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Weekly Happenings Post #279 (July 28-August 3)-- Claire Comes to Visit

Our friend/FAVORITE babysitter, Claire, came to visit us for a week. We had so much fun, but we all wore ourselves out!

The kids slept late on Monday and got up around 9:30. I started washing dishes and picking up piles and stuff while they ate breakfast. Then we all watched their shows together and then I got my bath and got on the computer, did more dishes (the sink wasn't draining real well), folded up the couch and planned school for the day. I played with the kids and we did their devotion and catechism and cleaned up three days worth of mess in their room.

I fixed them lunch and did more dishes and straightened a bit and then put Graves down. It was really late at that point. I got on the computer and worked on a post and did a few things and ate my lunch. I took a SUPER short nap and did school with Annie. We woke Graves up and read our Five In a Row book, did some more read aloud, and did his critical thinking. I fixed them supper and bathed them. I read to them and it was late by the time they got to bed. I got on the computer and Peyton got home. We watched a movie and ate supper and then I finished a post and worked on another one. I emailed a friend and went to bed REALLY late.

Peyton got up and met Jake for breakfast and I got up with the kids and got them ready for Annie's dance class on Tuesday. Peyton got home and took both kids and I stayed home and started laundry. I had my bath and did a few things and then ate an early lunch. I wanted to rewatch a scene from the movie the night before so I did that. Peyton and the kids got home and I did more laundry and straightened. I swept and cleaned up piles and Peyton fed the kids and put Graves down. He and Annie did dishes and made limeade from scratch. I put the linens I had washed back on the guest bed and hung up some of Peyton's clothes. I put sheets back on the kids' beds that I had washed and picked up toys. I got dressed and Peyton got ready and our old friend from the pool, Amanda, came over to babysit. She's interning in the city and was so sweet to offer to keep the kids! We went to a really neat place right around the corner called the Runner.

Fun to get dressed up! 

My cute date!

Dinner at the Runner- it's named for a Whitman poem and it markets itself as an "American heritage restaurant and bar" with recipes inspired by Clinton Hill circa 1900. 

We picked up a bottle of wine for her as a happy and when we got home, we had a little time to visit. She left and we got the kids to bed. I finished a post and worked on my blog design for August.

Peyton and I woke up early and chatted on Wednesday and then I went back to sleep and he got ready for work. Wednesday was the day that Claire was coming. We were also supposed to have a guy coming to fix the place where they busted through our bathroom ceiling like a month ago. It's got a big board over it, so it's not a huge deal, but it needs to be done. Anyway, he was supposed to be here at nine, so I got up at eight thirty to get my bath. He did ring the bell at nine but said he needed to fix a pipe that in another apartment that had broken during the night. It was good to be up and have my bath out of the way, though. I noticed Annie was up playing, but Graves wasn't. I laid back down for half an hour and then they got up. I fixed them cereal after I changed Graves's diaper and I scooped the litter box and cleaned off these little scratching rugs the cats have. They were COVERED in hair and disgusting. After the kids finished eating, they watched their shows. I snuggled with Graves and took a nap =) What a strange morning!

I put them in their room and got to work around 11:30. I already had my bath and had scooped the liter and swept around it so I straightened in the kitchen, dusted in the spare room and den, and swept the floors everywhere but the kids' room. Claire called and said she was at the airport and I finished up and we met her at the guard station. We got her settled and then headed out for pizza. We went to the park and showed her the playground and sprinklers and then bought a MetroCard for her. We hopped on a bus and headed to Grand Army and the library. After that, we headed home. 

We walked the whole way instead of waiting for a bus. When we got back, Claire played with the kids while I ran to Mr. Coco's and cooked supper- Italian chicken, roasted brocoli, orzo, bread, and fresh berries! 
Not a bad way to cook super!

We ate and then I read to the kids and Claire washed dishes. We traded so she could read to them some and I finished up the kitchen. I put them down and got on the computer for a bit while she took a shower. We talked and Peyton got home and we did some planning for the week.

I got up around 8:30 on Thursday and got ready and then Peyton helped me get the kids ready- they needed baths. We had breakfast and then walked to Atlantic Terminal and caught a train to Manhattan. From there we headed out for the Statue of Liberty. We took a ferry to Liberty Island and Claire and I took the audio tour while Peyton played with the kids. We took another boat ride to Ellis Island and toured the museum. Peyton was really sweet and took the kids to play outside again to give me and Claire more time.

Fun fact: Claire is literally a world traveler. It's really an honor that we get to be the ones to show her the Big Apple. 

Look who I finally got to visit! 

One of my favorite NYC pictures to date- Manhattan skyline and Brooklyn Bridge. And a few favorite people! 

The Registry Room. Every immigrant that came to Ellis Island between 1900 and 1924 came through here. 

sad and sobering, and sort of a little too familar

More scenes from Ellis Island. One of my favorite things we've done! 

We got a snack and then loaded back up and headed back to Manhattan. We walked to the site of the 911 Memorial and saw it and then headed home. We visited with some neighbors on the sidewalk and then came in and fed the kids supper and took showers and got ready. Peyton and I went out on a date. Since it was "restaurant week" (meaning really good deals) we went to one of the oldest restaurants in NYC. It was a neat atmosphere, but as Peyton said, we were sort of "underwhelmed" with the food.
Ready to paint the town red. Too bad I forgot my ID so the night was a little more bland than we had hoped. Still REALLY lovely to have a nice meal with this guy. 

Really neat atmosphere, but honestly the wedge from Walker's is way better! 

We had talked about going to a comedy club, but I forgot my ID. We thought about a movie, but just walked around Greenwich Village and then came home and got ready for bed.

We had a nice slow morning on Friday. We all got up around nine thirty. Peyton cooked breakfast and we got ready. He ran an errand to Walgreens and I scooped out the liter box and cleaned up the closet a bit. I picked up the kids' room and we headed to Central Park. We had so much fun. We got hotdogs from a street vendor and they weren't that great. Oh well.
Annie basically climbed up by herself! 

You'd never guess this was the middle of Manhattan. Looks like a country boy and girl in that stream! 

Such a special day, such a special place! 

We headed home and had a little rest time.
Mississippi boy hates his shoes! 

Annie and Claire took selfies and used an app to draw on them, I wrote a quick post and backed up some pictures and had a snack, and Graves "rested" (or not). Peyton did actually rest a little. Haha!

We all got ready and headed to Coney Island around eight for the fireworks at nine thirty. They really didn't start until ten. We watched them, ate, and rode a few rides and then came home.

Coney Island, round two

Another night of fireworks for Baby Graves. This time with a beautiful date!

Miss Priss ended up with a handsome date herself. 

Reason #8565 why I love having Claire here- we tackled this beast together tonight. 

Photobomb by Octavia. Love this city. Love these people. 

We got in at ONE THIRTY. We put the kids to bed and all went to bed ourselves. Well, I got on the computer for a few minutes.

Peyton was working, but I had thought about taking Claire to the Brooklyn Flea and the Farmer's Market. It ended up looking like rain and I think Claire was quite happy for another slow morning. The kids got up around eight thirty and I fixed them breakfast and then we snuggled and watched cartoons. Claire got up and took a shower and then I got up and got mine and folded up the couch. I bathed both kids and then fed them lunch and then we got ready to drop Claire off at Penn Station to meet a friend from New Jersey. We made it there easily, but then I messed up and swiped my card and tried to open the service door (to get the stroller in) the wrong way. UGH. You can only swipe the card once every eighteen minutes so I had to wait for someone to come by. At first I asked a lady and when the alarm when off she shut it back and said "I wasn't supposed to do that". UGH. Another girl came by and we got in. We dropped off the stroller at Peyton's store so we'd have it when we met him that night and I put Graves in the carrier. He had fallen asleep and of course woke up. He kept crying about leaving his papa. Poor guy.
What happens when you run by Papa's store to drop something off. "Why Papa stay at work....waaaah?!?" intense sobs on the train. Almost worth it for to look like a one year old again.

We finally made it home- two and a half hours after we left. I put Graves in his room to rest and Annie played. I ate lunch, read some, and emailed Darlene. I fixed the kids supper and we got ready to go back. We got there right as the train we needed to get on was leaving, so we had to wait awhile. We met Claire back at Penn Station and then tried to go meet Peyton. The tracks were all weird and I think Brooklyn bound trains were coming on uptown tracks. Anyway, we got on one and met Peyton. We had to stop somewhere so I could tee tee and like four places didn't have bathrooms. I finally went into a pizza place and the guy was such a creep
Him: "For costumers"
Me: "I'm about to be a costumer"
Him: "When, today?"
Me: (holding up money) "right now"
Then he told me "for you because I love all the short ones" in his skeevy voice. I teeteed and bought a slice and we left.

We walked across the Brooklyn Bridge and got home around eleven. The kids were hungry again so they ate snacks and I started fixing supper. I browned taco meet, cut up a pineapple, and made homemade guacamole. Peyton and Claire and I ate and watched SNL. I called my mom and then cleaned up the kitchen. It was so late. And then I got on the computer before bed.

I got up later than I meant to on Sunday and rushed to get ready and get the kids ready for church. The kids, Claire, and I all headed to Calvary-Saint George's for church. We were a little late, but it was a wonderful service. After that, we headed over to "Summer Streets". We had a great time! We got a smoothie and a crepe to share and just browsed.

As I was looking through some clothes, the guy that was selling them told me Graves was chewing on some plastic. UGH. I hate it when that happens. I feel like he thought I was just a ditzy mom, way more worried about what my kids had on than their actual safety. He was super nice and I'm sure he didn't actually think that.
There was a booth with smocked kids' clothes(?!?). Some of the best prices I've seen for new stuff. Annie loved the blue dress on the left and it was so cute how she was "shopping" along with me. I do NOT love it (I don't think it's heinous, but I never would have picked it). But Peyton was just talking to me about giving her some autonomy in picking out what she wears (like what to buy, not from her closet). So we got it. It was just $10, but it was $10 I really didn't want to spend. But afterwards it felt so good knowing she had picked out her very own dress to buy and take home for the first time.

We came home by way of Grand Central because it's cool and by way of the Q because Annie wanted to share that with Claire.

 I folded up the couch tried to start laundry but my card was empty. I had to run to Mr. Coco's and then I started making my dad's spaghetti sauce while the kids ate a snack and did play dough. I scooped liter and straightened and then hopped in the shower. I left Claire with the kids. I took the subway into Manhattan and it was nice to have some alone time to read. I met Peyton at his store and we walked to a nearby restaurant to meet his partner. It was delicious! We came home and visited with Claire and then I got on the computer and went to bed.

Whew! Such a busy, busy week. Claire left yesterday and we were sad to see her go. Today was low key and I'm thinking tomorrow will be, too!

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