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Weekly Happenings Post #280 (August 4-10- A Few More Days with Claire, Resting and Recuperating, and Governors Island

Silly faces!

Claire left on Wednesday and we had a slow, but fun finish to another beautiful Summer week!

I had been kind of nervous about Monday. We were going to have a museum day and go to the Museum of Natural History and the Met to show Claire. With both the kids. I never do those museums without Peyton and honestly, even with Peyton, it's still kinda tough with Graves sometimes. I knew I'd have Claire's help, but I wanted her to focus on enjoying it. Anyway, we meant to leave the apartment between nine and nine thirty but we left between ten and ten thirty. We hit the train and started at the Museum of Natural History. The kids did SO well and made it a long time- we did North American mammals, ocean life, gems, and the dinosaurs.
At the Natural History Museum, posing with everyone's favorite conservationist

It was getting late (like close to three) and the kids hadn't had lunch and I knew The Met would close at five thirty. We finished up and walked across Central Park to the The Met.
This guy outside The Met was so cool. He sang in Japanese and is a former marine and also a graduate of Juliard.

Momma son "feet-sies" as Graves would say. "Look, we match!"

We say the arms and armor galleries and went back to the fashion exhibit.

Watching a dress be constructed virtually. I hate this exhibit is leaving next week but I'm SO glad they got to enjoy it another time! 

Then we headed home. We crossed the park again to get to the C train and then Claire realized she didn't have her Metro Card. We got a new one and waited a long time for the train.
I took this to convey that there are, in fact, more ridiculous grocery shoppers than us in the city. In an effort to not be obvious, I said "Look a here, Baby Graves!". I didn't even notice his face until hours later. The verdict: we retain our ridiculous status. 

When we got home, I heated up leftovers for the kids and bathed them. I started laundry and cooked our supper. The laundry turned out rough- I ran out of time for the basement laundry room and then there were no good dryers (some just don't dry well) in the one across the courtyard. We had dinner and the meat was REALLY tough. I had cooked the same cut in the crock pot a few weeks before and it was so good, but I forgot to thaw and I had to thaw it all day. So I cooked it in the oven and it was awful. UGH. We all ate (potatoes and roasted cabbage mostly) and talked and then Claire and Peyton went to bed. I got on the computer and cleaned up the kitchen. And went to bed LATE.

Peyton was off on Tuesday and Claire and I had some time to ourselves. Peyton took the kids to a little puppet show and Claire and I headed to downtown Brooklyn to buy half off Broadway tickets. We stopped at Cousin John's for breakfast first, though. We got tickets to see Rock of Ages and then headed to the Botanic Gardens. We had a great time and got through it pretty quickly without kids :) We came home and and had a snack and I did another load of laundry and folded some and then we got ready for the show.
Ready for Broadway!

I loved this show! I once ordered a "Monster Ballads" cassette tape off the TV. I've watched a lot of VH1 "I Love the '80s". I'm a girl who loves her some Whitesnake and on hormonal days gets teary when she hears Mr. Big sing "To Be with You". The critics weren't kidding when they said this is the best party on Broadway! Another FABULOUS night in the Big Apple!

We walked around after the show and ended up back in front if the theater right as some of the cast was leaving. Had to snag a shot with the leading man, Constantine. Claire said he was taken. I said "I am too, Claire". She said she wasn't talking about me =)

It was SO much fun. I really enjoyed it. We ate at Five Guys and then headed back to BK. We talked to Peyton and then got ready for bed. I did a few things on the computer and it was two o'clock! I was tired to the point of weepy. I had that weird post-event nostalgia that I sometimes get and I was irritated with Peyton over something that didn't work out.

We had a lazy morning on Wednesday. The kids got up and ate breakfast and then snuggled with me and watched shows for longer than usual. I got my bath and they played with Claire and then we all got ready and headed to Brooklyn Bridge Park. We had a little picnic and showed Claire the pirate ship playground.
So grown in his big cousin's old cargo shorts. Y'all. Baby Graves is wearing cargo shorts. (BTW, he says he'll be "Baby Graves" until he's five. THEN we can call him just Graves.)

 We headed home and the kids crafted and Claire finished packing. I called a car and we walked her down. We said goodbye and the kids played some more while I did dishes and a few things around the house. I fixed them supper and bathed them and then put them to bed. I tried to find a dvd of a high school play and couldn't and got so frustrated. Peyton got home and we talked and watched the news and then I wrote a post and emailed a friend.

We had a SUPER laid back day on Thursday. The kids had breakfast and we watched cartoons and then I got my bath and folded up the couch and scooped liter. I played with the kids and we did their devotion and catechism and then cleaned up their room.
I couldn't be more happy that the first day of school came gradually over the last few months as I introduced new curriculum, that I get to be her kindergarten teacher, and that her three year old brother gets to be her classmate for part of the school day. On a more superficial level, I'm happy we can wear pjs until lunch if we like. And on the very deepest level, I'm just glad to spend the time with her. I know it's not for everyone, but I've never felt more secure in our schooling decision. 

They had lunch and I put Graves down. I ate my lunch and did a few things and took a short nap.
Since he wasn't napping, Annie read him a story she wrote, "Annie and Graves's Big Adventure". "And every day he'd go outside and look for the magical carpet..."

Graves never fell asleep and I got him up and let him and Annie play while I put up some clean laundry. I fixed eggs and grits for supper and they ate and then I got them ready for bed and read to them. I got on the computer and Peyton got home and we watched the news and ate. I finished a post and sent an email and went to bed late.

Friday was another lazy day and I was glad for it. I did try to accomplish a little bit more. The kids got up and we did our breakfast/show routine and then I checked email, took my bath, folded up the couch, and completely cleaned out the kittys' area in the closet. We did the kids' devotion and catechism and then picked up toys in their room and I fed them lunch. It was late again and Graves actually did decide to nap. I got on the computer, ate my lunch, and did school with Annie. When Graves got up, the kids played and then we had supper. I let them take a long bath and I read some while they were in there. I read to them and put them to bed. Since Graves had taken such a late nap, they were up pretty late.
10:30. Time for bed, party peeps. 

 I got on the computer and finished a post and then Peyton got home and we watched the news and did our Bible studies together. I got back on the computer and looked at fair trade clothes for the kids for HOURS. I went to bed way, way too late.

We got up and got going on Saturday morning. We had breakfast and I took a bath and got ready and we headed to the Brooklyn piers to catch a ferry to Govenors Island. We had such a blast and it was really a wonderful day.
Romper Room!

Worth the ferry ride for this epic treehouse alone! 

This slide went so fast! She and Graves both LOVED it! 

Y'all! What a cool, creative space. We'll be back before Summer's end (and probably before next week's). 

And the mini-golf course representing all sorts of aspects of the city- city bikes, urban gardening, and even the George Washington Bridge Kristy scandal. Creative, educational, and humorous! 

Know what the coolest thing about today was, though (and what it almost always is)? Spending time with sweet friends, hearing more of their stories, and feeling so very loved even though we are still so not yet very known.

We caught the four o'clock ferry back and stopped at Trader Joe's for just a few things.
We read a book about transportation this week and I asked Annie what her favorite form of transportation was. I totally expected her to say the subway, but she said "riding in the carrier". 

We got home and fed and bathed the kids and I did some laundry and we put them to bed. Peyton had a headache and went to bed super early and I was planning to follow him soon. I finished my laundry and took a shower and then ate supper. I got on the computer for a bit and watched The West Wing and fell asleep.

Peyton and Graves went to church early on Sunday and Annie and I got a later start. We actually got there a little late.
 They traced their bodies and one of the helpers decorated Graves's!

After church, we came home. We stopped at a grocery store and bought a few staples and some ice cream. We fed the kids and put Graves down for his nap. He took a great nap and Peyton and I both napped most of the time, too.
Per Peyton's suggestion, we all (excepting Annie) took loooong naps after church this afternoon "so we can be rested and not get sick". I have pushed myself to go hard for things this year in a way I never have in my life. But thirty two has seemed to be a magical year for Peyton where God decided to finally take away some of his ridiculous energy and start to make him into an old man (or a normal human) and also take away the burden of feeling the need to be involved in anything and everything put before us. This has been wonderful because without us both adjusting I don't think we could be enjoying the city as much as we are. But more than that, this tension between running and doing and staying and resting has been one of the great sources of tension in our marriage over the years. It feels good to be at a place of mutual understanding and to live at a pace that is sustainable and enjoyable to both of us.

"Papa looks like he's in a crib!" Or getting an MRI, ha!

We got up and fixed the kids supper and then went to Target to get a few things.
Another day, another twin. Didn't notice until after we left the apartment.

We came home and put the kids to bed (it was late!) and ate chicken salad sandwiches. I sent an email and did a few things on the computer and then we chatted.
This is going to sound really strange, but I've been anticipating this week in Timehop for awhile. Last year, we were enjoying our first day of a search which would determine which New York neighborhood we'd call home for a season of our lives. That trip was the first real indication I could do just that- call this place home. A little teary looking back.

This I was not anticipating- apparently four years ago today we announced that Annie Banani was going to be a big sister. Unlike Annie herself, who was as unplanned as you can get (Peyton basically threw his pants over the bedpost a couple of times and I turned up pregnant) we had intentionally tried to space them two years apart because I wanted to do my best to replicate mine and Cookie's sweet friendship. Her brother was born ten days after she turned two and everything I wanted for them has far been exceeded- he is her very dearest friend and the most faithful buddy. So funny to look back on her cutting her eyes like that and think of how much more of the story I now know.

I found more fair trade options for the kids Fall clothes and then I did a very basic picking up of the house. I did clean out the liter box. We went to bed really late.

We have a pretty laid back week this week and Peyton has a good many days off. I'm excited!


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