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Weekly Happenings Post #278 (July 21-27)-- Coney Island and The Met

We had a good, fun-filled week!

Peyton and I got up early on Monday and chatted and then I went back to sleep. The kids got up as he was leaving and I fixed them breakfast and then we watched two shows. I scooped liter and folded up the bed and got on the computer. I ordered them some clothes for next Summer off Zulily and got my bath. I planned school for the day and read my devotional and talked to Peyton. I played with the kids and we did their devotion and catechism and then picked up and had lunch.

I was feeling so yucky after lunch, I got a bite to eat and then took a nice nap. When I got up, I found Annie asleep on the floor. We all got up, got ready, and headed to the park.

We stayed about an hour and then came home and ate supper. I did Annie's Logic of English since we had missed it and then we read our Five in a Row book. They got their bath and I put them to bed. I got on the computer until Peyton got home. We talked and went to bed.

Tuesday was BUSY and fun. We got up and Peyton cooked us breakfast and I stayed in bed a little while. Guys, I think LACK OF physical touch is my love language because I just adore having the sleeper sofa to myself for a little bit.

Anyway, we got going and took Annie to her dance class. Peyton and I took turns playing with Graves and I read a little during it. After that, we headed straight to The Met. We had lunch of the steps and spent most of the afternoon there.
Annie (and Graves!) were fascinated by this great fashion exhibit they had going on. The ribbon dresses were my favorite- there was a dressing gown, and evening gown, and a ball gown!

Graves loved the suits of armor. 

We stopped at a playground in Central Park and headed back to Brooklyn. 
We were on a SUPER crowded train and Graves says "put me down, I'm so sweaty". I said "Bud, everyone on this train is sweaty." And this extremely dainty chick goes "Am I sweaty?? Sniff my hair, Momma." 

We stopped at the library and got a big haul and then hit up our favorite Mexican place on the way home. Peyton bathed the kids and we got them to bed about twelve hours after having left home. I did four loads of laundry in the laundry room across the courtyard and folded five.
Peyton's leg- ha! 

 I wrote a quick post and went to bed pretty late.

Wednesday was super laid back and the kids and I didn't even leave the apartment. They slept a little late and then ate breakfast and we watched Sesame Street. I took my bath, scooped liter and folded up the couch, swept the hall and kitchen and planned school for the day. I texted with some friends and then played with the kids. We did their devotion and catechism and picked up. They had lunch late and I did dishes and swept their room and straightened a bit. Graves took a good nap. I started a post, ate lunch, uploaded some pictures to Facebook, and did school with Annie.
"This is a picture of a man thinking about a mouse. And that's a cat chasing a mouse. Did you know that CATS CHASE MOUSES?" 

Graves got up and we finished our read aloud time with him. They played a little and I did Graves's critical thinking and then we read our Five In a Row book and had some good discussion. I cooked spaghetti (with sauce from a jar- not near as good as Mickey's version) and the kids ate. They took a long time to eat and I let them play a little more while I organized some stuff in the homeschool cabinet. I got them ready for bed and put up laundry in their room and then read to them for a good while. I got on the computer and then went to bed.
Dinner guests this weekend and a house guest next week means Peyton is hauling his butt to the Home Depot in Bed-Stuy to get a "serious" fan. Or Amazon Priming that sucker tonight. His wife, who sweated like a pig in her apartment today, is thankful....[These were my thoughts on Wednesday. It's the next Monday. HAS NOT HAPPENED.]

Thursday was another day at home. The kids got up EARLY and I fixed them breakfast and we watched their shows. Annie was emotional and having a rough morning. I took my bath, folded up the sofa, and scooped cat liter. I ate breakfast and planned the school day and read my devotion. I got out the gingerbread playhouse for the kids and we played in it for awhile. We read their devotion and did their catechism and cleaned up and then it was lunch. I did dishes and started reading some.
Annie: "We're doing this thing where just we kick each other really softly. And I'm fine with that."

 I put Graves down and read some more and then ate my lunch and got on the computer. I took a nap and Graves woke up, so I did school with Annie while he was up. He kept getting into mischief. At first Annie did great, but then we got to handwriting and we both got frustrated. We read a bunch and did Graves's critical thinking and then I cooked eggs and grits. I bathed them and got them to bed. I swept the den and kitchen and then mopped. I got on the computer and spent a long time working on my playlist post and uploading pictures to Flikr. Peyton got home and we talked and ate. I worked on the post some more and went to bed.

We had a good relaxing morning on Friday. Peyton had said he wanted to sleep late, so I did my normal breakfast and cartoons routine with the kids. He sleeps SO hard so he stayed asleep right beside us. After that, we all got up and got ready and headed to Trader Joe's for groceries a little before lunch. We came home and put up groceries, cleaned out the fridge, and had lunch. The kids played in their room and I made a quick trip to the post office.
It was "e" day the day before and I needed to send something to Minnie so Annie decorated an (e)nvelope.

I got back and started cleaning the kitchen. Peyton had a pizza in the oven the night before and it had fallen off the rack and made a big mess. I cleaned the oven for about half an hour and then worked on dishes and cleaning out the food containers from the fridge. Peyton said something that hurt my feelings (it was an innocent comment about how the kids kept calling me and I didn't notice and did I think that happened a lot). I took it to mean he thought I didn't care for them well and he just meant there were loud fans and water running and I might not hear them a good bit. I cried and we talked and then we all got ready for Coney Island!
"You her sister or her momma?"- teenage boys at the library this week. One thing I love about this year is saying "Well, I'll be thirty this May" when people say "You not old enough for them babies?!?".

It was so much fun. It really deserves a post itself, I think. I just loved seeing all the people and it felt sort of magical. Annie had THE best time.
Friday night, yo. 

A thirty minute train ride and it's like the fair whenever you want it. I think we'll be making several more trips before Summer ends! 

Baby on the boardwalk!

Dance parties are better when Gravey Train gets an invite.

Bright lights over Brooklyn

Their little faces! It was one of those I'll hold in my heart always. 

We got home after midnight and put the kids to bed (Graves had fallen asleep in the carrier and we transferred him to the stroller and put Annie in the carrier). I got on the computer when we got home and ended up staying up too late doing Facebook and reading a thread on a message board.

We slept WAY late on Saturday. Graves got up around seven thirty, but he was so sweet and calm. He ate breakfast, snuggled with us, and played with the cat until Annie got up. She ate and then they watched cartoons and we dozed some more. We finally got up and got ready and headed to the Children's Museum. They were having a little Hawaiian celebration and eating pineapple and mango and making leis.

The kids enjoyed that and then we played until it closed. It started raining on the way home and we ducked into a little Indian restuarant. That is SO not me- I'm all for bland, traditional food and will still order a grilled cheese in a heartbeat- but I got outside my comfort zone and was richly rewarded. It really was good and the girl who served us was SO sweet and thoughtful. She gave the kids free mango smoothies and apologized profusely when another waiter touched my glass ("he doesn't understand- I'm so sorry"). We came home and put the kids in the bathtub. Graves actually had a potty accident in the tub (that hasn't happened in forever and it was because Annie was on the potty and he needed to use it). We got that taken care of and I started laundry and then went to buy a needle at Walgreens. I came home with a bunch of snacks. Peyton and I talked and watched the news and then I folded clothes and got on the computer. I went to bed late again.

On Sunday, Peyton got up and took Graves to watch the kids while people set up for church. Annie and I left later and I slept a lot later than I should have. I woke up at 8:40 and we were waiting to cross the street to get on our bus at 9:20. That's a record for me (and Annie can get herself ready almost by herself now; I just needed to fix her hair, button her dress, and get her a cup of cereal). Anyway, we watched the bus pass from across the street- five minutes early. UGH (they're supposed to wait at the stop if they're ahead like that). Anyway, we ended up walking to the stop where we get on the second bus (probably half a mile). We made it on time which was good because it was "family Sunday" and we were doing the Call to Worship (like the first thing). They needed an extra person to watch children, so I did that. We visited with friends a bit and then walked home after the service. We fixed the kids lunch and relaxed. I got on the computer for a minute and then ate my lunch and read and took a short nap.
Graves started singing this song about Joseph being thrown in a well and then ending up in Harlem. It's my favorite. 

 I took another bath before we left for church again- it was so hot. We were running late and decided to take a bus to the train station instead of walking/taking a closer train. We saw the bus coming and RAN a block to get on it. I was holding Annie and she's heavy now. We made it, though. And then Peyton's MetroCard didn't work. The driver was so nice and just let him get on. We tried to refill it at the train station and it kept rejecting our zip code. We almost gave up and then it finally worked. We ran to get on the train- I had Graves this time- and the doors started to shut. Peyton held them open (NOT allowed) and we made it. The service was good and we ate watermelon and had another little meeting after it (they're sort of reformating the evening service at Calvary-Saint G's.

We took the Q home and we didn't have a stroller or a carrier. So Graves walked a bunch from the station (probably about half a mile). It takes FOREVER, but I know it's great for him. We stopped at Walgreens for milk and I had to take Graves home while Peyton checked out because he wouldn't stop grabbing stuff in the checkout line. He WAILED all the way home. They ate supper and went straight to bed. Peyton and I talked and I got on the computer and uploaded pictures. We also cleaned out the whole kitty area in the closet. Peyton helped me wash the rug in the bathtub and I swept and scrubbed the floor. I ate supper and did my Bible study and read. Another late night!

This week we've got some really fun stuff going on. A friend who is doing an internship in the city offered to babysit tomorrow and so we're going out and then our sweet, precious babysitter from home is coming to stay for a week on Wednesday!

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