Friday, August 1, 2014

August Happenings

I really love this month's header and I think it fits great with the background. I think the pictures turned out pretty cute, too. I wanted it to represent Summer in NYC and I think it does okay- Annie on the steps of the Met and Bud at the Children's Museum; me in a straw hat and some good, soul soothing music; and our first trip to Coney Island. The quote came from a book Peyton's reading and I kind of love it.


July was a great month. Annie loved her dance camp on Tuesdays and we've had some fun adventures and full days- the Met, the public pool for the first time, our first trip to Coney Island. and lots of time at the park. Our wonderful babysitter from home, Claire, is here now, playing with Annie in the next room. It's been a good, good month. 

Here's what on the slate for August:

- Claire's going to be here until Wednesday night! So we have a lot of fun things planned for that. 

- Minnie will be here for a visit at the end of the month.

- I really want to absorb this last month that's truly Summer here- the street fairs and festivals, the pools, Coney Island. I'd even like to work in a trip to the beach. 

And here are last month's goals:

1. Start the new Bible study with Peyton. I'm really embarrassed at this point. We are worse than inconsistent. We haven't done great at all. 

2. Start reading a book together with Peyton. We did do this. I (almost) finished it. He has a little more. We've been discussing. 

3. Drink four glasses of water daily. I didn't keep track of it, really, but I felt like I kid a good job of trying to get more in my system. 

4. Take the kids swimming at least once a week.We did go once. And that was it. It was COLD (I didn't even get all the way in) but fun. I hope we can make it back a few times this month. 

5. Get together with friends weekly. Not weekly, but Peyton's done some things with some guys from church and we spent the Fourth with some friends. We made plans to have some other friends over, but last minute changes at work for one of them got in the way. We rescheduled. 

6. Get a rough plan of things Peyton and I want to do while Claire is here. Eh, we had a VERY rough plan and then sort of firmed it up when she got here. 

7. Clean up my blog. Nope. Adding that again. 

And here are this month's:
1. Do a Bible study with Peyton (consistently). I don't really think there's a trick to this. We both do okay (NOT great!) with our own Bible studies, but we drop the ball here. I think I'm going to say we spend at least a few minutes discussing and praying after her gets home/before the eleven o'clock news. I'm usually finishing a post and he gets on Facebook or something to unwind. But we may need to change things up. 

2. Start and finish one book. I basically did this last month and it felt GREAT. I want my reading goals to be attainable, but to actually be something.

3. Clean up (and back up) my blog(s). I just need to tidy up the sidebars and such and I try to back everything up every couple of months.

4. Plan Minnie's trip. It's going to be super laid back, so that won't take much.

5. Soak up the last month of Summer in the city (maybe forever). I can't believe how fast it's flown. I know it'll be September before I know it and then it'll be October and Cookie's wedding. I want to enjoy this bright, happy time.

6. Write with intention and consistency. I blogged more this month than I have in awhile. I wrote from the heart and it felt good. I want to keep that up.

Here's to August, the last month of Summer for us in the our beautiful, vibrant city- maybe for a year, maybe forever. May we take special care and live in the moment. And may we cherish those moments as they become memories as quickly as they happen. 

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