Thursday, August 28, 2014

Weekly Happenings Post #282 (August 18-24)-- Minnie Visits!!!

First time to have an "outsider" in the family picture! We really need to incorporate other visitors when we can! And we didn't make her sit that far away. And Graves is crying because I forced him to sit in my lap for ten seconds for consistency's sake. 

It was so nice  having Minnie here and it's really unlike any other visitors...I mean, of course it is. Like, for example, I slept late some mornings while she played with the kids. Not a huge deal, obviously, especially since they had been getting up later anyway. But it was nice of her! And just not feeling like I have to be "on" like I do with other people. I was actually surprised by how laid back we were with Claire (eating super late, watching TV together, ect.) but still, it's different when it's your momma. 

I woke up feeling really rough on Monday. I took some medicine and went back to sleep and thankfully the kids slept until nine. I got them breakfast and then they watched Sesame Street. I went ahead and did my email and watched a little with them. I scooped liter, folded up the couch, got my bath, planned school and did my devotion, and got on the computer a bit.

I played with the kids some and then we did their catechism and devotion and picked up. They ate lunch and I did dishes and straightened. I put Graves down but he never napped. I got on the computer and ate my lunch and then did school with Annie. When Graves got up, we headed to the park.
Baby swings! It's alright to be little bitty...

We played for awhile and then came home and did Graves's critical thinking, a little more reading for Annie, and some read aloud time. They ate and I talked to Minnie and then read to them and gave them a shower. I got them ready for bed and got on the computer. A cat puked and Annie and Graves both got in trouble. Peyton got home and we talked and ate and watched the news. I sent an email and blogged a little.

Peyton was off on Tuesday. The kids slept so late again- nice! We got up and got going and Peyton and the kids made muffins. We ate and then got ready and left for the Children's Museum. We walked there, played for a few hours, and walked back. On the way home we stopped at The Smoke Joint and then we ran by Target. We saw a lady on the sidewalk carrying her grandson (we found out later it was her grandson that she was raising). We talked to her a few seconds and then kept walking. Peyton went back and asked her if he could carry the little boy (he was bigger than Graves) since we were going to the same place. She said yes and they visited while he carried the little boy and I pushed our kids in the stroller. It was a great New York moment. We got our groceries and headed home. Peyton got the kids to bed and I started laundry. I realized that I needed to run to the bank to get money to put on our laundry card and that I also needed to grate some soap for the other loads I had. I went to the bank and called Minnie and put the first load in the dryer. I grated the soap and started the other loads.
I haven't made my own laundry detergent in the six months since we moved. I just wanted to let myself off the hook because it's a small inconvenience and so much of life here is well....inconvenient compared to life in Mississippi (or lots of America, assuming you're upper middle class). I don't say that much because I'm happy and I love it and complaining is nearly always so unbecoming. But it's reality and it's the price you pay to live a dream. Anyway, it was good to be back at it again. And I love the smell of freshly grated pink Zote- seems sort of line a citronella candle.

I got on the computer for a bit and then changed it to the dryer. I worked on a post and then got my laundry. Peyton and I talked and I did some stuff on the computer and then cleaned up a bunch. I did dishes, picked up around the apartment, and scooped liter. Peyton and I chatted and went to bed late.

The kids slept late again on Wednesday- it was ten by the time I got them breakfast. Since it was so late, I got up and did a few things on the computer and around the house and planned school. I watched their shows with them and then got my bath and folded up the couch and then we played a little. I helped them clean up their room (it was AWFUL) and then fixed them lunch. I swept and mopped in their room and the kitchen and then read some. I put Graves down but he didn't nap. He kept needing things and Annie was sort of demanding, too. I ate lunch and got on Twitter and then did school with Annie. She had a meltdown because I had let her go in the room with Graves and then made her come out. UGH. After that, we headed to the park for a bit. We came home and I fixed them dinner. While they ate, I went through some piles in the kitchen. I got them ready for bed and then did dishes and swept. I worked on a post and read some blogs. Peyton got home and we talked. He burned himself on some hot oil and so I helped him with that and then sent an email.
This was actually several days later and it looks even grosser now. It's healing but OOCH. 

The kids slept super late again on Thursday. They actually didn't get up until ten. I had a headache again and was so relieved. I fixed them breakfast and did a few things and then we watched their shows. I took my shower and planned school and folded up the couch. We played and did the catechism and devotion and then picked up their room. I fixed them lunch and read some while they ate and then put Graves down. I got on the computer and did a few things and then had lunch and did school with Annie. Graves got up and we did a little craft and read some and then I fixed them supper and helped them get a shower. I cleaned up and read some more. Peyton got home and we watched a movie and I folded a ton of laundry. I got on the computer and emailed a friend and wrote a blog post. Another late night.

The kids woke up around nine on Friday. I got them breakfast and then we watched their shows. Peyton got ready to go pick up Minnie(!!!) and we had a small argument over something I had asked him to do. He left and I kicked it up to full gear. I put the kids in their room and folded up the couch, changed the liter, swept and mopped, put up dishes, put up laundry, and talked a few piles. I ate breakfast and got my bath and then got the kids dressed and picked up their room. I really wanted Minnie to see the apartment looking great! I played with the kids a little and Peyton finally got back with Minnie! We were all SO excited.

We caught up and played and had pizza for lunch. Peyton ran to Trader Joe's and Minnie got out a few small presents for the kids. They had fun playing and I did some dishes.
We don't do huge Christmases, so I've honestly never seen the kids act the way they acted this morning. The excitement was priceless. And having Minnie here surely was.

Peyton got home and I started washing the stroller cover and putting up groceries. We knew Minnie needed a nap (she had been up since four that morning) and so we got the kids settled for rest time. Peyton and I fell asleep ourselves. When we got up, we had snacks and played some more and then got ready for Coney Island. It was our latest departure yet. We didn't leave the apartment until after eight! We made it and had a blast.
Coney Island is the new beans and rice...

The nose pick is perfect for the truck ride! 

Doesn't get much tougher than this. Not when you're three, anyway. 

We got home late (around one) and I did a few things on the computer and tidied a bit and went to bed.

Saturday was fun. We all slept late and had a very slow morning and then headed to the Brooklyn Flea. We stayed a good while and bought a couple of things and had a bit to eat. It started sprinkling so we came back to the apartment and played.
Brooklyn Flea!

When Peyton got home from Trader Joe's the day before he had a four hundred dollar stroller he found on the sidewalk with a "please take me sign". We washed the cloth parts, Lysoled, and (because he's paranoid) sprayed for mites. The seat in the back is really for a little baby but Peyton (who is the primary double stroller pusher) thinks it's SO smooth and easy to push. Also: (this is so Peyton) he told Annie "I would have never spent that much money on you and Bud, but this thing is great". SweetieMcFrugal.

By the time it stopped, it was around five. We fed the kids dinner, gave them showers, and got them ready for bed. Minnie read to them and Peyton and I got ready to go out.
However, Sweetiemcfrugal did but me these old lady glasses at the flea. Can't wait to get lenses in them! 

We ate at a local place called Maggie Brown's and then just walked around.
Night out!

We talked to one guy at the park for a good while. We were walking to some benches because Peyton's back was hurting and he wanted to sit. Well, there were people sitting on them and LOUD music playing. We stopped and talked to try to decided where to head next and a guy came up and asked if he could help us. We realized that he probably thought we were freaked out by the loud rap music/big group. We explained and he told us about his TEN kids, his two jobs, and a bunch of other stuff. We met more family members and visited some more and then headed home. We talked to Minnie some and got ready for bed.

We got up on Sunday and got ready to go on a little trip. We decided to skip church so we'd have time for it. Peyton had already planned to stay home with Graves and he had pulled a muscle in his back and wasn't really in any shape to do a bunch of walking. Anyway, I scooped liter and folded up the bed and we all ate breakfast and got ready and then Annie and Minnie and I headed to The Cloisters. It was a LONG train ride (like an hour) because it's at the very top of Manhattan. We walked around and saw everything and headed back after a few hours. Minnie really enjoyed it and it was the ONE "bucket list" item she had. Apparently, she's wanted to go since we visited the city back when I was in college.
Such a special day!

Amongst other epicness, were the slayed unicorn tapestries.

Not your everyday vestments.

I think we all three loved the gardens the best! 

We stopped at a McDonalds for a snack afterward (we had also stopped and eaten snacks we packed on the way down the mountain thing the museum is on). It took FOREVER to get our food. We finally ate and headed back to BK. We stopped at Mr. Coco's and got a few things and then came home.
I had to drop something in a USPS box, bit Annie wanted to cross the street. On the way to show Minnie Mr. Coco's!

I fixed supper while Minnie played with the kids. We had Italian chicken, orzo and broccoli. After super, I cleaned up the kitchen and Minnie read to Annie and Graves. They went to bed and I got on the computer a bit and talked to Peyton.

We're halfway through this week and Minnie left today which was very sad. Peyton's back really got worse before it got better and that was rough, too. He seems to be doing better and I'm hoping we can just enjoy a low key rest of the week.

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Jennifer said...

Something about this post made me cry!!! Around this is the new red beans and rice! I have been especially teary lately but I love reading about your adventures in NY!!!