Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Weekly Smorgasbord

Not a whole lot this week, but a few finds from around the web:
Posted: 22 Jul 2014 09:51 PM PDT
The other night I texted my old Educational Psychology professor tonight because I was at such a loss with Graves (see the poop incident and my earlier status). However, thanks to dear Sarah for sharing this. It reminded me once again that the end goal is not behavior modification. And that if I worry less about behavior and appearances, I have than much more of a chance to show him the Gospel. [As an aside, this is not to say I'm going to sit smiling while my child is sinning. I do believe in consequences, but I have felt myself to focused on the Law rather than the Gospel and I do NOT want my parenting to reflect that. Probably a full post coming on that.]
Posted: 22 Jul 2014 09:50 PM PDT
The other day was was our first time to swim at a legit public pool (not the mini pool in our neighborhood). They won't let you take in your phone (in fact there are tons of super strict rules- only white shirts for guys, no shoes or cover ups on deck, books or bound periodicals only), so I had to snatch this picture from a guy's blog who apparently snuck it in under the radar. It was really neat- it looked just like this, but now they've added interesting quotes from Commodore Barry, who "In the space of 58 years, this son of a poor Irish farmer rose from humble cabin boy to senior commander of the entire United States fleet. Intrepid In battle, he was humane to his men as well as adversaries and prisoners..." It's neat to go for a dip and get a history lesson, too. As SuperDuperDad said on his blog, we were (I think) the only white people there. DEFINITELY the only white people with kids in appliqued swim suits. I mention this only because it feels SO good to be in a place where I don't care and don't feel totally uncomfortable and self-conscious and worried about what other people think. Because, you know, other people are just people.
Posted: 22 Jul 2014 09:48 PM PDT
Posted: 22 Jul 2014 09:48 PM PDT
"The only wall of resistance I find myself bumping into, however, is the one our current culture built in my mind. There is a part of me that resists this secret sabbath, a voice that speaks in disapproving tones of laziness and selfishness, of the shame of taking so many steps back for women everywhere, of setting an example for my own daughters that is weak and self-indulgent...But I continue to quietly pushback against those lies, knowing in my heart that sabbath never about self-indulgence - it's about self-care. Sabbath is never about shame - it's about choosing restoration and healing. Sabbath is is never about weakness - it's about possessing the strength to choose rest."

Megan is, once again, so full of insight. (As an aside, Megan is one of those people I really look up to as far as being a mom of older girls. That's only tangentially what this post is about, but it's worth noting.) Look this is about periods, yo. But it's about SO MUCH MORE. Just saying, if that's not your thing, stop here. Fair warning. [Also, I hate disclaimers like this. They seem to sort of degrade the post. But I felt like I should make sure to put it out there in advance.]


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