it made sense. Anyway, I got Graves breakfast and we played Peek a Book with pillows and he fooled with my hair and snuggled with me. Annie got up and we watched a Charlie Brown Easter movie, per their request. They ate (Annie for the first time and Graves for the second) and I got busy. The house was sort of a wreck. I put up some groceries from the night before and organized the fridge and cleaned it a little. I also cleaned off the counter and found the smell I had been noticing all morning- rotten sweet potatoes. I cleaned up that mess, went through some piles, and started dishes. I also scooped liter and swept and mopped in the hall, kitchen, and bathroom. Then I put the kids in their room and straightened up the den. I folded up the bed and picked up toys. I folded a few clean towels, hung up Peyton's clothes, and sorted some others. I cleaned out the tub, finished the dishes, and poured some stuff down the drain because it keeps backing up. I read a few blog posts and hopped in the tub. Whew for being productive!

We played and then did the catechism and devotion. I helped them clean up their room and then they had lunch. I got on the computer and uploaded pictures and started a post and ate lunch. I visited with Annie and then decided to skip doing school and take a nap. I got up when Graves got up and it was almost supper. I fixed them supper and then played with them some and bathed them. I read to them and got them to bed. The toilet started overflowing and I kind of freaked out. I got it cut off and scooped the water with a plastic cup. Annie had to teetee in a Tupperware thing until Peyton got home.

I got on the computer and sent an email and finished my post. I read some blogs and Peyton got home. We watched the news and finished a movie from last week. I did a few other things on the computer and went to bed late.

Peyton was home on Tuesday, but it was raining so we had a low key day. We got up and got ready and all took Annie to dance (it wasn't raining yet at that point). I waited for her and Peyton and Graves ran to Target because it's only a few blocks away from the studio.
We found another way to baby wear. Harness animals are perfect for five year olds who like to practice attachment parenting with their "babies".

We all came home and the kids had lunch and I started doing dishes and straightening the kitchen. Graves took a nap and Peyton and Annie took some stuff to the storage unit and went down the road to Walgreens to take Coke cans. You can get five cents for returning a can and Peyton let Annie buy a treat. It was raining at that point and Peyton let her play in the rain. I put pictures on Facebook and sent an email.

Graves woke up and they got back and I started washing the towels I had used in the bathroom when the potty overflowed and put up some more laundry I had folded the night before. We fed the kids supper and then Peyton let them play in the shower ("sprinkler"?) for like an hour. He got them to bed and I got my laundry and straightened more around the house. I had a headache so we watched an SVU and I fell asleep super early.

It was good because Wednesday came bright and early. Except unfortuantlty not bright. It was another dreary day. Peyton had cut his finger the night before and the cut reopened as he was getting dressed. He was late so I helped him find other clothes and get his shirt buttoned without bleeding all over it. The kids woke up and I got them breakfast after Peyton left. They ate and then we watched their shows and I fell back asleep. After their shows, I got up and scooped liter and folded up the couch. I sent a couple of emails and planned school for the day and then took my bath. I played with the kids some and then we did their catechism and devotion and picked up. I fixed them lunch and put Graves down.

It took him awhile to go to sleep. I ate lunch and got on the computer. I got on Facebook and started a blog post. I did school with Annie- critical thinking, some phonics, and read aloud time- and then took a very quick power nap. Graves got up and we headed to the park. The sprinklers were off, but we played for a bit and then headed home for supper and baths.
"M day" means an indoor maze...

and an outdoor one! 

 I read to the kids and got them to bed. I got on the computer and Peyton got home. We talked and watched the news and then I read some blogs and looked at ideas for things for us to do the next day.

Peyton was off on Thursday and he woke up early. We chatted and then I rolled back over and went back to sleep. The kids got up a couple of hours late and we got ready pretty quickly. We headed to Union Square Park for some fun activities- we were going to do kid yoga, see Olivia, and watch a concert. Yoga was crowded by the time we got there so we just headed to the playground.
Such a different and unique playground! 

After that, we went to the storytime with Olivia program and then saw the first of the concert.

Annie found a little art table set up and we did that and went back to the playground for a few minutes. We fed the kids lunch in the stroller and walked to the East Village to get Graves and Peyton haircuts. We stopped at another park and then came home.
Round two at the Russian barber. Who is this child?!?

That looks a little more like my goofy Gravesy! 

Twins. Minnie requested I get them haircuts soon so they'd have a solid three months before the wedding to let their Southern shags grow. Buster Browns for the flower child wedding in the bayou, obviously. 

The kids played a little and I started cleaning up. I scooped liter, folded up the bed, and unpacked the stroller and our bags. The kids took a shower and had fruit in the tub. I got on the computer and started laundry. They got out and we did puzzles and some school activities for about an hour and then gave them a snack and got them ready for bed.
First time for anything other than pink or red. Also, this is called "Mellow Yellow". It's made me crave Mellow Mushroom and miss Carrie so bad!

Peyton and I talked and I worked on a blog post and emailed a friend and went to bed.

We had another good day on Friday. We got up and got ready and headed to Commodore Barry Pool. It was our first legit public pool visit (we had been to the mini pool in our neighborhood, but that's it).

We had fun. It was SO cold, though. We ended up spending the most time watching the children splash in the kiddie pool. We got dried off and headed home after that.

We had a low key afternoon and just relaxed some. I folded up the bed and scooped liter and then we ate lunch, rested, and I got on the computer for a bit. Then Graves decided to do an art project with the contents of his diaper.

I ended up cleaning it all up, but Peyton took care of Graves completely and blessed me immensely by doing it. I started doing some dishes and Peyton got ready to go. He was going to a guys' dinner with a bunch of men from Trinity Grace. I finished dishes and then fixed them supper. When they finished I got out a little magnetic number book I'd been saving. I thought it would be fun to help Graves work on his numbers. Of course, Annie ended up playing with it the most, but we had fun. I got them ready for bed and read to them and got on the computer until Peyton got home. We talked some and I finished a post. I went to bed sort of late-ish.

Peyton worked on Saturday and the kids got up when he left. I got them breakfast and changed Graves's diaper and laid back down. They ate and we watched their shows and then I took a bath and scooped liter and folded up the couch.
They were gated in while I tried to take a bah. Annie needed a potty break and then I hear him say "Next monkey coming up!". A little blurry because wild monkey is wild. 

I got on the computer for a bit and then played with them for awhile. Annie wanted to do the usual devotion and catechism even though I hadn't planned on it. We did and then cleaned up. I let her start lunch and watched/encouraged Graves while he finished. They ate and then I put Graves down. I got on the computer and started working on my playlist. I ate lunch and took a nap. Graves woke up and we played and did puzzles while I baked some chicken for dinner. I fixed the kids' supper and they ate while I did some dishes and then I bathed them and read to them and got them ready for bed. I put them down and worked on my playlist some more and got on Facebook until Peyton got home. We watched a movie and then I got stuff ready for church and we went to bed.

It was really overcast on Sunday morning, but I was planning to go to Crown Heights. Then I found cat puke. Then I couldn't find my Metro Card. I was pretty stressed and Peyton suggested I just calm down and take my time looking for it and just go to Calvary-Saint George's that night. I decided he was right. The kids finished breakfast and we watched their shows. Graves was super snuggly and after that I played with them and we hid under the blankets and pretended a bear was outside it. I got up and got on the computer and they played with Play Dough and then I got my bath and did my morning chores. We played and did their devotion and catechism and then picked up toys. I fixed them lunch and Graves took a good nap. I finished up my playlist and ate my lunch and took a nap myself. We got up and got ready for church and headed over. The service was in Anderson Hall (a big room with a stage) instead of the sanctuary. They actually had it set up really nicely and it felt reverent and intimate. They are sort of changing up the six o'clock service and there was a short meeting afterwards. They had watermelon and chips and salsa, which was fun. Peyton met us there and we headed home on the train. Graves walked to the train and then from the train to home. We rode the Q, which means a long walk and he did almost all of it (he rode a bit on Peyton's shoulders).
 Graves also sang the hymns (he pointed to the band and said "I'm their big helper") and repeated the creed (the congregation said "on the third day, He rose again" and Graves said "One day, He rose again" in his bitty voice). Sometimes he seems so big and sometimes he seems so little.

We stopped at Mr. Coco's and bought some groceries and then came home and ate pizza and put the kids right to bed. I sent a few emails, read blogs, talked to a friend on FB, and read some and then went to bed.

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