Sunday, August 31, 2014

Letter to (Three Year Four Month Old) Graves

Dear Graves, 

It's been a great month for you. You've had so much fun in the city. If I had to guess, I'd say your top three adventures have been:
- seeing the suits of armor at The Met
- almost weekly trips to Coney Island for fireworks and food and rides
- discovering some fabulous playgrounds at Brooklyn Bridge Park

We also got your hair cut by the Russian barber again. Ouch. It was a liiiiitle short. Thankfully it's growing. Minnie requested I get you and Papa both haircuts mid July so that you guys would have a solid three months before Cookie's wedding to let their Southern shags grow.

People ask me quite a bit about your clothes- "What do you call those things anyway?" "...When President Kennedy was in the White House and JFK, Jr. was tiny..." If I had a dollar for every time I've had this conversation in the last six months, I'd have...probably a lot more jon jons for you =)

You're such a little boy, but so big. One night at church you sang the hymns (you pointed to the band and said "I'm their big helper") and repeated the creed (the congregation said "on the third day, He rose again" and Graves said "One day, He rose again" in his bitty voice). Then you walked from church to the train and from the train to the apartment. (Obviously that was after Papa joined us.) Some days he seems so little, some days so big.

(BTW, you say that you'll be "Baby Graves" until you're five. THEN we can call you just Graves.)

I was talking to Miss Carrie recently about how you still seem like such a baby. She said she feels the same way about Alaina and it's just because (right now!) you two ARE our babies. I wonder if I'll ever stop. I guess if you end up with a younger brother or sister. We'll have to see :)

You are my funny guy. The other morning I was taking a bath and had you and Annie gated in your room. Annie needed a potty break and then I hear you say "Next monkey coming up!". How fitting! 

Also, apparently spaghetti sauce plus noodle plus milk yields "dragon sauce". You told me it's "pretty messy" and I'd say you're right, as I found some in your EAR.

You love to make up songs. Your best one to date has been a song involving Joseph of The Bible being thrown into a well, then killed, and now living in Harlem. 

You are as sweet as your are funny, though. You love to snuggle, you miss people when they leave, and you feel sad when you see other people hurting (physically or emotionally).

You're such a momma's boy and I wouldn't have it any other way. You had a tiny cut on your hand awhile back and you told me "Sometimes little boys get hurt. And sometimes they need their momma to feed them supper." 

Also, you love this The Very Hungry Caterpillar movie we found on Netflix. In it's there's a "sad cricket" who is noticeably in a bit of emotional pain because he can't make noise. You cry over him every time. Peyton said he's not sure what he'll do if we're three for four in Highly Sensitive People.

A few weeks ago we dropped a stroller off at Papa's store. You were so sad to have to leave HIM there.  "Why Papa stay at work....waaaah?!?" intense sobs on the train. I took a pictures and you seemed so little. Almost worth it for you to look like a one year old again.

Listen, there's some skills we've got to work on, though. It's one thing when you have a hard time not pooping in your britches. It's a complete other when you do an art project in your room with their contents and your momma is still unearthing evidence of it HOURS later.

That's only happened once lately and by and large, you are doing really good with potty training. 
  • You are such a BOY, though. A week or so ago you had a nosebleed because, to quote you, "I picked it WAY too hard". My goodness. 
You've also peeled a few large patches of the (admittedly cheap) paint off the wall. 

Sweetness covers a multitude of mischievous acts, though. I went in your room during naptime to help you with something awhile back and you said:
 "Momma, I'm so happy." 
SD: "That's wonderful why are you so happy, Bud?"
 G: "Because you're in here with me." 
God, in his graciousness, has been so sweet to allow one of the most difficult stages with you to be one of the most tender. Every day I'm reminded what delight is found in being your momma.

One of my favorite things in the world is sending AP to wake you up when your nap is getting too late- "Wake up, little Gravesy Graves" she says to you. I said this in her monthly post, but it is so obvious the love she has for you and you for her. It's truly one of the greatest blessings of my life. 

She also likes to "read" to you. One day at naptime you weren't sleeping so she started reading you a story she wrote, "Annie and Graves's Big Adventure". I heard her say "And every day he'd go outside and look for the magical carpet..."

You are such a wonderful gift and such a joy every day. I know sometimes I take that for granted and I want to focus on how special these days are. 

Momma (and Papa)

P.S. Your little bubble (which is hardly visible) is a 2T. 

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